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by James D. Macdonald,Debra Doyle

Download A Working of Stars (Mageworlds) ePub
  • ISBN 0812571932
  • ISBN13 978-0812571936
  • Language English
  • Author James D. Macdonald,Debra Doyle
  • Publisher Tor Science Fiction; 1st edition (July 13, 2003)
  • Formats lrf azw doc mobi
  • Category Fantasy
  • Subcategory Science Fiction
  • Size ePub 1692 kb
  • Size Fb2 1298 kb
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 699

The new novel in the sweeping Mageworlds series.On the planet Entibor, Arekhon sus-Khalgath sus Peledaen has found shelter and domestic tranquility with his old love, Elaeli Inadi, at the price of what he had left behind: a dispersed and shattered Mage-Circle, an estranged brother who had tried to kill him, and a homeworld on the cusp of massive cultural upheaval.Arekhon finds himself impelled homeward by strange dreams and prophetic visions. The Great Working—the effort to do the unthinkable and reunite a galaxy long sundered by the Gap Between—remains incomplete, left unfinished in the aftermath of the dissolution of Arehkon’s Mage-Circle. But too much energy and too many lives have been poured into the Working already; and it cannot end so long as any of the Circle members remain alive and bound into it.Home, unfortunately, isn’t a safe place for Arehkon to be at the moment. For Eraasi has changed—and the great fleet families at the center of the Eraasian culture are girding for war.

Mageworlds 7. By. Debra Doyle & James McDonald. This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.

Mageworlds 7. Published by Tom Doherty Associates, LLC. 175 Fifth Avenue.

Debra Doyle and James D. Macdonald live in Colebrook, New Hampshire.

by. Debra Doyle (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Debra Doyle and James D. Their fantasy novel, Knight's Wyrd, won the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award. Series: Mageworlds (Book 7). Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. Debra Doyle (Author), James D. Macdonald (Author). For the uninitiated, though, arriving in the middle of this complicated series can be daunting.

1020 Kb. By Honor Betray'D (Mageworlds Book 3). Debra Doyle, James D. Macdonald.

By Honor Betray'd: Mageworlds Doyle, Debra; Macdonald, James D. Read online.

Doyle, Debra; Macdonald, James D. By Honor Betray'd: Mageworlds Doyle, Debra; Macdonald, James D. Starpilot's Grave: Book Two of Mageworlds. Doyle, Debra; Macdonald, James D.

James Douglas Ignatius Macdonald (born 1954) is an American author and critic who lives in New Hampshire with his wife and frequent collaborator, Dr. Debra Doyle. Macdonald was born in 1954, and raised in White Plains, New York. He attended the University of Rochester, and went on to serve in the US Navy for fifteen years

The new novel in the sweeping Mageworlds series.

Debra Doyle, James D. By Honor Betray'd (Mageworlds, Book 3).

Читайте Mageworlds (автор: Debra Doyle, James D. Macdonald) бесплатно 30. . Macdonald) бесплатно 30 дней в течении пробного периода. Читайте книги и аудиокниги без ограничений в веб-браузере или на устройствах iPad, iPhone и Android. The Great Working-the effort to do the unthinkable and reunite a galaxy long sundered by the Gap Between-remains incomplete, left unfinished in the aftermath of the dissolution of Arehkon's Mage-Circle.

The Next Novel in the Sweeping Mageworld Series. Mageworlds (Volume 7). Reminiscent of Star Wars. imaginative, intelligent, fast-paced space opera, in the positive sense of the term.

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I found the Price of Stars, the first mageworld book to be so fascinating and well written that I had to get the next one, and then all of them. They were all good, they all fit together and they lay out over the course of the series a grand plan that spans all the novels and pulls them together. Well worth reading, and I'm going to enjoy reading them all again. My only regret is that it took me so long to run across them!
This book was a good one. I think it flowed better than its predecessor. The story of the Great Working is worthwhile, and it was interesting to see some of the events fit into what we already know happened.

I've been a big fan of this series, and the first trilogy is one I pick up and reread from time to time, just because it's fun. For this book, I found that it was not quite up to the level of those first three books. But it was still worth the time to read.
There is only implied sexuality in the rest of the series. I am unhappily surprised to find an explicit scene in this last book.
Great story, not the best "space opera" but they do keep you going. They move back and forth giving you that "oh, I see now, what was new now was new once before"
This book helps wrap up the Mage Worlds story even if it is written afterward. It brings a different perspective, which is awesome.
Great story telling by Doyle and MacDonald.
I loved the first three books (trilogy, if you must) in the series, fourth and fifth were pretty good, the two prequel books (of which this is the second) were OK. Good solid writing but missing the spark of the first three.

If you like good action-based Space Opera with a bit of mysticism thrown in start with
The Price of the Stars: Book One of Mageworlds
A little busy but entertaining, I like their old stuff a lot better than any of the new stuff I've read
This is a complex story that answers questions raised in previous books in the seriese. The story is of interest only if one has read previous stories in this epic.