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by Michael Lydon

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  • Language English
  • Author Michael Lydon
  • Publisher Riverhead Books; First Edition edition (January 11, 1999)
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A definitive portrait of one of America's most influential musicians describes Ray Charles's poverty-stricken youth, his seventeen-year battle with heroin addiction, his legendary fifty-year career, his personal life, and his music. 35,000 first printing. Tour.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Ray Charles: Man and Music is a complete biography of this seminal singer/pianist who has been active on the American music scene since the mid-'50s. Originally published in 1995 by Penguin Books. He resides in New York City.

Michael Lydon has done a magnificient examination and bio of Ray Charles After reading this book,which I enjoyed I found that I did not like the man. I think that the writer of the book,told about Ray,being cheap,being a womanizer and the way h. .

Michael Lydon has done a magnificient examination and bio of Ray Charles. After reading this book,which I enjoyed I found that I did not like the man. I think that the writer of the book,told about Ray,being cheap,being a womanizer and the way he treated people in general.

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Illuminates Charles' momentous ride through history: a journey from the raw, emotional roots of his boogie-woogie upbringing to the mastery and professionalism of his later years as both a performer and a businessman. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

The Michael Lydon inundates readers with the most miniscule details of Charles' history and it's a bit much. Lydon focuses on his career much more than his life. It doesn't flow as a story, but as a compilation of dates and facts, where as the autobiographies of Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis read as a story. Hope thi I have not finished this book, but I have given up on reading it.

He resides in New York City. Sharh yozish qoidalari.

Hi, I'm Michael Lydon, the Handsomest Man in the World, singer-songwriter, whistler extraordinaire, and a writer of great books. Maybe you've heard of me as a rock writer and want to hear about my other writing or the early days of Rolling Stone.

Veteran pop-music critic Lydon (Writing and Life, 1995, et. follows Charles's journey from his childhood.

Home Michael LYDON Ray Charles Man and Music. Bibliographic Details. Title: Ray Charles Man and Music Publisher: Payback Press Publication Date: 1999 Binding: Hardcover Book Condition: Good. Ray Charles Man and Music. Published by Payback Press, 1999. ISBN 10: 0862419298, ISBN 13: 9780862419295. 1. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned.

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When I first read this book, I thought it was a well researched biography. Not so. After interviewing several members of Ray Charles' band, including Leroy "Hog" Cooper, David "Fathead" Newman, Ernest Vantrease, Don Peake and Marcus Belgrave, I learned that Michael Lydon did not do sufficient fact checking. The generalities in the book paint the big picture, but the 'devil is in the details' and that's where Lydon goes wrong. After hearing the stories from the musicians, I was disappointed to find that he had not done his homework. Finding out that pieces of the book are not accurate makes me wonder about the rest. I wasn't crazy about "Brother Ray," the cursory memoir of the man who lived such an extraordinary life, but in retrospect, that book is at least closer to the truth, and 'guilt by omission' is a better way to define my disappointment with it.
Very well written book on the life and music of the Masterful Ray Charles.
This is a wonderful book about a great man ! I will consider Ray Charles to be one of my biggest and greatest Idols . I will always. Love and listen to his music !
Great story beautifully written.
I wouldn't say that this is a bad book. It has its good points, but it was missing some of the things that I was more interested in. Like the thoughts of Ray, and the things that went on behind the scenes, through out different occurences in his life. Like when the woman on the side would get pregnant, what type of issues were bought into the Robinson household. The book didn't go into detail with anything. Basically, it just made a statement, "Ray girlfriend has a baby." That's it. That is the debt that was given, in most of the stories. Even during Ray's drug use years, it really didn't give to much insite. I think that the movie gave more detail than this book did, and usually it is the opposite. I think that this book could have eliminated about of 100 of it pages. I found myself, flipping pages trying to get through dead information, like its countless mention of billboard reviews, giving more detail in music charts, than the actual life of "RC." Let me restate that the book does haved it's good points, but it didn't fulfill my need for information.
Can't say enuff 'bout this. There's only 25 to 28 chapters in this book. Blessed I got it on Alibris. This shows the real side of Ray Charles (Robinson) where he's going thru since after the success of his first penned book w/ writer David Ritz (I can't stand the hatred and dissappointment behind this man, ya'll should give him credit instead of not loving him or have a distaste), just finished reading "Brother Ray" and plus the movie "Ray" among certain albums, documentaries and other taped concerts around, this Man deserves it, no matter if u love him or not, he's still bad. Nobody can't take that away from him perhaps touch him. Blessed that his music, voice and legacy will never be forgotten just b/c I was shocked about the news about his death. RIP to a well-known giant in Music who alot of Creativity, Sense, Class, Respect, Love, Pride & Dignity. Long Lives the Genius of Soul, Father of Soul, Right Reverend, High Priest, Righteous Ray (or Reverend Righteous Ray), Reverend Ray, Brother Ray, etc.

Ray Charles Robinson aka Uncle Ray, thank u for all your courage, your time and your hard work between your music, your life, your legacy, your everything. Thank you for a tremendous legacy that'll live on for years to come (1930-2004).

P.S. Mike Lydon deserves alot of credit in this 1 too.
I found this book extremely readable and comprehensive. Charles has lived a huge life, and this book does justice to that life. While some might think it is too insular regarding Charles and his music, that would seem to be a true reflection of his life as he lived it. Many of the minor characters are vividly drawn. Lydon's style is graceful and evocative. Music fans should rush out and buy this book!
I have never been a Ray Charles fan,and when the movie Ray came

out,I was sadden,that I had missed a great talent.I brought the

DVD version of the movie,and then started reading everything there was about the man. After reading this book,which I enjoyed

I found that I did not like the man. I think that the writer of

the book,told about Ray,being cheap,being a womanizer and the

way he treated people in general.I think that the movie version of his life,glossed and sugar coated his life,his career and his

marriage.I came away feeling very sorry for his wife and his children,as it appears they were truly the victims of Ray Charles

I,for one will not spend any more money on the Ray Charles legend.