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  • ISBN 0593023420
  • ISBN13 978-0593023426
  • Language English
  • Author Ali MacGraw
  • Publisher Bantam Press; First Edition edition (May 23, 1991)
  • Pages 240
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This is the autobiography of a former photographer's stylist who became an international film celebrity and married two of Hollywood's biggest names, but then seemed to throw it all away. The role of Jenny in "Love Story" brought Ali MacGraw stardom. She married producer Bob Evans and bore him a son, but after two years she left Evans for Steve McQueen. McQueen was a troubled man who longed to live simply, almost reclusively, with his wife barefoot and pregnant. At his insistence MacGraw gave up acting at the peak of her fame, making a decision from which her career never recovered. When the tumultuous marriage ended after six years she was not much in demand, and what acting she did, for example in television's "Dynasty", was ridiculed - justly, she felt. A lifelong pattern of destructive love affairs continued and her depression was abetted by unacknowledged alcoholism. When a friend persuaded her in 1986 to go to the Betty Ford Clinic, MacGraw felt she needed only a "tune-up". What she found instead was life-saving help. Now Ali MacGraw takes stock of her life, revising the mythical childhood she once invented for a "Time" cover story and describing the heady early years in New York, her attempted transformation by the Hollywood machine and the realities she faces today as a woman who hopes her greatest adventures are yet to come.

Surprisingly, I finished the book with a new respect for Ali McGraw and a bit of sadness knowing she gave up a hot film career to be Mrs. Steve McQueen.

Surprisingly, I finished the book with a new respect for Ali McGraw and a bit of sadness knowing she gave up a hot film career to be Mrs. She was the beloved star of the moment after LOVE STORY, but it was THE GETAWAY with Steve McQueen that sealed her fate and not for the better. McGraw is honest about her flaws and mistakes.

Moving Pictures book. well, she certainly didn't paint herself in the best light really didn't have much choice in reading this as a coworker all but thrust it in my face and said "Here, read this!" So I did. It was okay.

Contact Ali McGraw on Messenger. Ali MacGraw's first scenes on DYNASTY. com/watch?v 4Lk2xgIzkjE. Jim interviews actress Ali MacGraw of "The Getaway" and later of "Dynasty". Jim Longworth interviews Ali MacGraw.

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Ali is awesome! By Thriftbooks. com User, November 28, 2007. I could relate so much! Such a beautiful, honest woman!

Ali McGraw et son chat Another fave! She showed us how to be effortlessly .

Ali McGraw et son chat. Ali McGraw has the same taste as us in locale (Santa Fe area) and pets (orange cat). Ali MacGraw, with one of her cats at home in Malibu. Another fave! She showed us how to be effortlessly chic! .Why Ali MacGraw Loves Her Gray Hair. Fit and fabulous: Ali, pictured when she was still brunette in became a yoga enthusiast in her. Ali MacGraw, opens up to Oprah about letting her hair go naturally grey. Ali MacGraw was famous for her long, straight brown locks in the 1970 tearjerker film Love Story.

Elizabeth Alice "Ali" MacGraw (born April 1, 1939) is an American actress, model, author, and animal rights activist

Elizabeth Alice "Ali" MacGraw (born April 1, 1939) is an American actress, model, author, and animal rights activist. She first gained attention with her role in the film Goodbye, Columbus (1969), for which she won the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer. She gained an international profile for her role in the film Love Story (1970), for which she was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama.

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I've become a fan of Steve McQueen so MOVING PICTURES was one book I had to read. I remember the scandalos affair Ali McGraw and Steve McQueen had in the early 70's. I always assumed McGraw had ruined McQueen's marriahe to his first wife Neile but it was McQueen who ruined McGraw's life on all levels.

I had read once that Ali McGraw was not proud of this book and that she wrote it for the money. Whether that is true or not, it did lead me to read the book with low expectations. Surprisingly, I finished the book with a new respect for Ali McGraw and a bit of sadness knowing she gave up a hot film career to be Mrs. Steve McQueen. She was the beloved star of the moment after LOVE STORY, but it was THE GETAWAY with Steve McQueen that sealed her fate and not for the better.

McGraw is honest about her flaws and mistakes. Her book is sometimes confusing as it is not written in a linear fashion. It stars interestingly enough with her meeting Robert Evans and a fairtale but stiffling marriage. She jumps from the past to the present and everything in between in her book and somehow it works for the most part. MOVING PICTURES could have been so much more had there been someone to guide and nurture McGraw in her career.
I was surprised to learn that McGraw had worked for fashion guru Diana Vreeland in her young days and eventually worked as a model. Her tidbits about Vreeland are enough to fill a fascinating book. What an incredible career McGraw had and lost.

