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by Viktor Lowenfeld

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  • ISBN 0023720808
  • ISBN13 978-0023720802
  • Language English
  • Author Viktor Lowenfeld
  • Publisher Macmillan Pub Co; 7th edition (July 1982)
  • Pages 448
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Book has highlighted text and some writing in the margins. There is no dust jacket and some shelf wear due to age, BUT it is a good reference copy of the Seventh edition.

by Viktor Lowenfeld (Author), W. Lambert Brittain (Author)

by Viktor Lowenfeld (Author), W. Lambert Brittain (Author). ISBN-13: 978-0023721106. Creative and intellectual growth are the basis of any educational system, and it is the hope that this book can contribute to an understanding of the importance of this area so as to make the education of children a joyful and meaningful experience. The content is aimed at an understanding and appreciation of children and their art products. It is not the making of products that is the concern of this book, but rather it is the process of art and the value of these experiences to children's learning that is crucial.

Viktor Lowenfeld & W. Lambert Brittam. By the late Viktor Lowenjeld and W. Lambert Brittain. From its profusely illustrated pages springs a wealth of information on the growth and development of the creative process in the child, from his first uncontrolled scribbles to his high school paintings.

Lowenfeld's 1949 Creative and Mental Growth was published and became the single most influential textbook in art education. Viktor Lowenfeld left behind an association of friends and followers including Edward L. Mattil who helped establish the Viktor Lowenfeld Memorial Fund. Many elementary school teacher preparation programs used this book since it described characteristics of child art. Lowenfeld believed evidence of aesthetic, social, physical, intellectual, and emotional growth is reflected in the art of children. Dr. Mattil, at the time of Dr. Lowenfeld’s death, was also asked to serve as head of the Department of Art Education.

Viktor Lowenfeld, professor of art education at the Pennsylvania State University, helped to define and develop the field of art education in the United States. His life and career have been a continuing topic of study in the field. Early Career and Influences. Lowenfeld was born in Linz, Austria, of Jewish parents. He taught art in the elementary schools in Vienna while attending the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts, which he found "very dry and academic. Lowenfeld then transferred to the Vienna Kunstgewerbeschule, which he likened to a "Vienna Bauhaus

Creative and Mental Growth book.

Creative and Mental Growth book. Details (if other): Cancel.

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oceedings{eAM, title {Creative and mental growth}, author {Viktor Lowenfeld and W. Lambert Brittain}, year {1952} }. Viktor Lowenfeld, W. creative and mental growth is one of the literary work in this world in suitable to be reading material. That's not only this book gives reference, but also it will show you the amazing benefits of reading a book. Developing your countless minds is needed; moreover you are kind of people with great curiosity

Creative and Mental Growth. Creative and Mental Growth. by. Viktor Lowenfeld.

Creative and Mental Growth.

Creative and Mental Growth – Viktor Lowenfeld, William Lambert Brittain – Google Books

Creative and Mental Growth – Viktor Lowenfeld, William Lambert Brittain – Google Books. A question is sometimes raised as to whether children are not restricted in their creativeness when the teacher is using classroom motivations, that is, when the whole group is motivated by one experience. by Viktor Lowenfeld and W. Lambert Brittain

Creative and Mental Growth.

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This is a classic book. I have owned and used a copy for over 30 years. Art Teachers must read this book to fully understand the relationship between developmental stages and creative expression. Wonderful summary in the back for quick reminders. Alas the book was written when Americans still had an excellent educational system. Young idealists may find that funding for well equipped art rooms has vanished and that most schools no longer value art class as an integral part of a balanced education. Read this book to find out how it once was.
During my course of studies as an Art Therapist, Lowenfeld's work was sited many times. For some reason, I never read this book. His work in how we develop creatively, and the benefits of supporting creative activities and development are beautifully laid out and powerfully stated. This would be a wonderful book for our national leaders to read as they wrestle with restructuring our educational system. We can either continue to train kids as food for the corporate profit mills, or we can educate them to think for themselves, problem solve, and find relationships, context, and meaning in what they learn and do. This complex world demands complex thinking, and that starts with how you put materials together, what happens when you make "mistakes", when you try the unexpected, and when you are allowed to follow a thread that was not envisioned by the text book. This is a way of viewing children, art making, and the creative process that will enrich anyone who reads it.
Fantastic book on how children grow creatively and psychologically, and how they are related.
Should be read by every aspiring art teacher and even ones who have been teaching for many years.
There is always something to learn.
Bad Sunny
If you insist on getting a coloured version of the book, try to contact the book-seller first and ask for more inforamion. Hopefully they will reply. For your information, I ordered one used book from a bookseller who did not reply me at all after waiting for 7 working days. Decided to risk the chance and order the book. Unfortunately, that used book is totally printed in black and white. Poor printing quality. But considering the warning that was given in year 2005, I expected this to happen anyway. Bewere buyers.
This was originally a fabulous 4-color printed book, but, it has been reprinted with very poor quality black & white photocopy looking pages. I contacted the "publisher" who basically said tough luck, this is business, and this is how we make our money. Buy it used!!! Because as you may have figured out, an art education book with low quality black and white examples is worth it's weight in beans!
Awesome condition
I needed this for class.
The sender sold as good. They sent it out good and broken. Most pages written in and the binding is broken. This book is a throw away.