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by Portia Rosenberg,Susanna Clarke

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  • ISBN 1596910534
  • ISBN13 978-1596910539
  • Language English
  • Author Portia Rosenberg,Susanna Clarke
  • Publisher Bloomsbury Pub Plc USA (September 5, 2005)
  • Pages 1006
  • Formats txt lrf mbr azw
  • Category Fantasy
  • Subcategory Fantasy
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  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 431

The international bestseller, finally in paperback! Time magazine’s #1 book of the year • 11 weeks and counting on the New York Times bestseller list •  Shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award • Longlisted for the Booker prize • A Book Sense pick • People Top Ten Books of the year • Top Ten of 2004 • New York Times Notable Books of the Year • Christian Science Monitor Best Fiction 2004 • Nancy Pearl’s Top 12 Books of 2004 • Washington Post Book World Best of 2004 • San Francisco Chronicle Best Books of 2004 • Chicago Tribune Best of 2004 • Seattle Times 25 Best Books of 2004 • Atlanta Journal-Constitution Top 12 Books of 2004 • Village Voice “Top Shelf” • Raleigh News & Observer Best of 2004 • Rocky Mountain News critics’ favorites of 2004 • Kansas City Star 100 Noteworthy Books of 2004 • Fort Worth Star-Telegram 10 Best Books of 2004 • Hartford Courant Best Books of 2004  Susanna Clarke’s brilliant first novel is an utterly compelling epic tale of nineteenth-century England and the two very different magicians who, as teacher and pupil and then as rivals, emerge to change its history. Sold in 21 languages, with a major motion picture from New Line on the way, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is a tour de force that has captured the imagination of readers worldwide.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is of this last kind. Illustrations by Portia Rosenberg.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. The most sparkling literary debut of the year. While Jonathan Strange is every bit as whimsical and playful as the Harry Potter books, it is also grave and upsetting, the very opposite of comforting children’s entertainment. Clarke has delivered a book of universal truths and unexpectedly heartbreaking acuity. Star-Telegram (Fort-Worth). Jonathan strange & mr norrell. In memory of my brother, Paul Frederick Gunn Clarke, 1961–2000.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is the debut novel by British writer Susanna Clarke. Published in 2004, it is an alternative history set in 19th-century England around the time of the Napoleonic Wars. Its premise is that magic once existed in England and has returned with two men: Gilbert Norrell and Jonathan Strange

Jonathan Strange&Mr Norrell. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - est un roman de fantasy écrit par l auteur britannique Susanna Clarke.

Jonathan Strange&Mr Norrell. Premier ouvrage de l auteur, le roman est sorti en 2004 en Angleterre, aux éditions Bloomsbury. Il a été édité en France par les éditions Robert Laffont en 2007. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom -.

Susanna Clarke was born in Nottingham, England, in 1959, the eldest daughter of a Methodist minister

Susanna Clarke was born in Nottingham, England, in 1959, the eldest daughter of a Methodist minister. She was educated at St Hilda's College, Oxford, and has worked in various areas of nonfiction publishing. She has published a number of short stories and novellas in American anthologies, as well as her own most recent collection of short stories entitled "The Ladies of Grace Adieu, and Other Stories.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. by. Clarke, Susanna; Rosenberg, Portia. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Cultural Literacy and Humanities, Reading Level-Adult. New York : Bloomsbury. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by Alethea Bowser on January 12, 2012. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata).

Illustrations by Portia Rosenberg. Susanna Clarke, it has been reported, began writing "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell," her massive novel of magic and magicians, before the recent re-emergence of literary fantasy as a popular commodity

Illustrations by Portia Rosenberg. There is a great deal of magic in books nowadays," Mr. Norrell says. Norrell," her massive novel of magic and magicians, before the recent re-emergence of literary fantasy as a popular commodity. Nonetheless, she has reaped the benefits of the marketplace with a big advance from Bloomsbury, Rowling's own British publisher. An imaginative (and aggressive) marketing campaign aims to deliver her book, as if by magic, to the top of the best-seller list. Clarke's novel, I'm pleased to say, just about deserves the fuss.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell book. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Start by marking Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read.

