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by David Shannon

Download Duck on a Bike ePub
  • ISBN 0439622778
  • ISBN13 978-0439643344
  • Language English
  • Author David Shannon
  • Publisher Scholastic (October 1, 2003)
  • Pages 40
  • Formats lrf azw doc mobi
  • Category Children
  • Subcategory Animals
  • Size ePub 1374 kb
  • Size Fb2 1923 kb
  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 896


David Shannon, the creator of Caldecott Honor Book, No, David!, fills the pages of this barnyard romp with sun-soaked color, charming animals, and unusual perspectives

David Shannon, the creator of Caldecott Honor Book, No, David!, fills the pages of this barnyard romp with sun-soaked color, charming animals, and unusual perspectives. We see Cat, for example, looming belly-first in the foreground, with Duck merrily pedaling away in the distance. The story itself is nothing to write home about-No, David! is far snappier and more original-but younger kids may well enjoy the repetitive crescendo and the goofy finale.

Second David Shannon book today. A duck on a bike, riding past large and colorful barnyard animals got the attention of not only my 5 yr old, but my 3 yr old twins as well. I can see why his books are beloved. I really want to read his No Dave books. This book had a little something for everyone and I would probably label it somewhere between a level 1 and level 2 book for beginner reader's.

One day down on the farm, Duck got a wild idea. I bet I could ride a bike," he thought. He waddled over to where the boy parked his bike, climbed on and began to ride. At first he rode slowly and he wobbled a lot, but. At first he rode slowly and he wobbled a lot, but it was fun! Duck rode past Cow and waved to her. "Hello, Cow!" said Duck. Moo," said Cow. But what she thought was, "A duck on a bike? That's the silliest thing I've ever seen!" And so Duck rides past sheep, horse, and all the other barnyard animals

First Scholastic paperback printing, October 2003"-Title page verso. This book was originally published in hardcover by the Blue Sky Press in 2002"-Title page verso.

First Scholastic paperback printing, October 2003"-Title page verso. A duck decides to ride a bike and soon influences all the other animals on the farm to ride bikes too.

Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. 1. Living Dangerously.

I wish I could ride a bike just like duck! Published by Thriftbooks. The ingenious text invites you to mimic the farm animals and be the most spirited reader you can be.

Listen online to Duck On A Bike - A duck on a bike? From Sheep to Horse to Chicken to Goat. everyone in the barnyard has something to say about Duck's zany idea. Listen in app. Impression.

Talk about Duck on a Bike

My two year old son thinks the book is fabulous, but the adults understand the words where my son is mostly going off the pictures.

The book is basically this: Duck learns how to ride a bike and goes on a ride around the farm. Each farm animal makes a comment as duck rides by on the bike. The animal's comments range from cautions (watch where you are going) to some that sound mocking (show-off, not as fast as me) to more positive (wishing they could ride too), to silly (wanting to eat a bike). Spoiler: then all the animals go bike riding together.

The trouble is, all the comments when read together with the images, somehow leaves a more negative impact than a fun or positive impact... and none of us (besides the two year old) enjoys reading the book.

Also, three things bother me in the book. First, the animals "steal" bikes... the animals return them at the end of the book, but clearly the animals did not have permission to take or use them. I know that animals cannot ask permission, but this book is being read to small children. Children's books need to teach right from wrong, what is and is not appropriate behavior, etc. Second, the goat eats a bike's basket, but then the book claims no one would noticed the animals used the bikes - what child would not notice the missing or damaged basket?! Lastly, I don't want my son to stand on the seat and ride a bike with one foot in the air... yet this is one of the "fun" things duck does on the bike. Now if you have a lot of open space and are riding on soft dirt or grass and have older kids with great balance, maybe trying out that trick is a fun thing to do, but WE do not have a yard, live on pavement, next to busy highway, with a very young child... basically trying out that trick where we live will probably end in your death. This book is for very young kids, not older kids, so it should show things appropriate to that age group.

Overall, this book is cute, but did not come off as positive as it should have and just did not meet the content quality we expect in books with 5-star reviews. I really like the idea of the story but it needed some improvements.
This book is quite fun and my children enjoy having me read it to them. However, I was not happy with the CD portion. The CD skipped the very first time we played it. I ordered two other CD books from Scholastic Audio Books at the same time and it turns out all 3 of them had defects with the CD. I wish I could give the product an excellent rating, but the skipping CD's leave me annoyed. I am keeping the books because now my children have read them and want to keep them. Instead I will make a note to NEVER buy another book CD from Scholastic Audio Books. The other books were Giraffes Can't Dance and How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon.
Love this book. Discovered it on a table by the cash register at Marshall's when my grandson was four. I loved it immediately and have bought and gifted many copies in between. Not a lot of text. Great illustrations. Exciting, enthralling little story. Younger kids will love it. Older kids will probably enjoy showing/reading/explaining to a child who cannot read. Adults can stand it again and again and again.
My four year old son and I love this story, we got a copy of it from Scholastic for I think $5, may have been less, anyway the copy we have has strong durable glossy pages with the art (which is one of the best parts!) using up all of a double page spread. When it was time to get a book for a friend's baby shower this is what I chose. BIG MISTAKE. The copy I received from Amazon has thin flimsy pages which are dull (not just not glossy, the art doesn't come close to popping off the page like in our copy) and there is a huge strip of white paper down the center of the book on every spread, right through the middle of the fun artwork. Wth Amazon? Love this story and highly recommend it, but get a good copy of it (try scholastic!).
I first bought this book at a book fair at my son's school when he was 4. He's now 12 and I cannot count how many copies of this book I have purchased for gifts over the years. It's great for girls and boys alike. The story is so engaging for young ones, and the pictures are so bright and colorful. My kids laugh from beginning to end every time! And the message is one I love...never be afraid to try something...even if others think you shouldn't or you can't. Kids like to read the same book over and over, night after night, and this is one I NEVER get tired of reading. I have a younger son now too and he loves this book too now! I also recommend 'How I Became A Pirate' by the same author (David Shannon). But that one is probably better for boys. This one is great for any child.
This book is wonderful--great story, captivating illustrations, and silly to boot. As a preschool teacher, this is a beloved book in my classroom. HOWEVER, when I purchased the paperback version for my own kids, I was sorely disappointed in the quality. Flimsy card stock cover, pages so thin they feel as if they were newsprint. I'm bummed I didn't spend a little more for the hardcover, which I would hope would be a better quality. Debating sending it back...
For me, any book that can be acted, as much as read aloud, is a book that I want to share with my listeners and one that I would definitely recommend to you. This book is both those things. The ingenious text invites you to mimic the farm animals and be the most spirited reader you can be. In the hands of a dedicated reader and/or a devoted parent, this title will prove an exceedingly satisfying read. The illustrations are gorgeous and can be most appreciated in the arms of a child while he/she studies them up close. The clever ending will hopefully tempt your son or daughter to say, "Uh-oh, what's he up to now?" and foster a discussion with him/her about what might happen to Duck next. This is one of the best examples of contemporary literature for young children because it so artfully combines smart writing with outstanding illustrations. Again, like so many of the books I've presented to my audiences at the Children's Museum, this is a book that should be included in your young child's library because it will undoubtedly be read over and over and enjoyed till it's worn.