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by Jamie Thomson Bob Harvey Mark Smith

Download Avenger! (Knight Books) ePub
  • ISBN 0340377879
  • ISBN13 978-0340377871
  • Language English
  • Author Jamie Thomson Bob Harvey Mark Smith
  • Publisher Knight; 5th THUS edition (1985)
  • Pages 160
  • Formats docx doc docx txt
  • Category Children
  • Size ePub 1492 kb
  • Size Fb2 1317 kb
  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 788

Mobile version (beta). Talisman of Death - Fighting Fantasy 11. Jamie Thomson; Mark Smith; Bob Harvey.

Mobile version (beta).

My Father's Best Friend's Secret Baby (His Secret Baby, by. Jamie Knight. My Dad's Rival's Secret Baby (My Secret Baby, by.

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Jamie Thomson grew up in Brighton where he met one of his co-authors Mark Smith at school at Brighton College. He graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in politics and government.

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I'm so glad this series of gamebooks were re-released. I always felt the ninja combat-style made it quite different to the other gamebooks of the time, with the combat much more tactical than those of other gamebook series.

This book is a really good introduction to the game world, which is very immersive. The story flows along nicely, and the choices made seem meaningful, with some well-written NPC interactions. The final "boss" battles are all well done, and certainly winnable. This is not a gamebook where you "must" have items X, Y and Z to finish it, although the correct choice of skills will certainly help you. All of the the original six are now out, and in my opinion really pushed the gamebook genre in new directions (especially books 4 and 5). Anyone who likes game books, rpgs or just great fantasy should buy this book, and you will likely be hooked!
It's the same book from the 80s with the exception of the illustrations and pictures. Great book for people that want to introduce their children to reading books.
I thought this series was brilliant back when it first came out and it's only gotten better with this "remastered" edition.
I was sorely disappointed in this. My mother passed down Usurper to me from her tabletop days and I enjoyed it so much that I sought to complete the series. While I'm sure the story and gameplay is faithful, I cannot believe this is even close to the original gorgeous ink illustrations i found in Usurper. Frankly, the new illustrations are abhorrent in comparison. I don't know what happened; maybe this new publisher couldn't get the rights to the original illustrator's work and paid someone to paint over them in photoshop instead? But commissioning someone with a week of Photoshop painting experience just isn't going to cut it, sorry. A middle schooler could create better illustrations and at least then they wouldn't be riding on someone else's success. I don't know what the other new publications look like, but I was so disappointed in the lack of effort put into this nostalgia grab that I didn't bother ordering them.
Essentially a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book with some basic RPG elements (Dungeons and Dragons -type mechanics) made this an accessible book when I read it years ago. The descriptions - of ninja monks and terrible creatures, barbarian warriors, blizzard covered mountains, and shifty political figures - led me to read and re-read the book cover to cover to learn how all the different story branches could turn out.

I only read the first in the series (this one) and for a number of years after would poke around in bookstores or Scholastic catalogs (this was pre-'net) hoping to find the next. Lots of fun. Parents might want to skim these before giving to their pre-teen (the intended market I think) to make sure some of the more graphic descriptions are okay at that age.
"My magic is training.. My strength is adaptability.. My enemy is carelessness.. My strategy is one foot in front of the other.." This is part of the Ninja litany, etched into your mind if you are lucky enough to defeat the opening character, who sets the scene for these Way of the Tiger books. They have the usual ingredients: magic, monsters, Ninja tricks and the most horrific and engaging death scenes, that will have you flicking to the 'eye' illustrations, which mark an unfortunate end (of which, thankfully, there are many) whenever you make a wrong turn in this exciting, engaging "magical world of Orb". But more than that, these books have heart and depth. You can see that the author's have spent countless hours pouring over the plot and creating an imaginary land that stays with me still. A fond reminder of a moment in my childhood, when I'd disappear into these books and take on the adventures of the orphan, a highly trained assassin on a quest for revenge. As if the text wasn't enough, you have it set against the amazing artwork of Bob Harvey, who became on of my favourite illustrators, even though I have never seen his work outside these books.
This is a good book with a great story line and mechanics. It is so short that my son finished it in a couple hours.