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by Roger MacBride Allen

Download The Shattered Sphere (Hunted Earth, Book 2) ePub
  • ISBN 0312857349
  • ISBN13 978-0312857349
  • Language English
  • Author Roger MacBride Allen
  • Publisher Tor Books; 1st edition (July 1, 1994)
  • Pages 412
  • Formats docx doc rtf lit
  • Category Fantasy
  • Subcategory Science Fiction
  • Size ePub 1834 kb
  • Size Fb2 1600 kb
  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 360

The human race must enlist the assistance of the Adversary, the only entity capable of intimidating the Charonians, who have stolen the planet Earth

The Shattered Sphere ( The Hunted Earth - 2 ) Roger Macbride Allen The sequel to The Ring of Charon

The Shattered Sphere ( The Hunted Earth - 2 ) Roger Macbride Allen The sequel to The Ring of Charon.

The Shattered Sphere. Second Book of The Hunted Earth. Roger MacBride Allen. This is a work of fiction

The Shattered Sphere. This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book ate fictitious, and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.

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The Shattered Sphere by Roger MacBride Allen. To everyone who has been patient-and impatient- for this book, let me say thank you. To Eleanore Maury Fox-. Home is where she is. Author’s Note. I hope that the results have been worth the wait. Now, at long last, I can stop hiding from them.

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The Hunted Earth Series. 2 primary works, 2 total works. Book 2. The Shattered Sphere. by Roger MacBride Allen. Book 1. The Ring of Charon. Roger M. Allen's "Ring of Charon" is great scien. ore.

Such protection was necessary. Earth’s new home, the Multisystem, was full of spaceborne debris and clouds of dust, thick enough in places that comm lasers would not work. Terra Nova‘s lasers had not been able to punch through to Earth for weeks. The ship had been in radio silence for all that time as well, for fear of attracting the CORE’s attention.

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As the second half of a two part novel - of which I had already read and enjoyed the first part - I could not find it in a library
and so had to resort to purchasing it. Definitely worth the price, for me at least, a great read.
Great read - a science fiction classic that any fan of this author's should be sure to read. Looking forward to a sequel.
outside is a little torn up but the price makes it worth it the pages and the rest of the book look great
Second in the series but (I must admit at the begining) surely not planned as last in the story. Earth "stolen" to alien Multisystem after gravitic experiment has triggered on wheel-like superstrucure burried deep into Moon. In the second book we can watch Earth, NaPurHab (crazy Naked Purpure Habitat) and Terra Nova ship in Multisystem strugging to survive among COREs and SCOREs - alien objects smashing nearly anything what get into their path or into collision course with any planet they guarding.
This book is one of the true hard SF with all hi-tech stuff and of course some future-stuff tech. You can find here some psychological background of main characters also, but there is also bad side. The plot is moving to slowly from the beginning and reader have to wait nearly till the end of the book for some real action. Everything before is only "getting data, sorting data, making some kind of hypothesis etc..." ocassionaly inset by short flashes about Charonians Heritage Memory or Adversary thinking.
The end is not "The End" the way we would expecting it. It seems to me as small stop before next volume which should be great conclusion of this story. May be establishing something like relationship between humans and Charonians like it is stated on last two pages of Shattered Sphere book.
Calculated together - very good book for those who like SF, but you have to expect, that there is no strong end. I hope there will be third book soon and I will be able to get one copy to read it.
This book is awesome in its scope taking place pretty far in humanities future. It's the second book in the series. In the first book, a gravitational control experiment on Pluto wakes up alien machinery which steals the Earth through an artificial black hole and begins dismantling the other planets for its own purposes. It's humanties first glimpse of FTL travel, and follows the desperate struggle of those left behind to survive and halt the aliens progress towards transforming the solar system, all the while trying to duplicate the feat.
This book picks up with the efforts of the humans left behind to find and retrieve the Earth from the alien menace. It also follows the struggle of the people of Earth who find themselves in an entirely new system, with hundreds of stars and planets and ravenous alien life form/machines bent on exploiting all life and resources of the Earth. Not to mention the mysterious "enemy" that consumes all life, that has located Earths new home.
The book ends just as things start to get REALLY good, and there has yet to be another book to finish off this story, and it's been quite a while now. So - Where's the Rest? If you don't buy it, put the series on your "watch" list and when the next one comes out - get them all!
Prince Persie
This book, like its predecessor, is some of the best science fiction that I've ever had the privelege to read.
Unfortunately, the author leaves the reader hanging, waiting for a sequel to tie up all sorts of loose ends (intentionally, no doubt). The author has not, however, published the third book in the series.
It's been a 10 year wait so far. Only buy this book if you are willing to subject yourself to the heartache of needing to look for new Anderson every time you walk into a bookstore, but find nothing other than continuation of lesser men's work (Asimov, Lucas, etc).
Hawk Flying
WTF 20 years and the sequel still isn't out! I think it's a serious injustice to all readers to start a story and never finish it!
Really great book. READ IT