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by Marion Chesney

Download The Banishment (Daughters of Mannerling, Book 1) ePub
  • ISBN 0783815190
  • ISBN13 978-0783815190
  • Language English
  • Author Marion Chesney
  • Publisher G K Hall & Co; Large Print edition (February 1, 1996)
  • Pages 199
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  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Contemporary
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  • Rating: 4.5
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After her father gambles away his fortune and their beloved estate, Mannerling, Isabella Beverley sets out to court Mannerling's new owner, Mr. Judd, but her schemes are undermined by the arrival of Lord Fitzpatrick, a dashing Irish aristocrat

Isabella learns that the house is unimportant compared to love, but her five sister Book 1 of the series The Daughters of Mannerling, a Regency romance (set between 1800 and 1830 under the regent of mad King George). Not well written, but a simple satisfying story of the oldest Beverley daughter after her family's financial ruin.

THOMAS JORDAN ‘You must use Lord Fitzpatrick to practise on,’ said Jessica. The sisters were sitting on the grass outside their home on a fine day.

THOMAS JORDAN ‘You must use Lord Fitzpatrick to practise on,’ said Jessica nding from the house as she lectured the maids. What makes you think I need practice?’ demanded Isabella huffily. Because of your failure at the Season,’ remarked Lizzie quietly. The rest looked at her nervously. She had finally voiced what they had all been thinking. Oh, if I am such a failure,’ exclaimed Isabella, ‘perhaps one of the rest of you should go after this Mr Judd.

Book 1 of 6 in the Daughters of Mannerling Series.

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The Banishment The Daughters of Mannerling, Book 1 by Marion Chesney used paperback, in readable condition see images. Lady Fortescue Steps Out, The Poor Relation, Book 1. hellosugah. Emily Goes to Exeter, The Traveling Matchmaker, Book 1.

Marion Gibbons (née Chesney; 10 June 1936 – 30 December 2019) was a Scottish writer of romance and mystery novels since 1979. She wrote numerous successful historical romance novels under a form of her maiden name, Marion Chesney, including the Travelling Matchmaker and Daughters of Mannerling series. Using the pseudonym M. C. Beaton, she also wrote many popular mystery novels, most notably the Agatha Raisin and Hamish Macbeth mystery series

by Marion Chesney & . Beaton includes books The Banishment, The Intrigue, The Deception, and several more.

by Marion Chesney & .

Items related to The Banishment (Daughters of Mannerling series, Book. M. Beaton (aka - Marion Chesney) has won international acclaim for her bestselling 'Hamish Macbeth' mysteries and the 'Agatha Raisin' mystery series. Beaton The Banishment (Daughters of Mannerling series, Book 1). ISBN 13: 9781482927993. The Banishment (Daughters of Mannerling series, Book 1). Beaton. She is also the author of more than one hundred romance titles and a series of romantic suspense novels, the 'Edwardian Mystery' series. Born in Scotland, she now divides her time between Paris and the English Cotswolds.

An English lord gambles away his estate and the family is banished to a small cottage. The lord has six daughters and the eldest, Isabella, must court the new owner to restore the family to its proper position. But when the handsome Lord Fitzpatrick arrives Isabella faces a problem, love or duty?

1995) (The first book in the Daughters of Mannerling series) A novel by Marion Chesney.

1995) (The first book in the Daughters of Mannerling series) A novel by Marion Chesney. After her father gambles away his fortune and their beloved estate, Mannerling, Isabella Beverley sets out to court Mannerling's new owner, Mr. Judd, but her schemes are undermined by the arrival of Lord Fitzpatrick, a dashing Irish aristocrat. Genre: Historical Romance. Used availability for Marion Chesney's The Banishment. July 1996 : UK Hardback.

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Daughters of Mannerling, . The Banishment (Chesney, Marion. Marion Chesney. Close. from your list? The Banishment (Chesney, Marion. by Marion Chesney. Published March 2, 1996 by Ivy Books.

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When I want a quick, fun read, I like to pick up one of M.C. Beaton's Regency Romances. I can usually blow through one of these in a couple of nights and find them quite entertaining. I thought the Daughters of Mannerling series looked interesting, so I downloaded this first book and was instantly drawn into the story of proud, beautiful Isabella Beverley whose family loses everything when her profligate father gambles away the family fortune and home. This is a terrible blow to Isabella and her sisters who have lived lives of luxury and excess up until this point. Not only do they have to downsize to a small country cottage, but they lose their social standing in the community.