Needless to say, the "meat" of the book is her time with Steve McQueen. She acknowledges knowing early on that the realtionship was doomed but she could not resist her love for Steve McQueen. McQueen was never famous for his respectful treatment of women, so McGraw ending up being a housewife and giving up her career for McQueen. Again, there is enough material here for a book just on her relationship with McQueen and the pain it caused her throughout her life.

MOVING PICTURES is a work in progress. McGraw tries to tie up all the loose ends by appearing to have conquered all of her demons by going into rehab. The drugs, alcohol and men are behind her and she is now a woman at peace with herself..or is she? It's time for a new book from McGraw that can look back at her life with a wisdom that comes with age. Steve McQueen has been dead for over 30 years and I wonder how his memory and their love still affects her.

McGraw's book is certainly worth the read if you have ever wondered about who she was other than the girl in LOVE STORY. Here is a story of love ruining a life and destroying a bright future. Was it worth it?
I was a teenaged girl in love with her high-school boyfriend when "Love Story" came out, so of course, it was a must-see for us on date night. He hated it. I loved it. Yes, I found her acting wooden (I was a star of my high-school plays, therefore, I figured I was qualified to judge her performance . . . wrong), but I was mesmerized by the scenery, her cool clothes, and the car Ryan O'Neal's Oliver drove. I loved the Cambridge location shots, the NYC shots, and the snowy landscapes. All in all, I now realize it was a treacly movie with a treacly script, but, even with her only adequate acting, Ali MacGraw's magnetism was undeniable. I became a fan, and I always saw whatever she appeared in, with the exception of her short stint on "Dynasty." NOTHING could get me to watch "Dynasty." At any rate, I found her book honest, soul-baring (to a degree), and entertaining in the way that books about celebrities you have known of all your life can be entertaining. You have to wonder, and she does, herself, how a woman of her accomplishment and intelligence could so easily be railroaded into inappropriate relationships with men who are all wrong for her. She reaches an epiphany of sorts after her stint in rehab, but you are still left with the feeling that you don't really know what her internal struggles were and if she really did overcome them. The book sort of falls apart after the chapters devoted to the McQueen marriage (a disaster). There was nothing surprising about how McQueen treated her. It has been covered before. What I did like was that she honestly regrets that she did not stand her ground by refusing to sign that prenup. She gave up her only source of income for him, and he did not protect her when the end came. At the time, she got kudos for leaving with only what she took into the marriage, but honestly, she should have been provided for, and she is now honest enough to say so. There is one bit she did not tell, and I wish she had, as it would have been interesting to get her take on it. The Sue Mengers book, "Can I Go Now?" (a very good, interesting, worthwhile book) describes a visit Katherine Hepburn made to the McQueen house in Malibu to try to convince McQeen to do a film with her. From the moment she walked in, she was barking orders at MacGraw, who was probably in awe of her and unable to object, and belittling her, even rudely criticizing what MacGraw had served her for lunch. If I recall correctly, Hepburn called MacGraw "Girl" when she addressed her. Now THAT would have been a great read from MacGraw's perspective. As I read that, I imagined a very bitter old woman, far past her prime as a movie star, seething with anger and envy at the sight of the beautiful young woman, former model and movie star herself. I like Ali MacGraw even more after having read this book, though I don't feel I know her any better at all. That's okay. She is entitled to share only what she feels she can share without selling her soul. She is a classic.
This best seller was written twenty-five years ago, so a lot of time has passed during the "second half" of Ali's life. She obviously wrote this book in a stream of consciousness fashion possibly without an outline and not in perfect chronological order. But she pulled it off. I had no trouble following the storyline and read it in two days. I caught myself chuckling at how humorously she described many of her anecdotes throughout the book.
I found that she is extremely intelligent, has an excellent command of grammar and a tremendous vocabulary. It took guts to cast her pride aside and with a great deal of humility, tell this sad tale of this part of her life. Thankfully, the book in fact does have a happy ending in my opinion.
Since this volume has sold multitudes of copies, I am sure that it has helped so many people who have made bad choices in their lives--haven't we all made our share? She faced her demons head-on, never gave up on herself and won the battle.
Interestingly, I didn't realize until I had finished the book that the bookmark I was using had the following sentence printed on it: "God turned my question marks into exclamation points." I think He certainly did that for Ali, and I would like to read another follow-up autobiography detailing her past twenty-five years. I have a feeling it would be amazing.