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by Ann M. Martin

Download Eleven Kids, One Summer (An Apple Paperback) ePub
  • ISBN 0590459171
  • ISBN13 978-0590459174
  • Language English
  • Author Ann M. Martin
  • Publisher Apple (October 1, 1996)
  • Pages 152
  • Formats mobi lrf txt lit
  • Category Children
  • Subcategory Growing Up and Facts of Life
  • Size ePub 1558 kb
  • Size Fb2 1147 kb
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 337

Adventures of a family with eleven children as they summer on the beach at Fire Island

Eleven Kids, One Summer (An Apple Paperback). Overall, a light, but enjoyable read.

Eleven Kids, One Summer (An Apple Paperback).

Eleven Kids, One Summer book. How do eleven kids, two parents, and a cat named Zsa-Zsa manage to hang out together on a small island for an entire summer? Who knows? But that's exactly what the Rossos decide to do, and boy, are they going to have a blast!

Home Ann M. Martin Eleven Kids, One Summer. 11 Keegan and the End of Summer. Also by Ann M. Martin. The train started with a jerk and pulled out of the station.

Home Ann M. Eleven kids one summer, . Eleven Kids, One Summer, . 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11. Contents. Author(s): Ann M.

Eleven Kids, One Summer is a children's novel written by Ann M. Martin in 1991. It is the sequel to Ten Kids, No Pets. Eleven Kids, One Summer continues the story of the children of the Rosso family as they summer on a beach on Fire Island. The story also reveals that the youngest child, who had yet to be born in the previous book, is a boy named Keegan according to Mrs. Rosso's naming scheme.

Items related to Eleven Kids, One Summer (An Apple Paperback). An episodic story uniting the big, alphabetically named family in Ten Kids, No Pets (1988) with the leads from Just a Summer Romance (1987). Ann M. Martin Eleven Kids, One Summer (An Apple Paperback). ISBN 13: 9780590459174. Eleven Kids, One Summer (An Apple Paperback). The Rossos are looking forward to their summer rental on Fire Island-a rambling old house on the beach. Abbie, the responsible eldest, is the focus of the first chapter as she worries about the complications of train travel with so many kids.

Adventures of a family with eleven children as they summer on the beach at Fire Island. Books related to Eleven Kids, One Summer.

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I had read the first book while ago. When I came across this title it got me thinking I would love and big family.
Nicole Bowden
This sequel to "10 Kids, No Pets" has the Rossos going on a family vacation.
Abigail, Bainbridge, Calandra, Dagwood, Eberhard, Faustine, Gardenia, Hannah, Ira, Janthina, Keegan, Mom, Dad, and Zsa-Zsa the cat are going on a summer vacation.
Each kid has a chapter in the book that deals this their adventures, or misadventures over the summer.
Ch. 1 - Abigail and the Train-Trip Disaster
Ch. 2 - Calandra and the Mystery Next Door
Ch. 3 - Faustine and the Great Fish protest
Ch. 4 - Hannah and the Ghosts
Ch. 5 - Ira and the Hospital Adventure
Ch. 6 - Janthina and the Beauty Treatment
Ch. 7 - Dagwood and the Million-Dollar Idea
Ch. 8 - Gardenia and the Movie on the Beach
Ch. 9 - Bainbridge and the Case of the Curious Kidnapping
Ch. 10 - Eberhard and the House of the Cursed
Ch. 11 - Keegan and the End of Summer
After reading this book, all I could think was "ARE THESE PARENTS INSANE??" :c)
This is a really fun book! Each kid has his or her own chapter in the book. This book has something for everyone, literally! Such as 2 of the kids are always looking for mysterys to solve, one kid is crafty and makes crafts to sell at the ferry docks, one of the girls dreams of being a movie star, etc. This is a fun book to read during summer because you dont have to read it straight through. Each chapter is kind of a story in itself. So you can read it off and on. Im 12 and I read the book 3 times! I would recommend this book for kids age 5 to 13. This book makes a great gift and younger kids love it too. BUY THIS BOOK, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!
In this thrilling sequel to TEN KIDS, NO PETS, the eleven Rosso children- Abby, Bainbrige, Candy, Woody, Hardy, Jan, Keegan, Dinnie, Ira, Faustine, and Hannah -go with their parents to spend the enitire summer on Fire Island, where they have an incredible amount of adventures! For instance, Abby befriends a movie star, Woody starts a business, Faustine trys to prevent fishing, and Candy finds out about a haunted beach house! Every kid has a chapter from his or her point of view. I read this book again and again, and every time I don't want it to end!
The book Eleven Kids One Summer is a great book about a family of
13! This book tells their exiting stories about a summer they spent on an island of the coast of NY. Every kid has their own chapter telling about their own most exiting part of the summer. Like, when they meet a movie star shooting a movie on the island. Or when they heard a spooky story from a fisherman and find the truth about it. I recamend this book to people who like exiting humarus books!
I love this book because it is so good. If you have ever read the first book 10 Kids, No Pets then you will love this book. Everybody's back and the new baby Keegan. On the family vacation things go wrong for Candy, and Abby, until they meet a Hollywood star. This book is a imaginative, funny, and light-hearted book. You gotta love it.
Eleven Kids, One Summer is a great book. As the sequel to Ten Kids no Pets, it still has the same lighthearted humor as its preceder. In Eleven Kids, One Summer, the ten Rosso kids have lots of adventures. (I said ten and not eleven because Keegan doesn't do much.) This was a really good book and I recommend it to kids from 1 to 101!
Eleven kids, one summer is a story about a family with 11 kids going on vacation. They have interesting "adventures" of unlikely events like being a dective and being in a movie. It sounds like a little kid's stories about what would be neat "if" this happened