Isabella becomes obsessed with getting back the family home, which means a great deal to her. So much in fact that she's willing to encourage the attentions of the new owner of Mannerling, the odious Mr. Judd. I really can't say enough bad things about Mr. Judd. He is so repulsive in manner and looks that my skin crawled every time he appeared on the page! In contrast, Isabella's other suitor, Lord Fitzpatrick, whom she meets at the beginning of the story, but quickly disregards as anything more than a friend because he's (GASP) Irish, is a total dreamboat. I enjoyed seeing the development of Isabella's relationship with Fitzpatrick (He proves himself to be a true friend over and over again.) and I liked that despite his feelings for her, Fitzpatrick was not a pushover.

There was a good character arc for Isabella in this book, and it was nice to see her adapt to her straitened circumstances and become a better person through her trials. On the other hand, her sisters and parents just seemed to get more awful as the story progressed, so I had to knock off a star from my rating because of that. I just found it hard to believe that all of Isabella's sisters were so desperate to regain their wealth that they were pushing Isabella to marry a man who was clearly a horrible human being. And the youngest of the daughters did something toward the end of the book that I think was supposed to paint her in a tragic/sympathetic light, but it just made me think she was off her rocker!

I believe that the rest of the books in this series will each focus on a different sister, so I will continue to read to see if Beaton is able to redeem any of the younger Beverleys.
I recently came across this book on the author's Facebook page. Am I glad I did.

The writing is genuine English historical. I was glad to have the ability to instantly look up words on my Kindle. I normally do not read romance novels and usually am turned off by the gratuitous sex and giddy language. Non of that appears in this book. Maybe this is a reason to read more English authors.

The story is well laid out and rings true. I felt like "a fly on the wall" during the whole book. Ms Beaton talked about women's clothes a lot which added to my enjoyment . I liked Isabella and Mary Kennedy and Barry . There were many characters to dislike with good reason.

I will not bore you with a book report. Just know this is a well balanced tale. It is part of a six book series but I did not know this until I got past the end of the book. This book can stand on it's own and if you never read any further you would have all the information you need to appreciate the story. However you might want to move on into the series and see what happens.
Dead Samurai
Not up to the usual light-hearted story. This is a disappointment. The heroine eventually becomes likeable but it does take awhile.

The basis of the book is the unhealthy fascination the Beverly family has for their home. It is beautiful and elegant beyond description, and it inspires a sickness for the place. All the daughters are beauties and had been raised to marry well, but they weren't taught to behave in a good and kindly manner. They took no notice of their staff and thought any attention given to them by neighbors was only their due.

The father had gambled away their home and they are forced leave but it is their dream to return. The heroine is urged to try to attract the new owner. She practices flirting with another neighbor, but he is Irish and not considered an eligible match.

The hero sees the irrational desire the heroine's family has for their old home and is disgusted with the lengths they will go to get it back.

The heroine does come to her senses and realizes who is important to her. However there are four other daughters . . .

I found the story a bit depressing, and there certainly wasn't enough romance for my taste.
The Banishment is the story of the Beverly sisters who live a charmed life with their parents in their family home, Mannerling. The eldest, Isabella, has just returned from her first London season unmarried and unhappy. Their family's ancient lineage and fabulous wealth all but guaranteed her a successful season and a fabulous husband. She was expected to return married and her five younger sisters are shaken by her failure. The Beverlys lives will be upended when it is revealed their father has lost their home and most of their possessions. Thus begin a number of schemes to marry off the dowry-less daughters and reclaim Mannerling. The reaction of individual family members to their plight and their inability to face reality is fascinating and tragic.

I look forward to the remaining books in the series.
This story gave me shivers. Shades of Rose Red. And yet, a compelling Regency set in the country. I loved the Viscount, such a wonderful hero. He was a bit of an ass toward the middle but he made up for it in the end. It was a strange story of a family who lost their beloved home and their subsequent efforts to get it back. This was the story of the eldest daughter, with the other five to have books of their own. It reminds me strongly of Pride and Prejudice although the heroine is more like Jane than Elizabeth and the Viscount has more personality than Darcy. A solid story. I look forward to reading the rest. Highly recommended for all Regency Romance lovers.