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by Alan Cook

Download Hotline to Murder ePub
  • ISBN 1420838253
  • ISBN13 978-1420838251
  • Language English
  • Author Alan Cook
  • Publisher AuthorHouse (March 31, 2005)
  • Pages 316
  • Formats lrf txt lrf mobi
  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Action and Adventure
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  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 166

"I like the well as the Hotline for the setting. This is a great mystery." Tony Schmidt joins the Central Hotline in sunny Bonita Beach, California to improve his listening skills. Shahla Lawton joins the Hotline to fulfill a volunteering requirement for her high school. Neither one expects to get mixed up in a murder investigation. But that is before Shahla's best friend, Joy, also a listener, is murdered. Tony and Shahla discover that they are able to uncover information that the police can't. Information about the "inappropriate" callers who haunt the Hotline, and information about other people with a connection to the Hotline who may have hidden motives to kill the beautiful Joy. Questions arise. Will the murderer strike the Hotline again? And if the murderer does strike again, will Shahla be the next target? Although he has been out of college for years, Tony still lives with his college roommate, Josh, and his lifestyle might be described as extended fraternity. Faced with the responsibility of taking calls from people who range from disabled to obsessive to abused to suicidal, and also of helping to solve a murder, Tony finds he has to mature fast. Since this involves admitting that girls like Shahla can be smart and dedicated, and not just underage sex objects, as Josh sees them, the relationship between Tony and Josh may suffer. Tony and Shahla have harrowing adventures in venues ranging from Southern California to Las Vegas, as they try to distinguish the annoying-but-harmless callers from the dangerous, and figure out whether the murderer might just be somebody not connected with the Hotline.

This is a very entertaining mystery that builds up speed and takes the reader along to its surprising conclusion.

It must be way past Shahla’s bedtime. But it was great to see you both. She tucked her hand into Horace’s arm and guided him to a table in the corner. That was my ex-girlfriend, Tony said, following Carol with his own eyes and wondering how she still had such control over his emotions. I didn’t want to say anything bad about he. .You don’t have to. I know all her faults by heart. I love your house.

Hotline to Murder book. PICTURELAND, is a Young Adult novel that tak Alan Cook is an author of mystery/suspense novels and Young adult/Children's books

Hotline to Murder book. I like the characters. as well as the Hotline for the setting  . PICTURELAND, is a Young Adult novel that tak Alan Cook is an author of mystery/suspense novels and Young adult/Children's books. His suspense novel, TRUST ME IF YOU DARE, takes place in 1962 in the . PICTURELAND, is a Young Adult novel that takes place in a dystopian world.

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as well as the Hotline for the setting. This is a great mystery.

Hotline to Murder takes place at a crisis hotline in Bonita Beach, California. Alan splits his time between writing and walking, another passion. When a listener is murdered, Tony and Shahla team up to uncover the strange worlds of their callers and find the killer. His Lillian Morgan mysteries, Catch a Falling Knife and Thirteen Diamonds, explore the secrets of retirement communities. Lillian, a retired mathematics professor from North Carolina, is smart, opinionated, and loves to solve puzzles, even when they involve murder. His inspirational, prize-winning book, Walking the World: Memories.

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Tony joins the Bonita Beach, California crisis hotline to improve his listening skills, but when a listener, Joy, is murdered he is prevailed upon to look for the killer by Shahla, an exotic teen listener who was Joy's best friend. The "inappropriate" callers provide them with plenty of suspects to hunt down from . to Las Vegas in Tony's leased Porsche, but will Tony survive the chase? More.

Hotline to Murder - Alan Cook. He said, And the books are for referrals? Right. We have a couple of different telephone directories, including a local one, and these other books contain numbers we can give to callers, depending on their problem

Hotline to Murder - Alan Cook. We have a couple of different telephone directories, including a local one, and these other books contain numbers we can give to callers, depending on their problem. They have names of counselors, drug and alcohol programs, shelters, that sort of thing. She pointed out the books on one of the tables. And this is the Green Book which tells about the repeat callers. Tony made a mental note to look through the books. Shahla led the way out of the listening room.

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The is the very first book that I have read by Alan Cook. The book started off slow but didn't remain that way. It was a good fun read. I had issues at certain parts. 1)Tony is a mid 30's male that sometimes is lusting after a soon to be 18 years old female. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Even though their relationship was platonic, her mother not knowing him pretty much allowed him to have free rein with her. 2) What appears to me to be the gratuitous reference to 911. 3) Having a character who has never spoken with, had history or experience with the "nanny" in this story allude to a nanny in California being a Spanish speaker. Not all nannies are Spanish speakers. Not all nannies speak Spanish. These are a few of the instances where I shook my head.

Overall it's not a bad book. It was fun. I plan to read more by Alan Cook.
I was probably a third of the way through the book when I realized I had read it before. I enjoyed it this time as much as last time; it's a wonderful mystery without all the gore and blood! Good way to slowly move on into good thrillers! The book is well written, well plotted, quick to read, enjoyable and entertaining!
The Apotheoses of Lacspor
I liked Hotline by Alan Cook. It had a good storyline and it pretty much kept me guessing till the end. I had an idea of who the murdered was, but kept second guessing myself. He should keep writing. I look forward to reading another by him soon.
I couldn't get through this. It was so dull. main character was really uninteresting. seemed to be creepily interested in high school girls. couldn't figure out the purpose of the unspecified Hotline... I've put down probably 5 books in my life - I read everything. but this - just couldn't hold me.
I thought this was written by an inexperienced mystery writer. Not suspenseful or even very special in writing style. Very humdrum.
this book is so implausible that the cost of reading it is you lose part of your life you'll never get back. don't do it.
I think this is my first written review for Amazon. I want to save others from wasting time reading this drivel! The writing is terrible, the plot is contrived, and the story is full of stereotypes. Recommend avoiding! have Tony- a twenty-something dude w/ dead end job, loser roommate, and no girlfriend. We never learn exactly WHY he decides to do community service work, but...he is on a Hotline team. The hotline is peopled by hot teen age girls in skimpy attire and a couple of oddball older guys like Tony.
None of the characters or the plot twists are believable at all and of course it ends with Tony still lusting after the seventeen year old and waiting for her to "be of age". Hopefully she too will get murdered before she has to sleep with this loser in a sequel.