Illustrated by. Portia Rosenberg. "The Most Sparkling Literary Début of the Yea. usanna Clarke's Magic Is Universal

Illustrated by. usanna Clarke's Magic Is Universal. "The Most Sparkling Literary Début of the Year. Susanna Clarke's Magic Is Universal. "Many books are to be read, some are to be studied, and a few are meant to be lived in for weeks. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrellis of.

Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell may soon be inescapable. Plus, the book is rather good. Susanna Clarke concocts a wickedly credible parallel history of Britain in which magicians were as active and prominent as anyone else we learned about at school. "We" are assumed to be Victorians - a neat touch.

Talk about Jonathan Strange Mr. Norrell

In 1806 magic is believed to be dead in England until a society of theoretical magicians uncovers Mr. Norrell, the first practicing magician of hundreds of years. Mr. Norrell is firmly in the public eye when another magician, Mr. Strange, emerges to become his student. Together, these very different magicians are tasked with returning magic to England.

That is a very rough description of a 1000 page book. Truthfully, there’s a whole lot more going on but to say too much would be leading me into giving away spoilers.

As already mentioned, this is a very long book. In fact, it’s divided into three books, each named after the important magicians in the story (Strange, Norrell, and the long ago Raven King). A warning here – Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell is slowly paced and slow burning. The action and pace don’t pick up until the climax in the last hundred pages or so.

So why, might you ask, would I read a book with 900 pages of build up? Because that build up is so enjoyable. Susanna Clarke is an excellent writer (she’s using the style of classic nineteenth century authors), and her writing is not without humor. I was not at all expecting it, but often I would laugh out load upon reading a line. Take this quote for instance:

“Houses, like people, are apt to become rather eccentric if left too much on their own; this house was the architectural equivalent of an old gentleman in a worn dressing-gown and torn slippers, who got up and went to bed at odd times of day, and who kept up a continual conversation with friends no one else could see.”

I love the footnotes as well. Sometimes they’re just explaining a reference to a magical text, but often they are stories within a story, like the fairy tale about the Master of Nottingham’s daughter and her quest to retrieve the magic ring. Other times she uses footnotes (as well as in text commentary) to skewer the prejudices of the age. There’s a certain irony in that Strange and Norrell are acceptable magicians because they are gentlemen, even though others such as Childermass would probably make just as good or better magicians.

If you pick this one up, you’ve got to have at least some interest in history or a liking of classic English writing like Jane Austin. If you’re looking for the usual action adventure, medieval world type fantasy, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is not for you. If you’re looking for something different, an original fantasy book, than this is the book for you.
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The following review is written by my 15 year old daughter for whom I bought this book:

I've read a lot of reviews of the kindle version of this book stating that it is boring, (as if it were a fact.) Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but to flat out say it's boring is an insult to what I consider to be a masterpiece. “Not my cup of tea” would be the better thing to say. For me, it was a page turner, and I actually wish it were longer. I'm inclined to think that if it were infinitely long, I'd just keep on reading and reading!
Why do I love this book so much? The writing, for one thing. It's beautiful, and I just love the way the author described things. I almost laughed out loud at some of the comic descriptions of characters, but other times the descriptions were just plain creepy or haunting.
The plot was also very interesting to me. The characters are fully fleshed out, and I came to feel as if I knew them. A lot of the book is spent describing things and on conversations between characters, without a lot actually happening, per sey, but to me, it just never got boring. Most of the actual action happens near the end. It's not a thriller, but to me, it's infinitely better. And no, this is not “Harry Potter for grown ups.” I personally prefer it to Harry Potter, but if it's two magicians flinging fireballs at each other you're looking for, this isn't it. The magic tends to be things like walking through mirrors, making it rain, and conjuring up visions.
Like I said, everyone's entitled to their opinions. This is mine. In short, this is a wonderfully well written book that is sometimes creepy, sometimes comic, and sometimes serious. It's not for someone with a short attention span. The length never bothered me, but if you're willing to commit, it honestly doesn't take that long to read. I have already HIGHLY recommended this book to some of my friends, and over the years, I will go back and read it over and over again.