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by Caroline Upcher

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  • ISBN 0752800485
  • ISBN13 978-0752800486
  • Language English
  • Author Caroline Upcher
  • Publisher Trafalgar Square (August 1, 1996)
  • Pages 340
  • Formats docx mbr docx azw
  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Contemporary
  • Size ePub 1697 kb
  • Size Fb2 1453 kb
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 775

After her ambitious film producer husband leaves her, Polly decides to give up men and concentrate on her career as a literary agent

Falling For Mr. Wrong book.

Falling For Mr. Details (if other): Cancel. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Falling For Mr. Wrong. for picking the wrong man. by. Upcher, Caroline. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Delaware County District Library (Ohio).

Caroline Upcher has worked in film, publishing and journalism. This is her fourth novel written under her own name. She lives in London and Long Island, New York. Wrong, Trafalgar Square (London, England), 1996, Kensington Books (New York, NY), 2002. Love is a central theme in Caroline Upcher's novels. In 1996 she published Falling for Mr. Wrong, her first book released under her own name. The Asking Price, Orion Books (London, England), 2000, published as Down by the Water, Harper Collins (New York, NY), 2001. With James and Nanci LaGarenne) Within a Whisper, Morrow (New York, NY), 2001. It tells the story of Polly, a literary agent with the inability to find Mr. Right.

Title : Falling for Mr Wrong Author : Caroline Upcher Pages : 340 Condition : 4/10 Price: RM 10 (incl delivery . Synopsis : Falling for Mr Wrong is what Polly de Soto does best.

Title : Falling for Mr Wrong Author : Caroline Upcher Pages : 340 Condition : 4/10 Price: RM 10 (incl delivery - poslaju). When her ambitious film producer husband, Johnny, leaves her, Polly reckons it's time to give up men for good and concentrate on her career as a literary agent

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Kelsey knew she was pointing out the obvious, but it seemed important to say. Have sex? his chest. Multiple times, even. With people they have no intention of marrying. And you think we can do that? Be like those people?. He chuckled, and the sound of it made her laugh. Their laughter was the sound of surrender. So we just, um, have sex? he said. I’m pretty sure, Kelsey offered

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Literary agent Polly meets dashing wanna-be producer Johnny and their whirlwind romance leads to marriage. With a teenage daughter from a previous relationship with Edith, an ex-lover with a questionable past Polly is not privy to, she often feels left out. Soon, the relationship disintegrates, and in the middle of the night, Johnny packs up and leaves her.

As she picks up the pieces of her broken heart, a client's novel is purchased by Johnny and his business partner. Meanwhile, Polly is trying to move on and dating again, but Johnny manages to show up whenever she has a date and throws a wrench in her plans.

When production starts on the film, Johnny invites her to the set in the south of France. After they fall into bed, she assumes that they are back together, but after being abandoned at the hotel and virtually ignored, she is furious when she sees him with his business partner. She bumps into screen idol Hector O'Neill (an Irish Brad Pitt with a questionable past), and he offers to take her to supper, though supper leads to much more, and Johnny is not happy with the new relationship, as he is now odd man out. But once again, she is dumped by a narcissistic man.

When they return to the UK, all is not right. Soon she realizes that she is not the only woman used and discarded by Hector. He also managed to bed her best friend and her step-daughter (who is now 20). Determined to win back Johnny, Polly is heartbroken to discover that Edith has returned and is also determined to reconcile.

I agree with other reader's that this book was hard to get into. I must admit the first third was pretty uneventful, the second third was okay, but the final third really gained momentum - it is too bad author Upcher was not able to maintain that momentum through the entire novel, as it would have been much more engrossing. There is just so much going on, and spans several years (I am assuming since Luana skipped from 15 to 20 within a few pages).
"Falling For Mr. Wrong" by Caroline Upcher is just another in a long line of female scorned - "ohhh my life is [bad]" --- "I wish I could find a man to make me happy" fiction that is taking over the country. Now - don't get me wrong -- I love "chick lit" (as it has become commonly known) but this didn't even live up to the "chick" part - much less the "lit" part.
I found the main character and chief complainer Polly de Soto completely annoying and I will confess that I gave up at about chapter 18. I decided I had much better things to do with my time (consider that I recently got laid off from my job - so my time if pretty clear - doesn't that tell you something?) It's really not worth your time or money. There are many more interesting, romantic and telling stories out there. Check those out - there are many of us out there that have reviewed them. :) Cheers!
I picked up this book in the anticipation that it would be another light reading, another happy little Red-Dress-Inkish book to vacation from reality in. Instead, Falling for Mr. Wrong turned out to be a book with characters so negative I couldn't even finish it. I had a hard time deciding who I hated more - Polly's rude snob of a best friend, her self-absorbed husband, or shallow possible love interest Hector. Even Polly herself was kind of pathetic and not inspiring identification from the reader, just pity. If you picked up the book too because it was pink and looked like a fun quick read, put it back and find a Marilyn Keyes or an RDI. You'll find your afternoon was not wasted as mine was.
I came away with absolutely nothing after completing Falling For Mr. Wrong.
None of the characters throughout the entire storyline had any depth whatsoever; I couldn't connect with any of them. I thought Polly would have at least kept the backbone she "sort of" acquired after Johnny walked out but I guess some of us are willing victims to our own pain and suffering. These characters certainly deserve each other. Luana's pet name "Polly Pushover" certainly hit the nail on the head.
Readers don't waste your time on this novel - you'll just end up frustrated and bemused.
...but I am still disappointed with it. I mean, who wants to waste time reading a bomb? Not only is Falling for Mr. Wrong unoriginal, the heroine spends the majority of the novel complaining about having helped her ex-husband become a successful film producer. This chick lit falls into the run-of-the-mill variety -- thus, I suggest you skip it.
I am not a "romance" of any sort fan myself. So when I found this book I thought I would be disappointed like the rest but I was WRONG!
The characters in this book are real for once! Not just wonderful, happy go lucky, the world is great characters. They seem as real as someone you may meet on the street. Dealing with things people really deal with but no one wants to admit. LOVED IT! Highly recommend it!!