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by Brian Jay Jones

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  • Language English
  • Author Brian Jay Jones
  • Publisher Ballantine Books; First Edition edition (September 24, 2013)
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NATIONAL BESTSELLER • NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY BOOKPAGEFor the first time ever—a comprehensive biography of one of the twentieth century’s most innovative creative artists: the incomparable, irreplaceable Jim Henson   He was a gentle dreamer whose genial bearded visage was recognized around the world, but most people got to know him only through the iconic characters born of his fertile imagination: Kermit the Frog, Bert and Ernie, Miss Piggy, Big Bird. The Muppets made Jim Henson a household name, but they were just part of his remarkable story.   This extraordinary biography—written with the generous cooperation of the Henson family—covers the full arc of Henson’s all-too-brief life: from his childhood in Leland, Mississippi, through the years of burgeoning fame in America, to the decade of international celebrity that preceded his untimely death at age fifty-three. Drawing on hundreds of hours of new interviews with Henson's family, friends, and closest collaborators, as well as unprecedented access to private family and company archives, Brian Jay Jones explores the creation of the Muppets, Henson’s contributions to Sesame Street and Saturday Night Live, and his nearly ten-year campaign to bring The Muppet Show to television. Jones provides the imaginative context for Henson’s non-Muppet projects, including the richly imagined worlds of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth—as well as fascinating misfires like Henson’s dream of opening an inflatable psychedelic nightclub.   An uncommonly intimate portrait, Jim Henson captures all the facets of this American original: the master craftsman who revolutionized the presentation of puppets on television, the savvy businessman whose dealmaking prowess won him a reputation as “the new Walt Disney,” and the creative team leader whose collaborative ethos earned him the undying loyalty of everyone who worked for him. Here also is insight into Henson’s intensely private personal life: his Christian Science upbringing, his love of fast cars and expensive art, and his weakness for women. Though an optimist by nature, Henson was haunted by the notion that he would not have time to do all the things he wanted to do in life—a fear that his heartbreaking final hours would prove all too well founded.   An up-close look at the charmed life of a legend, Jim Henson gives the full measure to a man whose joyful genius transcended age, language, geography, and culture—and continues to beguile audiences worldwide.   Praise for Jim Henson  “Jim Henson vibrantly delves into the magnificent man and his Muppet methods: It’s an absolute must-read!”—Neil Patrick Harris   “An exhaustive work that is never exhausting, a credit both to Jones’s brisk style and to Henson’s exceptional life.”The New York Times   “[A] sweeping portrait that is a mix of humor, mirth and poignancy.”—Washington Independent Review of Books“A meticulously researched tome chock-full of gems about the Muppets and the most thorough portrait of their creator ever crafted.”—Associated Press “Jim was one of my closest friends. And yet I found out things about him in Jim Henson that were new to me. Brian Jay Jones has captured the layers of Jim’s genius and humanity, as well as the flaws that made Jim, like all of us, so delightfully imperfect. I thank Brian for giving Jim life again. This book has captured the spirit of Jim Henson.”—Frank Oz

Brian Jay Jones tells the story of how Henson turned a quaint art form into an entertainment empire.

view Kindle eBook view Audible audiobook. Brian Jay Jones tells the story of how Henson turned a quaint art form into an entertainment empire. The New York Times sweeping portrait that is a mix of humor, mirth and poignancy.

For the musician, see Brian Jones. In September 2013, Jones published Jim Henson: The Biography, the first comprehensive biography of Muppet creator Jim Henson December 2016 saw the publication of George Lucas: A Life, a full-length, comprehensive biography of Star Wars creator George Lucas.

In his new biography, Brian Jay Jones tells the story of how Henson turned a quaint art form into an entertainment .

Jim Henson : the biography, Brian Jay Jones. On the Henson side, Jim could trace his pedigree back to colonial-era farmers in North Carolina whose descendants had slowly pushed west with the expanding American frontier, setting up farms and raising families in Kentucky and Kansas. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references. eISBN: 978-0-345-52613-7. 1. Henson, Jim. 2. Puppeteers-United States-Biography. One of those descendants was Jim’s paternal grandfather, a sturdy Kansas farmer named Albert Gordon Henson, who, in 1889, had married Richmond Dolton’s levelheaded granddaughter, Effie Carrie Barnes.

Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. It was a biography that did not have any scandal, heart-break, but was just wholesome and welcoming. It had everything that made Sesame Street and the Muppets great. Though, I did want to know a lot more about the creative process and the creativity that went into most of Henson's work

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The 672-page hardcover was released on September 24, 2013 (Henson's 77th birthday) by Random House, Ballantine Books.

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Jim Henson, American puppeteer and filmmaker, creator of the Muppets of television and motion pictures. He coined the term ‘Muppets’ as a meld of ‘marionettes’ and ‘puppets. Learn more about Henson’s life and career. Henson, Jim: Kermit the FrogThe original Kermit the Frog (centre) puppet was among the Jim Henson creations donated to the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in 2010. Mark Wilson-Getty Images/Thinkstock.

