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Download The Ultimate French Verb Review and Practice (UItimate Review Reference Series) ePub

by David Stillman,Ronni Gordon

Download The Ultimate French Verb Review and Practice (UItimate Review  Reference Series) ePub
  • ISBN 0071416722
  • ISBN13 978-0071416726
  • Language English
  • Author David Stillman,Ronni Gordon
  • Publisher McGraw-Hill; 1st edition (March 8, 2006)
  • Pages 310
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Learn verb skills and communicate confidently in a new language

Building on the authors’ bestselling The Ultimate Review and Practice series, this book is your best bet to mastering the often tricky verb forms and key sentence structures of the French language. The Ultimate French Verb Review and Practice offers a step-by-step program for experienced beginners through advanced learners to understand how different verb forms work and use that knowledge to build increasingly sophisticated sentences in French. No other book on the market combines guidance and practice in verb formation and usage with tips on the 18 most commonly used sentence models.

I hope the authors of The Ultimate series, David M. Stillman, P. and Ronni L. Gordon, P. keep the new products coming!

David M Stillman; Ronni L Gordon. McGraw-Hill Education.

David M Stillman; Ronni L Gordon. Exercises in a variety of formats, including sentence completion, sentence building, dialogue writing, translation, verb-form replacement, and more. Hundreds of verbs listed in both structural and semantic groupings.

by David Stillman (Author), Ronni Gordon (Author). More than 400 exercises with Answer Key to help you master French grammar and vocabulary.

David M. Stillman, Ronni L. Gordon. With this knowledge in your tool kit, you will be able to construct authentic French sentences with increased confidence.

Ronni Gordon, David Stillman. Download (pdf, . 8 Mb) Donate Read. Epub FB2 mobi txt RTF. Converted file can differ from the original. If possible, download the file in its original format.

Exercises in a variety of formats, including sentence completion, sentence building, dialogue writing, translation, verb-form replacement, and more.

Part One: Verbs- Basic Forms and Uses1. Great book for French 4 in high school. I bought it for my daughter so she would have her own copy.

Essential German Verbs. David Stillman/Ronni Gordon. Get started today for free.

Talk about The Ultimate French Verb Review and Practice (UItimate Review Reference Series)

I began studying French more than 40 years ago, in elementary school, kept going through junior high school, high school, and college, and continue to work to improve my written and spoken French even today. Even though I'm fairly fluent, I'm not a native speaker, and there is always room for improvement.

How I wish that a resource like "The Ultimate French Verb Review and Practice" had been available during my school years.

The book states that it is directed to "advanced beginning" through "advanced" learners. While the initial chapters -- covering regular verbs in the present tense, irregular verbs, the imperative form, and the passé composé -- should be at least largely within the grasp of someone at the "advanced beginner" level, the book may put such a student in fairly deep waters after that. I would commend it more to an intermediate student and above, with the initial chapters forming a combination of review of the basics and expansion of the student's repertoire of constructions and vocabulary, and the later chapters helping with more challenging aspects of the subject.

There are several things that set this book apart from others I have used.

First, the authors have a particularly clean and lucid approach to the various topics they cover. This is reflected not only in the English portions of the text, but also in the French examples. Many books of this kind tend to have rather forced and artificial-sounding examples, and classify them in rigid and difficult-to-remember categories. The authors here have managed to develop a more organic structure that makes sense without being forced.

Second, following the introduction of the material, the authors offer a number of different kinds of exercises, approaching the material from a number of different perspectives, to help cement the principles. This makes the material easier to grasp and easier to remember.

Third, the examples all sound natural and plausible, and cover useful sentences that belong in the toolkit of any speaker or writer dealing with everyday matters. The authors use each set of examples as an occasion to stretch the student's vocabulary and repertoire of common expressions and locutions. They also provide some extremely helpful explanations of nuanced differences between similar-sounding constructions that would not be obvious from mere literal translation. A number of discussions provide insight into differences between more formal written and spoken French, on the one hand, and colloquial spoken French, on the other. This contrasts with the more formal approach often found in French educational materials, which pretend that people speak only in perfect, grammatically impeccable complete sentences.

Because facility with verbs is one of the marks of fluency in French (or any language), this book serves an important function and serves it well. And it costs no more than far lesser books on the subject. This one belongs in the library of anyone serious about speaking and writing French with confidence.
I have come back to French after a 20 year hiatus with this book. I cannot stress how impressed I am with it, and with its sister book The Ultimate French Review and Practice: Mastering French Grammar for Confident Communication.

The book is broken down into chapters based on verb tense, with three chapters reserved for the all important and often irregular present tense and an additional chapter specific to reflexive verbs (pronomial verbs). Each chapter also discusses a grammar topic, such as negative sentences, forming questions, or double object pronouns so that if you work through the entire book you feel that you have not just learned the correct way to conjugate verbs but that you understand how they fit into sentences.

The material is presented incrementally, with a set of exercises following each increment, so you are first presented with the basic rules for conjugation and a set of exercises, then each small subsequent section provides a further detail such as how to conjugate irregular verbs, usage of the tense, spelling changes, contrasting one verb tense with another, using two verb tenses in conjunction with one another, etc. Lists of verbs and verb phrases are sprinkled throughout the book, enabling you to build up your vocabulary as you are learning conjugations. As with everything else in this book, the verb lists are organized so that they align well with the subject in the lesson.

Each chapter concludes with several sections on other grammar, as stated above.

Each section tends to be about one page long, with exercises to practice and reinforce the newly introduced material and further exercises that require you to remember earlier material as well.

I've found the explanations to be concise and easy to understand, with lots of good examples. I've found the exercises to generally be well written, providing good practice of the most recently introduced topic and, just as importantly, not requiring details that haven't been introduced yet.

One thing to note is that this a verb book and not a complete language book. It works well to start at the beginning and work your way through. I think you could also use it to brush up on specific tenses without having read all of the previous chapters, but you will find it less useful for other grammar issues as the grammar topics can be a little more difficult to locate. You will also want to use a dictionary with this book because it assumes you will work out much of the non verb vocabulary on your own.

I have both the soft cover book and the kindle version. I found the kindle version extremely difficult to work with because it was so cumbersome to flip back and forth between pages. I suspect this is more a flaw of the whole e-reading paradigm than of this book in particular. In general, I would recommend against trying to use workbooks on the kindle or other e-readers.