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by Andre Kole

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  • ISBN 1892525763
  • ISBN13 978-1892525765
  • Language English
  • Author Andre Kole
  • Publisher ACW Press; Probable First Edition edition (July 25, 2002)
  • Pages 304
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  • Rating: 4.1
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This incredible book helps understand the deception behind a broad range of supposed miracles and wonders including psychics, hypnosis, ghost, UFOs and psychic fraud within the church.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. This incredible book helps understand the deception behind a broad range of supposed miracles and wonders including psychics.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Mind Games Paperback – February 1, 1998. by Andre Kole (Author), Jerry MacGregor (Author). It really opened my eyes to both the trickery that our world uses around us to get at our money and hold power over us, as well as why the miracles of the Bible could not have been trickery. I wish Andre would come out with another book on this same subject. 3 people found this helpful.

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Argues that many psychic phenomena and New Age sciences are really hoaxes, and. See a Problem? We’d love your help. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

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Published by Harvest House Publishers, 1971.

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by Andre Kole and Jerry MacGregor. Andre has teamed with another magician to present the facts, from a Biblically true standpoint, about the false beliefs that are constantly attributed to psychics, or to Satanic powers. From a Christian standpoint, Andre deals with the fact that (1)nothing pertaining to psychic "power" has ever been shown true, and (2)that many Christians falsely attribute supposed phenomena to Satan and his minions, when in fact Biblically it is not possible for Satan to HAVE these abilities, nor give these abilities to people, so-called psychics. It hits the entire realm of psychic.

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Well written. I highly recommend this book! Too many are looking for a demon under every rock. This logical, balanced approach has helped me and others I taught to keep spiritual warfare in balanced perspective.
As an analysis of psychics, this book is really good. The authors explain how the so-called supernatural tricks are done, and show they are all "smoke and mirrors." If they had stopped with that, this book would be a 5-star. As it is, those parts of the book are what earned a second star.

Sadly, their skepticism fails horribly at one point. Both authors are Christians (which isn't an issue), but never put the so-called miracles of the Bible to the same tests that they put modern day psychics. They just take the Bible's word that everything happened exactly how the Bible said. At many places, they state that modern people believe in psychics because they are good showmen, people want to believe, and stories grow in the telling and retelling. So why couldn't people 2000 years ago also "want to believe?" And why couldn't the stories of Jesus and the apostles grow in the telling?

They also discount any argument that psychics could get their powers from either God or Satan. They never explain why God doesn't give powers. (Their argument seems to be "well, since there aren't any real psychics, God didn't give them power" which is rather circular and doesn't actually say God doesn't give powers, just that God hasn't given any powers to anyone currently alive. You could also argue that those to whom God has given powers - assuming such people exist - are keeping their powers quiet.) As for Satan not giving powers, they say Satan can't give powers, because those powers would then be miracles, which are only the purview of God. This argument fails twice. First, why are miracles only the purview of God? Second, why couldn't Satan give supernatural powers that don't raise to the level "miracle?"

Finally, their knowledge of New Age beliefs seems to be based solely on evangelical sources. Rather than do their own research, they take other people's word for what New Agers think and believe. (Isn't their book supposed to be about not taking other people's word for things?) They argue that mediums are opening themselves up to demonic possession (since demons exist, since the Bible says they do). The argue that Harry Potter leads kids to the occult. (It seems they missed that all the "spells" in HP are Latin words.) They also do not cite any scientific studies showing a link between HP and interest in the occult, or that reading HP leads to depression and drug use, which are two other things they state as "fact".

If you want a good summary of how fake psychics and the like work, look elsewhere. Finding the good stuff in this book takes too much effort, while swimming around the swill.
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As the author points out, most academics whose "research" lends credibility to people who claim paranormal and psychic powers are not clued in to the tricks used by professional illusionists. And as a world-class professional who has helped the likes of David Copperfield, Mr Kole knows what he is talking about. After doing extensive research around the world investigating people who claim supernatural powers and usually make their living by exercising them, Mr Kole has not found a single one whose effects he has not been able to duplicate--using totally natural means and with illusions that could be performed by "any eight-year-old (with 13 years of practice)." So before you buy into the claims of the next spirit-channeler, medium, or psychic, check out this terrific book. It may bring you back down to Earth.
The book is excellent in revealing frauds and pscychics.

What spoils the whole book, however, is when the author goes into hypocritical ramblings about Christianity, the bible and devils. He explains that the phenomena of people supposedly being cured by magic being mere selective memory compared to the overwhelming number of people who aren't cured. Than, less than a 100 pages later he tells a story that a woman was cured by cancer because she prayed to god! He says that outrageous stories of magic are caused by exageration that occurs when told by word of mouth. Then he uses the story that "Jesus fed 5000 people with five loaves and two fish, healed the sick, raised people from the dead..." as PROOF that god exists.

The book is excellent at what it promises on the cover: "Exposing Today's Psychics, Frauds, and False Spritual Phenomena" However, Kole's hypocritical attitude for Christianity just spoils the book. That's what knocked my rating down from 5 stars to 3.

This book is a fantastic read, once you skip over the writing of Christianity and bible.
This book is one of my favorite books of all time. It really opened my eyes to both the trickery that our world uses around us to get at our money and hold power over us, as well as why the miracles of the Bible could not have been trickery. I wish Andre would come out with another book on this same subject.
The problem with this book, and other books of this type, is that it cherry-picks its targets. The authors select the frauds and holds them up as typical examples of the practitioners of the fields they wish to debunk, while conveniently ignoring the snake-oil salesmen and fake faith-healers amongst their own brotherhood. This is Ideological bigotry and zealotry.

This book doesn't present a fair or unbiased picture of the New Age movement, or of its practitioners, who, for the most part, are well-meaning and good-hearted people--not ravenous con-artists eagerly canvassing the countryside for gullible marks to fleece. Nor are the underlying theories accurately presented. If you want to obtain an understanding of New Age ideologies, this is the last place to look.

When you attack another's faith, you kill your own. A logical disagreement between ideologies is to be expected and reasonable debate is healthy. A hysterical attack to bolster your own shaky faith, however, is disingenuous.