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by Anita DuFalla,Julia Cook

Download Bully B.E.A.N.S. ePub
  • ISBN 1931636494
  • ISBN13 978-1931636490
  • Language English
  • Author Anita DuFalla,Julia Cook
  • Publisher National Center for Youth Issues; 1 edition (April 30, 2009)
  • Pages 32
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  • Category Children
  • Subcategory Growing Up and Facts of Life
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  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 198

The latest story from hit author Julia Cook, Bully B.E.A.N.S. is a fun story that teaches people of all ages to become proactive when it comes to bullying. This book can help children and adults understand why bullying happens and what they can do to stop it. Finally, a bullying book that speaks to the bystander!

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Got this for my 6yr old nephew, zach. There's some kids in his class that are a bit aggressive and I wanted to give him some insight as to how he could handle it. THis book gives some good ideas...TEAM UP and STAND UP...and SPEAK UP. THe story teaches him to team up with his friends and stand up to the bully. A bully is fearless only when it's one-on-one, but if they stay together as a group, the bully will back down. he loves yelling "BACK OFF!" on queue. also, it teaches them to speak up and let the adult know if neccessary or possible. Even if it's in an anonymous letter. The 'beans' aspect of it is just a fun part. The mom tells the kids the beans give the kids 'magical' powers to be strong and loud and stand up for themself. In reality, you could use any little trinket available and tell your kid(s) the same; i.e., "Hold on to mommy's barrette and it'll give you courage"....Some kids need that little spark to get them started.

I was very happy with this book and will read it again to zach. hopefully he does not have to experience any bullying, but if so, i hope he has the courage these kids had and learns to stand up for himself or his friends.
I have used this book in my bullying prevention lessons in 1st through 4th grades for two years. The children love the story and the bold colorful illustrations. They get the message about the importance of bystander courage and enjoy the "bully beans" gimmick initiated by a caring mom who wanted her daughter and friends to be able to stand up to anyone bullying. My only criticism is that I was disappointed that Julia Cook labels Bobbette as a "bully" since I always prefer to use "someone who is bullying", so that a child who exhibits such behavior does not get "stuck" in that role, but is seen as someone who can Bobbette did! As some other reviewers have mentioned it does take a 40 minute lesson to read this book with discussion time on the topic of bullying prevention.
Great book for young children and talking about bullies! Students loved this book!
This was a good book about bullying. I really love that talks about how the kids can unite against a common bully in a classroom, and addresses children that stand by while another child is being bullied. However, the happy ending comes a little bit too easily. The kids stand up to the bully with the bully beans, the bully backs down. I just wish that it was a little more realistic, as even in kindergarten there are bullies and standing up to them is very hard, much less trying to get the entire class on your side. Many times the class bully is the prettiest/coolest kid in the class and not necessarily a mean looking girl that it is easy for everyone to go up against.
I am a Skills Coach at an elementary school and I handle all of the behavior interventions. I love all the books by Julia Cook because they are fun, entertaining, colorful and always have a great lesson for developing social and life skills. This is a great book to show both the bully and the kids being bullied. I highly recommend all of her books
Great book for home or school. Teaches ways to deal with a bully in a kid friendly way.
Having just retired and landed the job of elementary school librarian with the extra responsibility of teaching Character Education, I searched and searched for books that would help illustrate each of the traits. I also taught about Bullying using Kelso's Choice material. The books were illustrated so cute and there were several books that had the same characters in them that I was able to use in a series. I had a big jar of jelly beans in my room and that just added an extra umph to the "fight" against bullying.
My children love this book. They keep reading and rereading it. They seem to be entertained.