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Download Personal Size Giant Print Shoulder Strap Bible Kjv Reference Edition ePub

Download Personal Size Giant Print Shoulder Strap Bible Kjv Reference Edition ePub
  • ISBN 0840717857
  • ISBN13 978-0840717856
  • Language English
  • Publisher Nelson Bibles (December 10, 1991)
  • Pages 1952
  • Formats lit txt doc docx
  • Category Bibles
  • Subcategory Bibles
  • Size ePub 1608 kb
  • Size Fb2 1249 kb
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 338

One of our best-selling Bibles offers compact styling with easy-to-read type and helpful references. Available in a wide variety of colors, the Personal Size Giant Print Reference Edition is popular with those who want to reduce eyestrain when reading.

The Shoulder Strap Edition offers a convenient pen holder, gold finish trim, and an adjustable carrying strap, making it convenient to take anywhere; the strap can be removed.

For some reason the preface doesn't mention the cross-reference numbers given at the ends of some of the verses, even though these are a bonus feature of the book.

For some reason the preface doesn't mention the cross-reference numbers given at the ends of some of the verses, even though these are a bonus feature of the book. They are, however, listed as a feature on the back of the dust jacket, and the title page states "with Read-Along References". Stranger, though, is that no mention appears in the preface or the table of contents of the colored maps that are located at the end of the book.

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Read by Hendrickson Publishers. New packaging designs and a pair of gorgeous new two-tone bindings will further enhance sales of this popular Bible style.

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We've paired Hendrickson's easy-to-read KJV Personal Giant Print Reference Bible with a classic and affordable basic canvas organizer Bible cover.

New packaging designs and a pair of gorgeous new two-tone bindings will further enhance sales of this popular Bible style. End of verse cross-references Concordance for locating key passages Eight pages of full-color maps Red letter text Presentation page Gold-stained page edges Ribbon marker Easy to read, 1. 5-pt type.

Book Introductions and Outlines. Book introductions take around a half page and include information about the author, setting, key events, repeated phrases, key verses, etc. The outlines are very simple and cover the major events of each book. It does fall short on references. Considering how easy the text is to read and how many section headings there are, and the placement of the references in the footer, I find it more useful as a reader than for study.

Elegant and highly readable. Пользовательский отзыв - takvirginia - Christianbook.

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I really like the feel and look of this book! The crown on the cover is a nice touch. The size of the book is great. It's slim so fits nice for travel. Words are a good size for me but if you have trouble seeing get the giant print. But it's missing a few things. OK down to the nitty-gritty.


Feel of the book is great
Large text
Foot notes
Coloured maps
Life application life topics
One year bible plan with daily readings
Story finder
Ribbon marker
Opens flat

No dictionary
No Concordance
No red lettering
No column reference
Gold edges
Good quality. It is slightly larger than an iPad mini. The tooled leather design is lovely and feels soft and of high quality. The large print is fantastic and easy to read. I love the metallic silver page edging. The dictionary/concordance is definitely not exhaustive but is a plus in any Bible. I wanted a more straightforward read than my amplified version and this works perfectly for me. I am extremely well satisfied with this purchase, especially at a $24.44 price. Priceless words at a priceless value.
blac wolf
The print is so tiny. Other than that, it's a nice version of the Bible. I've added a photo for comparison of size.
I like the large life application section. It also has a reading plan that may or may not come in handy. The cover is nice. What I don't like is that there is really no space to write notes. I also wish they had started books on a separate page rather than immediately following the previous one mid page. The margins are 1/4" and the general layout is what you would find in a bible from the dollar store. The size of print is fine for me but it is not really large print. Also, the couple pages of advertising at the end is a bit tacky. For what I was wanting, I would have passed on this one if I had seen the inside.
This was a gift for my husband, he loves it! He has been struggling to read his study bible because of the small font, this one is much easier for him to read. He likes the color (I was afraid it was too feminine) and was pleased with the introduction of each of the books of the bible.
I previously owned a NLT Personal Sized Bible that wore some holes in the cover, so decided to replace it. My first NLT had much smaller type but was readable and very compact. I loved it.

I took a chance on this without being able to see a sample page. (Please, Amazon and Bible printers, provide sample pages for your Bibles!) I own a NRSV Bible with 12 point type, so figured that the new NLT would be close in size. Now that I have the NLT, comparing them together, the NLT's text actually appears larger than the NRSV. It's very large all right. I see Tyndale had their font designed for them, Lucerna, that has a very large x-height. (The term x-height refers to the height of the lowercase x in a given typeface at any given size.) The large x height makes the font seem larger and for most people more readable. My personal taste would have preferred a 11 pt font size, plenty big but still very readable. This would have reduced the thickness of the Bible somewhat and also would have fit better within the page layout. But for those who wish to shed their reading glasses, they won't be disappointed here.

I try not to buy red letter version Bibles. I find the red print distracting and really not needed. Also, often times in the printing, the red can become lightened into a more pinkish color and very hard to read. This version NLT, however, seems to have a consistent dark red (no pink) throughout which is very readable. A very big improvement.

The binding and cover seem very durable. I actually prefer the imitation leather cover over real leather. This version is a two toned brown so will be appropriate for both men and women. There also are versions in pink and brown etc. for the ladies. The paper thickness is just about right. Thin enough to keep the thickness of the Bible reasonable but opaque enough to block out MOST of the reverse side text from bleeding through. I have had premium Bible paper so thin that the bleeding through of the opposite side's text made for difficult reading.

The translation I believe is a very good one. It utilizes a thought for thought style of translation that some would consider paraphrasing. However, this type of translation often can make obscure biblical language crystal-clear compared to a more woodenly literal translation. The translation was made by a large number of front ranking evangelical biblical scholars and then fine-tuned by editors who honed the English style and fluidity. Consequently, the NLT would make a great reading Bible, especially for reading large chunks of the Bible at a time. Of course, use more than one translation (zillions of them free online) but this translation is a great one in the arsenal. For another highly readable and accurate translation that rivals the NLT, check out the recently completed Common English Bible.

Glad to see Bible printers upping the print size. It seems incredulous to me that people would want to read the itty-bitty font size of so many of the compact Bibles these days. I can heartily recommend this version of the NLT as a very readable choice for a Bible.
This is not a review of the Holy Bible nor of this translation, as the former is of course a 5 star. This is a complaint that the texts wraps way too close to the binding at the center, and there's not enough spacing there. Everytime the words on the left page drifts to the right end, you have peel the book back to read it, and same for the right side but reversed. This sucks when reading - 1 star.
For this price you really can't go wrong. Easy to understand, and with a little scrap book paper you can personalize and make it pretty.

Good size for a bag or purse
Easy to read and comprehend (good version)
Price is right

Cover is not pretty
No alternate color text for Jesus' words
Text in middle of Book creeps into the spine (still readable if you open the Book wide enough)

All in all, a good purchase.