Автор: Jones Brian Jay Название: Jim Henson: The Biography Издательство: Random House (USA) . Praise for Jim Henson Illuminating.

Praise for Jim Henson Illuminating. As Jones expertly shows, Henson remained throughout his life an artist who was continuously in motion, conceiving, pitching, and managing multiple projects at once. The Atlantic Consistently surprises.

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The author of this book spent five years writing his manuscript. In meticulous detail, Brian Kay Jones interviewed Jim Henson's family members, creative partners, and business colleagues to inform the public what a remarkable human being Jim was, how driven he was to make the creative process "fun," and how devoted he was to the Children's Television Workshop and to the Muppets. Fully twenty percent of the manuscript consists of footnotes and photographs. In my opinion, the greatest strength of this book is also its greatest weakness: too much fascinating information about how each Muppet was created, how Sesame Street came to be, and how television technology evolved. Mr. Jones reveals how Jim's ancestors influenced his love of family stories, how the death of his older brother, Paul, in an automobile accident, affected the entire family, and how Jim meets and marries Jane Nebel, a fellow puppeteer. They will have five children, and they will support Jim through his huge successes with the world-renown Muppets and his less-than-successful movies, "Labyrinth" and "The Dark Crystal." As the years pass, the reader sees just how running a business saps the creative energy needed to develop new ideas and projects.

I dreaded reaching the end of this very long book. I didn't want to hear how Jim would die and how his death would affect his family and business colleagues. As I expected, I was in tears long before I reached the end of this book. I choose to remember Jim Henson from these two quotations.

"When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who makes a difference in this world. My hope is to leave this world a little bit better for my being here."

"I know it is easier to portray a world that's filled with cynicism and anger, where problems are solved with violence. What is a whole lot tougher is to offer other alternatives, to present other ways conflicts can be resolved, and to show that you can have a positive impact on your world. To do that, you have to put yourself out on a limb, take chances, and run the risk of being called a do-gooder."

For anyone who wishes to learn how the Muppets came to be, how they evolved, and how they have changed the world, I would recommend reading this book. But be forewarned, there will be pain as one learns how human this genius was and how he left this world. He is sorely missed.
The many positive reviews about this book say it all, so I'll just throw in my general opinion...
I rated the book highly because I really enjoyed it. I specifically liked the author's writing style, the pacing of the book, the amount of information, the included pictures, and the subject himself. I grew up with Jim Henson's creations, whether on Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, or elsewhere. This book gave me insight on the man behind the characters who gave me some of my happy childhood memories. I'm glad to have been able to get to know Jim Henson a little bit better.
This may be the best biography I’ve ever read, well-researched and beautifully written. While under its spell, I felt immersed in creative energy. I experienced being in the zone—felt my synapses firing, my imagination blazing; what I would have thought incomprehensible was suddenly possible. That sensation never left me while reading this book; I was never bored, even though the epic is nearly 600 pages long.
Jones conducted extensive interviews with Henson’s family and colleagues to research Jim Henson: The Biography. He also consulted Henson’s personal journal, and reviewed pertinent documents and footage.
Best of all, as I read, I got to know the real Jim Henson, and he was just as funny, kind, imaginative, intelligent, and crazy as the little glimpses of him that I caught occasionally on television through the years.
When my husband and I became parents, Sesame Street became part of our daily routine (how I miss it!) and later, we enjoyed The Muppet Show and multiple Muppet movies. I didn’t realize Henson’s body of work went much further than that.
Jim Henson left behind an incredible legacy in his creations. But he also generously gave of himself to his family and his colleagues. His positive example continues to be a frame of reference that people who knew him well emulate in their own lives.
Brian Jay Jones devoted five years to researching and writing his biography of Jim Henson, which he calls his “dream project.” He also includes many photographs and meticulous notes. There are so many moments of beauty in this book, so many anecdotes, so many belly laughs, and a few tears. I read Jim Henson: The Biography during the months before and after hip replacement surgery. Living in Henson’s world helped me escape my pain. Even if you’re not recovering from surgery, this book is well worth the time to read.
This detailed biography reveals one of the most talented entertainment creators of the 20th century. I had no idea of the breadth and scope of Henson's career until I heard this book. The Muppets started right around when television as a mass medium took off, and were a success a full ten years before the creation of Sesame Street. Henson was quick to realize the potential of television, and pioneered many innovative production techniques. By the time of his sudden death in 1990 (he was only 53), he ran a sprawling entertainment empire with operations in New York, London, California and Canada.

Although a few aspects of the book get a little repetitive (yes, we know he worked hard and enjoyed doing so), this is clearly the definitive work on Henson's life. Jones had full access to many people and to Henson's archives, quoting frequently from his diary, letters, and other original sources.

Kirby Heyborne's performance for the audiobook is unique. It's the first time I've listened to a book read where the narrator actively imitates the voices of various people quoted in the book. Henson is read with a mild southern drawl, associates in London have British accents, and Kermit sounds like Kermit. Again I repeat my plea to the publisher: Please package using MP3 CD's, which have been a thing for over a decade now.