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Download Genesis for Kids: Science Experiments That Show God's Power in Creation! ePub

by Robert Stevenson,Ken Save,Doug Lambier

Download Genesis for Kids: Science Experiments That Show God's Power in Creation! ePub
  • ISBN 0849940346
  • ISBN13 978-0849940347
  • Language English
  • Author Robert Stevenson,Ken Save,Doug Lambier
  • Publisher Thomas Nelson Inc (June 1, 1997)
  • Pages 159
  • Formats txt azw mbr lrf
  • Category Children
  • Subcategory Religions
  • Size ePub 1507 kb
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  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 392

Each segment of the creation story from Genesis is followed by an explanation of related scientific concepts and experiments

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I enjoy reading feedback about books -- even negative ones -- because they help me decide whether or not to buy the book. But only when the reviews are ABOUT the book and based on the content OF the book. As some of the emotional, name-calling "reviewers" have clearly not read the book, I will humbly add my thoughts here.

This book celebrates the world God made by examining it. Magnets are magnets, no matter what your belief system. Water is water. Light is light. Color is color. Each chapter begins with a verse from the Bible, followed by experiments that tie in to that verse. There is a story-type narrative with fun characters that precedes each chapter, which might appeal more to younger kids. My one criticism is that I wish it had color illustrations. The black-and-white line drawings make the book a little dated looking. But I enjoyed reading through the experiments, many of which are appropriate for my five-, six- and seven-year-old kids (most are aimed at the eight to 14 set).

I'm not a mom who enjoys cleaning up messes caused by volcanoes and other messy science experiments, so I appreciated that these were mostly low-cost, low-mess and easy to do, even for younger kids. This approach encourages kids to ask questions and learn by doing. This increases critical thinking and discernment, which they'll need in a world where many people accept the theories and belief systems fed to them in school and the media by those hostile to the Creator.
For our homeschool curriculum. Excellent.
Great book teaching kids science relating to God's creation!
Used this last year for VBS. Great ideas the kids really liked the experiments.
This book is one of the worst attempts at 'creation science' I have ever seen. The experiments described are the average run-of-the-mill kind that family magazines print for children to try at home. In this less ambitious forum, they succeed in describing the universe in a scientific manner. However, the book comes nowhere close to showing any power from a great creator. The experiments are described, and the following text might as well say "God didit, cool hey?". There is no flow from experiment to an explanation as to why it gives any evidence for a god. For this reason, it fails on the cover. These are *not* science experiments showing anything other than magnetism and how the planets orbit the sun, to name a few. God does not enter the logical flow at all, but rather watches from the sidelines. I would have liked to give it zero stars, but this option was not available.
Gold Crown
This book is great. It's full of simple experiments that demonstrate the laws God set into place. They describe the experiments and explainations in an easy to understand language. By the way, they are fun too!
I think the complete title of this book sums up the purpose of this book "...Science Experiments that show God's power in Creation!" I admit I had difficulty making some of the relationships between the days of the creation and the experiments. But this book is for younger children, not for our children that we are trying to teach the actual principles of science. This book introduces our children to science, the process of doing an experiment and gives you some commentary that isn't evolutionary based. It is fun, not complicated science.
We checked this book from our library. It is a wonderful starting point for teaching your young children science. The text also exhalts God in the process. To sum it up, this book is a very fun way to introduce your young children to science and reinforce to them that God designed it all.