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by Sue Monk Kidd

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  • ISBN 1585476323
  • ISBN13 978-1585476329
  • Language English
  • Author Sue Monk Kidd
  • Publisher Center Point Pub (June 1, 2005)
  • Pages 368
  • Formats rtf txt mbr lit
  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Deliver toandnbsp;Russian Federation
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  • Rating: 4.9
  • Votes: 348

Jessie Sullivan is summoned home to tiny Egret Island, where she meets Brother Thomas, a monk who is about to take his final vows, and encounters the legend of a mysterious chair dedicated to a saint who had originally been a mermaid.

Praise forThe Mermaid Chair. Book clubs, start your engines. Sue Monk Kidd’s first novel, The Secret Life of Bees, has sold three million copies since 200. .

Sue Monk Kidd's first novel, The Secret Life of Bees, has sold 3 million copies since 2002 . Kidd grabs you from the first sentence of The Mermaid’s Chair.

Sue Monk Kidd (born August 12, 1948) is a writer from Sylvester, Georgia, best known for her 2001 novel The Secret Life of Bees.

Most embarrassing of all, I had no shoes. How could I have left without shoes? I’d been startled on the ferry when I saw that my feet were bare.

Sue Monk Kidd's first novel, The Secret Life of Bees, spent more .

Электронная книга "The Mermaid Chair", Sue Monk Kidd

Sue Monk Kidd was raised in the small town of Sylvester, Georgia, a place that deeply . Her new novel, The Book of Longings will be published in April 2020.

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I felt the fictional location of this book ran to true to the feel of the air and the smell of the sea, and the song of the birds of a true sea coastline village. But the lives of the characters are what stayed with me after I finished the book. I imagined the women and men as they resumed their lives after knowledge of the past and present collided. Although fiction, it reminded me that everyone has a story, that lies and misdirection often are done with the best of intentions and that humans are amazing in their ability love and forgive and relearn how to love. I would recommend this book to every woman, married or not who feels they have let someone else steer their rudder and are reeling from that, even as they know that is what they originally wanted.
I didn't expect much after reading other reviews but for $1.99 I gave it a shot. I really wanted to like this book but I did not like or sympathize with the main character at all! I found her extremely selfish and narcissistic. Her point of the trip to the island was to take care of her seemingly mentally ill mother and she then forgets all about that to engage in an affair with a monk that she just met and immediately fell in love with! So hokey. I enjoyed the parts of the story that centered around her mother and eclectic circle of friends and also agree that the affair was totally unnecessary or that she should have used that attraction to make her realize how she needed to work on saving the good marriage she had to a really good guy. I was really hoping that Hugh wouldn't take her back. The author made it seem like he derserved being cheated on and that the main character found herself so he really benefited from the affair as well. Don't get me started on how Whit was so quick to fall immediately in love and forget his commitment. I have said enough.
Tough book to rate...many aspects are very appealing. A sense of place--the island. An iconic center to the story--the mermaid chair. A bit of a mystery--what caused the death of Jessie's father AND why does Nelle keep chopping off her fingers. A romance--Hugh or Tom/ Tom or Hugh/ repeat...

OK--now my hesitation. At the heart of this book is a woman experiencing a mid-life crisis. The early description of Jessie's and Hugh's marriage is idyllic. Frankly, who wouldn't want to be in such a relationship?

When Jessie is called to the coastal island, where she grew up, she goes to find out why her mother descended into a state of insanity and self-mutilated. No sooner does she set about figuring that out than she encounters a monk (OK--a monk in training) at the monastery on the island. And a lightening bolt of instant attraction shoots through her. 

Were that me...let's just say I don't think being sexually attracted to a monk while I am in the midst of a deep crisis involving my mother would be my response. But, then the novel would have been much shorter.

So, Jessie experiences a mid-life crisis. Read the book for more details.
Just don't expect to walk away with either of these reactions: 1) oh, sure--that could absolutely happen to me; OR 2) I liked this book better than Secret Life of Bees.
Because I didn't--I still like Secret Life of Bees.
The book seemed to get bogged down at times. As if the author didn't know where to go, so we got some more descriptive text about the island, or Hepzibahs head wraps. I was very surprised, that the main character, after telling us about the blame she shouldered for her Father's death, didn't tell her Mother about it when the big ridiculous end came and all was revealed about how her Father met his end and why. It was if the author had grown tired of her own writing and just wanted to get it over with. I didn't buy the ending at all.
Skunk Black
In a way that no other work has this novel started my own personal journey of discovery of where my life has been, is now, and perhaps where it will go from here. It's a journey just begun so I've yet to see what insights I glean but am thankful that the choice of this work for a casual weekend read has turned into so much more. Reading Jessie's thoughts has made me look at my 63 years and the struggles I face now in a new and enlightening way. I expect to discover things both difficult and exciting as I "travel". Well worth reading.
I loved this book because it contained such a mixture of fascinating characters. Clever tangles threading to form a rich tapestry of emotions, Complex relationships, each relating to the other in some way. I wanted to be there to watch it all unfold, to try and understand why the mother felt impelled to chop off her fingers, how the daughter felt falling in love with a monk, to watch the birds in their sanctuary and smell the sea air. I wanted a long lasting friendship with the colourful characters who swam on the beach together. Sue Monk Kidd is a masterful story writer with a huge ability to beckon the reader to fall into her book, be painted with the colours of her words, and feel sorry when the last page is turned. Such a great story. I have read it twice and will read it again and again.
Great book! Love the way Sue Monk Kidd writes. Could LIVE in her stories. This is such a far cry from what I expected, I was really pleased and hope to read more by this author. You could smell the ocean, feel the breeze...the paint....she's a very sensual, tactile writer, and romantic. But this is no Harlequin romance. Is it?? Gosh I hope not! If so, Harlequin has grown up.
I haven't finished it yet, but it is so well written. The characters all breathe.