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by Sonia Caulton,Orlando Lewis,Kevin Radford

Download Voodoo Love ePub
  • ISBN 0965554511
  • ISBN13 978-0965554510
  • Language English
  • Author Sonia Caulton,Orlando Lewis,Kevin Radford
  • Publisher Sistahgirl Pub Co (February 1, 1999)
  • Pages 299
  • Formats lit mbr rtf docx
  • Category Different
  • Subcategory Humanities
  • Size ePub 1440 kb
  • Size Fb2 1869 kb
  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 902

This is a softcover book.

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Talk about Voodoo Love

The book is good I purchased it twice.....
Where do I start with this book? First, of all this was the BEST book I have read in a long time! I loved it! Voodoo Love is about a woman name Darika who loves her husband so much that she constantly puts up with his cheating and his lies. When she grows tired of his cheating she goes out and gets a little revenge of her own that backfires on her!
This book had me crying, laughing, holding my breath and talking out loud. Just when you think the drama is over Sonia Caulton throws you another curve ball full of some more drama!On certain parts of this book I tried to guess what would happen, but it was just the opposite of what I had guessed.
Voodoo Love is a GOOD book! Sonia Caulton puts you on a rollercoaster ride and doesn't let you off even after the ride is over! Voodoo Love had a shocking ending to it! My mouth was wide open and I was like, "WHAT?!"
If you are thinking about getting this book--GET IT TODAY! Yeah, it has a couple of misspelled words and extra commas, but that does not take away from the story. Voodoo Love gets five stars and deserves FIVE more. This book was TOO GOOD! If you like drama, love and suspense all in one then order this book ---You will not be disappointed!
As soon as I picked up this book I was unable to put it down. The story was sooo real and amusing. The storyline of this book was interesting. I found this book realistic in the sense that you have plenty of women out there that will truely stay with a man despite all of the horrible things he has done to them. Also, how a great number of women will also settle for less just to stay comfortable. The characters in this book were amusing and also trifling as we all know women get when a handsome man comes around. I enjoyed the way Ginger Whitaker found a way to link all of the characters into one big blob of confusion and mischief. This book really makes you think about things, that you so-call "wish" you had and reevaluate them. Do you really want it? Cause when you do get it will you be happy? This book ended on a strange but deserving note, cause everyone gets what they deserve in the end.
Although I am giving this a positive review, I was a little disappointed by the grammatical errors I found in this book. At first, I thought it was just me but as I read the review before mine I knew I was not buggin'. Like someone else said sometimes a little help from home goes a long way, you cannot always trust a stanger to have your best interest at heart. Best of Luck on your next project. !
Voodoo Love is a wonderful story full of twists, amusing characters, and sundry situations; however, the editing was very poor. I kept stumbling over editing errors that made some of the sentences ambiguous. The story changed abruptly causing me to wonder if I were reading a collection of stories instead of a novel. The time factor was also confusing. There were some blatant inconsistencies. I couldn't keep track of how many months or days elapsed between episodes. For example, I thought Darika was a housewife, then suddenly she was a school principle with a secretary that she'd had for four years. At times the story was whimsical and sporadic, things just randomly popped up, causing me to back track through the pages to ensure that I hadn't missed something. The characters were inconsistent in their thinking and revelations. For example, in one chapter Keith loved Darika, in another he never loved her, in yet another he loved Darika, but not in a particular way. For Sonia's next novel, it would be wise to get a good editor that can track everything: grammer, time, consistency, and details.
If you are looking for a novel full of drama this one is for you. The drama will keep you turning the pages but the grammar errors will make you want to trash the novel. If you can deal with the grammar errors you are in for a good read with many twists and turns.
What was wrong with Darika? Her self esteem was very low. I see why she was taking Prozac. Keith was way out of line. He should have been ashamed of his actions. He shouldn't have married Darika if he didn't love her. Because he felt sorry for her was a poor excuse.
Beverly made me sick. She married her husband for her own selfish reasons. How could she call herself someone's friend with the devil actions she was doing.
I could go on and on about this novel. I will close by saying I wish the author the best but please get an editor when and if you choose to write another novel. Your ratings will increase and your readers will thank you. Be Blessed!
This is a MRS ( Must Read Story ) ! If you love drama with realistic issues concerning love and relationships this in a story you will find so hard to put down ! There is so much I could say about this story that I would have to write a book just to give a review ! I will say if Keith was a real person I pray I never meet him ! As Beverly and some of the other found out if loving you is wrong then I don't want to do right ! Can one Man be all that ! You read the story and see !This is definetly a page turner and you will find it hard to put this book down for one moment ! I can say I will be looking for Sonia's new book coming out and I plan to look for her other books ! She can tell a story and I can hardly wait to see how Manhunt turns out ! Yes there were errors in the book , but so what ! It did not take away from the story ! Make the corrections and move right along !
Voodoo Love was a book that was porrly edited it could have been a better story line. Once again we a reading about sistah's that just won't leave the dogging husband why do you need a voodoo priest just leave especially when you know that your man is cheating and then you catch him. You don't need him Darika girl you can do better then Keith. What she needed to understand was to hell with everyone else so what you are darkskin you are human just like the light skin sistahs. Look what her happened to her in the end. Beverly was lucky but odessia was not no joke when she said she loved that manshe was not lying she did what she had to do to get her Keith and she got him. Voodoo love was ok but could have been edited better.