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by P. Craig Russell,Michael Moorcock,P.Craig Russell

Download Elric: Stormbringer ePub
  • ISBN 1569713367
  • ISBN13 978-1569713365
  • Language English
  • Author P. Craig Russell,Michael Moorcock,P.Craig Russell
  • Publisher Dark Horse Books (July 7, 1998)
  • Pages 117
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  • Category Comics and Funnies
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  • Rating: 4.7
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There was a time when great movement fell upon the earth and above it, when the destiny of men and gods was hammered out upon the forge of fate, when monstrous wars were brewed and mighty deeds were designed. Greatest of these heroes was a doom-driven adventurer who bore a runeblade that he loathed. His name was Elric of Melniboné, king of ruins, and lord of a scattered race that once ruled the world. Legendary artist P. Craig Russell adapts Michael Moorcock`s climactic Elric novel -- the grand story of the final battle between Law and Chaos -- to the comics format. This is Russell`s finest work yet, and the greatest Elric epic of them all, combining the best elements of horror, sword, and sorcery into one amazingly powerful story.

Philip Craig Russell (born October 30, 1951) is an American comics artist, writer, and illustrator. His work has won multiple Harvey and Eisner Awards.

Philip Craig Russell (born October 30, 1951) is an American comics artist, writer, and illustrator. Russell was the first mainstream comic book creator to come out as openly gay. Philip Craig Russell was born October 30, 1951 in Wellsville, Ohio. He entered the comics industry in 1972 as an assistant to Dan Adkins

by P. Craig Russell (Author), Michael Moorcock (Author), . raig Russell (Author) & 0 more. Book 6 of 7 in the Elric Saga Series

by P. Book 6 of 7 in the Elric Saga Series. The Michael Moorcock Library - Elric, Vo. : : The Vanishing Tower.

Just better Night Music (1984-1990). In 1984, Russell began Night Music, an ongoing anthology series for Eclipse Comics featuring some of his most heralded literary and operatic adaptations.

Phillip Craig Russell was the first well known mainstream comic book creator to come out as openly ga. This brought him to the attention of Roy Thomas, who was planning an adaptation of the ELRIC stories of Michael Moorcock. Russell has won several Eisner and Harvey Awards.

Phillip Craig Russell was the first well known mainstream comic book creator to come out as openly gay. Almost a Halloween baby, he was born on October 30, 1951 in Wellsville, Ohio. Russell started in comics in 1972 with his 11-issue AMAZING ADVENTURES.

This is . raig Russell's adaption of Michael Moorcock's Epic novel Stormbringer. It follows the adventures of Elric, once Sorcerer Emperor of the mythic isle of Melnibone, now sorrowful wanderer on his last adventure. The final battle between the forces of Law and Chaos are drawing nearer, so much so that the world itself and the people in it are changing. Elric, once a pawn of Chaos with his sorcerous runeblade Stormbringer, travels to rescue his kidnapped wife.

Award-winning illustrator P. Craig Russell's adaptations of Oscar Wilde's The Remarkable Rocket and The Young . This Eisner-nominated anthology mini-series brings the best of Clive Barker's Books of Blood short stories to the comics medium. Craig Russell's adaptations of Oscar Wilde's The Remarkable Rocket and The Young King are exquisitely spun tales for adults and children alike. Barker's work is brought to a stunning visual realization by comics' greatest artistic talent: John Bolton, P. Craig Russell, Batman: Collected Legends of the Dark Knight. by James Robinson · John Francis Moore · Archie Goodwin · P. Craig Russell · Tim Sale · Kevin O'Neill · Alan Grant.

Подписчиков: 927О себе: Craig Russell is much taller, better lo. .

Подписчиков: 927О себе: Craig Russell is much taller, better looking and smarter than he appears in real life. He also writes books.

Craig Russell is a British-born novelist and short story writer. Russell speaks fluent German and has a special interest in post-war German history. His books, particularly the Fabel series, tend to include historical or mythological themes. Genres: Mystery, Historical Mystery.

Philip Craig Russell (born October 30, 1951) is an American comics artist, writer, and illustrator

Philip Craig Russell (born October 30, 1951) is an American comics artist, writer, and illustrator Night Music (1984–1990).

