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by Ulysses Moore,Michael Page

Download Ulysses Moore: The House of Mirrors (Ulysses Moore Series) ePub
  • ISBN 1423313356
  • ISBN13 978-1423313359
  • Language English
  • Author Ulysses Moore,Michael Page
  • Publisher Brilliance Audio; Library edition (September 1, 2007)
  • Formats lit rtf azw lit
  • Category Children
  • Subcategory Science Fiction and Fantasy
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Everyone in Kilmore Cove is hiding something. That’s what Jason, Rick, and Julia realize when they first hear about Mirror House and its creator, the eccentric inventor Peter Dedalus. A close friend of Ulysses Moore, Dedalus has been missing for many years. But before he disappeared, he concealed a dangerous secret about the Doors to Time inside his extraordinary home. And it’s up to Jason, Rick, and Julia to match wits with the elusive inventor and discover what it is - before Oblivia Newton does.... Praise for the Ulysses Moore series “Full of action....paced like a Hollywood thriller...Recommended for students who have worn out their copies of Lemony Snicket’s books and [The] Spiderwick Chronicles.” – School Library Journal

by Ulysses Moore (Author), Michael Page (Reader). Ulysses Moore House of Mirrors Mass Market Paperback.

by Ulysses Moore (Author), Michael Page (Reader).

Ulysses Moore is a series of adventure books written by the Italian author Pierdomenico Baccalario. The plot of the series centers on the fictional village of Kilmore Cove and its Doors of Time. The book has been published by Scholastic Corporation, a New York-based publishing company. The Door to Time English Version 2006. The Long-Lost Map English Version 2006. The House of Mirrors English Version 2007. The Isle of Masks English Version 2008.

Praise for the Ulysses Moore series "Full of action. Recommended for students who have worn out their copies of Lemony Snicket's books and Spiderwick Chronicles. School Library Journal. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Brilliance AudioReleased: Sep 1, 2007ISBN: 1423313348Format: audiobook.

I read the first book while i was traveling and i was hooked. Some time later i found the second series and it took a really long time to find this one. really happy. ENCRYPTED DAISY download. Listen with your Kobo App.

The House Of Mirrors (Ulysses Moore by Pierdomenico Baccalario. That's what Jason, Rick, and Julia realize when they first hear about Mirror House and its creator, the eccentric inventor Peter Dedalus. The Book of Lost Things (Mister Max by Cynthia Voigt · Iacopo Bruno. Ulysses Moore: The House of Mirrors - Audiobook. Digital Audio Formats.

Ulysses Moore Series. 18 primary works, 20 total works. Shelve Ulysses Moore, Books 1-3: The Door to Time, The Long-Lost Map, and The House of Mirrors. Book 1. The Door to Time. by Pierdomenico Baccalario.

Download the Ulysses Moore audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android or Windows device. uk online audiobook store. In a house on the coast of England, there is a door. When 11-year-old twins Jason and Julia move into the old mansion with their family, the door is a secret - locked and hidden behind an old wardrobe.

A close friend of Ulysses Moore, Dedalus has been missing for many years.

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The third book in the Ulysses Moore series doesn't allow for any breathing space after the end of Long-lost Map. Jason, Julia and Rick continue to hunt for clues and artifacts that will hopefully reveal the secrets of the Doors to Time, but as they will discover, there are more secrets in Kilmore Cove than they could ever have imagined.

Given some extra time when their parents are delayed by the moving company, Jason and Julia put aside their sibling squabbles for the moment and together with their friend Rick, they set off on the trail of Oblivia Newton, the femme fatale who seems to at the root of all their troubles.

Their quest leads them to the Mirror House, an amazing feat of engineering involving solar panels, mirrors (naturally), lots of doodads and whatnots, and somewhere deep inside, a secret that Oblivia is prepared to move anyone or anything in her path to uncover.

The inventor of the house and aforementioned doodads and whatnots had disappeared some time before our story begins, and the young adventurers are faced with solving the mechanical puzzles that he left behind.

Packed with lots of action, intrigue and challenges, this is suitable for readers from 8 to about 12, but I would recommend reading book one and two before attempting this one.

Amanda Richards, May 10, 2008
My kids are in love with Harry Potter, with Percy Jackson...and with Ulysses Moore. They were crushed to find that there were only four books in the series and want to write to beg the author to write more books in the series. :) They have shared the series with teachers, friends, family... there would be difficulty in matching their enthusiasm when it comes to the Ulysses Moore series. Well written! I bought this series for my son because he loves science fiction/fantasy books, and it is hard to find them for kids his age. We went on the Scholastic teachers Reading Wizard, plugged in his reading level and "fantasy" and this is one of the series that came up. We are forever grateful to the Reading Wizard for introducing my kids to Ulysses Moore. I believe it will be a lifelong friendship. My son has already sworn to save this series to share with HIS kids.
I like the series, but there are only 4 books in the series translated to English. It is a bit slow to get going, and the stories are broken up a bit much, but overall a good read.
interactive man
Fantastic series for family reading. The whole series hasn't been translated into English yet, though, which turned out to be quite a disappointment for my family.
My grandson loves this series. Excellent service.
9 year old loves these books!!! Reading wasn't so interesting until these Ulysses books were found! Awesome series for pre-teens!!
Grandson is reading this series. Yes I would recommand this book. Good for nine year olds. This was an easy way to find book.
purchased this book for my nephew but it looked so inviting i had to read it first. man, this is a good book for kids of any age. great mystery, you get suptle clues now and then, like you are almost right there in the bushes or on bikes with the kids trying to figure out the mystery of kilmoore cove. you jump aside when a motorcycle nearly runs you over, duck when owls fly over and around. a mysterious house on a moving platform called the house of mirrors built by a watchmaker. why is it full of nesting owls??? i found myself making notes like a detective since book 1# Door To Time. clean wholesome reading so parents don't worry on swear words or need not to know adult situations. this set of books is all child and young teen exciting reading. read it yourself and enjoy, but please remember to give it to the young reader to read. must get all 3 for the story continues as each book comes out. number 4# Land of Masks is coming out in may of 2008. the wait will be worth it.