Talk about Elric: Stormbringer

I'm in ‘rediscovery mode’ with artist P. Craig Russell and have really been enjoying some of his contemporary works like ‘Conan and the Jewels of Gwahlur’ and ‘Sandman: Dream Hunters’. My impression of this book is that Russell was reveling in his new approach to layout and storytelling at the time (the mid ’90s) and was excited to tackle an ambitious, long-form adaptation. I expected to be knocked out by it. Unfortunately, as a novel, I don't think it works.

Maybe it's the newness of the style or maybe it's just an overly lengthy or literal adaptation. Though occasionally beautiful, the overall tone of the artwork feels like a poor fit. The cartoonish approach makes some panels look like ‘The Adventures of Li'l Elric’, while the more realistic panels look bland in comparison to the more expressionistic style used in ‘The Dreaming City’ or ‘While the Gods Laugh’. (BTW, did anyone else notice that Elric now has heavy-metal guitarist hair—specifically, a poodle mullet?) The story rarely connects emotionally and feels too long and meandering—or perhaps too condensed in its details. Characters and moments have little room to breathe or develop within the long-winded, repetitive, and grandiose narrative. Russell's bag of layout tricks is sizable here, but it doesn't satisfy.

Quite oddly, the book begins with a ‘bonus track’: the short story ‘One Life – Furnished in Early Moorcock’ by Neil Gaiman. This story is contemporary, brisk and entertaining, an adolescent coming-of-age confessional with overt sexual themes. I can understand why Russell would want to find a home for it in book form—and it references Elric extensively—but it feels like the polar opposite of the novel, a real mismatch in terms of tone and audience. Taking an already lengthy work and expanding and re-contextualizing it in this manner is ultimately confusing and does a disservice to the main novel. It's too much. The result comes across as self-indulgent, or at least poorly designed.

As an alternative to this out-of-print trade paperback, I'd consider seeking out the original comic books—particularly ‘One Life’, but maybe the 7-issue Elric: Stormbringer series from Dark Horse/Topps as well. (Perhaps it's better experienced in small doses?)
This is a sumptuous feast for the eyes. Stormbringor has been adapted in a grand form by one of the comic industry's finest storytellers. P.Craig Russell has never delivered a more beautifully and well designed project in his entire career. Stormbringer is the last of the Elric tales, for the sake of continuity, and he's in fine, tragic form. This adaptation is very close to the novel and it's Russell's patience with the sequential form and his love of the source that shines through. The package is very well done. Good quality paper, cover stock (and awesomely rendered cover art) and wonderful coloring makes this book stand out among what's been passing for graphic novels. In short, this is what a graphic novel should be. I read Stormbringer in my 18th year and loved this ending of the tragic Elric saga. Russell's adaptation is a fine way to read it for the first time, or, the last. Enjoy this one. It's a rare package and well worth the price of admission. Books like this one are the reason I'm still reading comics in my middle age.
This is a very good work of fantasy fiction. Russell has a beautiful and distinct drawing style and he's taken Gaiman's script (which sounds exactly like a Sandman voicover) and brought it to life with great skill. There are no deep or emotionally complex characters here, but it doesn't matter - this is a great adventure yarn and a fun read.
There's even a thematic story - something about the cyclical nature of the universe and the timeless conflict between chaos and law.. I actually think there's something to this story - it's a fantasy-extension of Nichomachean philosophy. In any case, it resonates as a moving and interesting fable.
Elric has been a fixture since he was dreamed up by Moorcock in the 1960's. I recommend this to anyone who has a yen for fantasy fiction and is sick of the LOTR already.
I should have known better than to buy this book, but I just could'nt help myself as I knew the artwork of Russell would be awsome. And it was!
Unfortunitalythat was the only good thing about the book.
Now dont get me wrong. I'm sure the original text based stories of Michael Moorcock are awesome. But unfortunitaly any complex translation from text to comic will virtually always leave something to be desired. This was the case with this book. To much story, which works well with text, just cant get crammed into a comic and retain the enjoyability.
Unfortunately, I have not read the Elric novels. However, I have read some fantasy and some comics. This comic ranks up there with the best of the titles by the masters of the comics medium. There's a philosophy expressed in every panel and every word balloon. There's also a lot of energy expressed and you can tell Russell loves the Elric stories.
Those of us who love comics will tell you the undisputed master was Jack Kirby. And his New Gods is his masterpiece. This book ranks up there with this work of the King. Every page astonishes.