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by Julie Miller

Download Unsanctioned Memories ePub
  • ISBN 0373227485
  • ISBN13 978-0373227488
  • Language English
  • Author Julie Miller
  • Publisher Harlequin Intrigue; Original edition (December 25, 2003)
  • Formats mbr azw mbr mobi
  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Erotica
  • Size ePub 1119 kb
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  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 115

Unsanctioned Memories by Julie Miller released on Dec 25, 2003 is available now for purchase.

Unsanctioned Memories book.

Unsanctioned Memories book. Jul 03, 2013 Susan Medsker-Nedderman rated it it was amazing. I really like Julie Miller's books. They have fully developed characters and are set in Kansas City, which is familiar to me.

USA TODAY bestselling author Julie Miller writes breathtaking romantic suspense.

Часто встречающиеся слова и выражения. USA TODAY bestselling author Julie Miller writes breathtaking romantic suspense. She is a multiple finalist for the prestigious RITA Award. For a complete list of her books and more, go to ww. uliemiller.

FBI agent Sam O'Rourke was on an unsanctioned mission to hunt down his sister's murderer. With the purchase of Kobo VIP Membership, you're getting 10% off and 2x Kobo Super Points on eligible items. Your Shopping Cart is empty. There are currently no items in your Shopping Cart.

Unsanctioned memories. Unsanctioned memories. Murder - Investigation - Fiction. Rape victims - Fiction. Kansas City (M. - - Fiction. The steely-eyed lawman's investigation led him to Jessica Taylor–the one victim, in a string of many, who'd escaped with her life and whose missing memories made her a target for a demented madman. Posing as a ranch hand, Sam was determined to gain the fragile woman's trust to solve this crime. However, Sam hadn't counted on this lone witness awakening his deadened heart with her sumptuous beauty and unflinching courage.

Format: Mass Market Paperback.

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AUTHOR:Miller, Julie. PUBLISHER:Silhouette Books. ACCEPTABLE - May have major wear and tear. This year she is a finalist for the prestigious RITA. For a complete list of her books, monthly newsletter and more, go to ww. Country of Publication.

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Note: Stand alone read. 6th book of The Precinct: The Taylor Clan series

This book is MORE than a chilling suspense story. This is a story about fear, loss, heartache, and finding your way back from a devastating event.

THE STORY revolves around Jessica Taylor, antiques dealer, first victim and only survivor of a brutal rapist. It is also about FBI agent Sam O'Rourke, who's little sister is viciously raped and killed by the same depraved psycho, leaving Sam devastated and struggling to face life.

The book opens more than 8 months after Jessica's attack. On bereavement leave, Sam arrives at her home posing as a handyman looking for a job. His plan is to pump Jessica for information to identify the rapist, and then leave to hunt him down. His plan falls apart when he meets this strong, resilient, but deeply wounded women who has no memory of her rape. The situation turns dangerous when she is once again targeted by the killer.

THE WRITING is crisp, with great descriptive imagery, and believable dialogue. The dark menace of the plot sets the mood, but it is the emotional impact of Sam and Jessica's interactions that overshadow the suspense plot with a touching love story.

THE COMPLEX CHARACTERS showcase J. Miller's talent for handling deep emotional issues. In the aftermath of her rape, Jessica struggles to cope with fear, isolation, and the strain of keeping secrets from her family. While you feel Jessica's fear and anguish, she is neither helpless nor pathetic. Sam, on the other hand, has shut down rather than face the despair of losing his sister, but comes back to life by putting Jessica's needs first. I don't think any author could write a more supportive, understanding, or caring hero than Sam.

The books in the TAYLOR CLAN SERIES are One Good Man, Sudden Engagement, In the Blink of an Eye, The Rookie, Kansas City's Bravest, Unsanctioned Memories, and Last Man Standing. My Advice, read the whole series starting with the first book, One Good Man.

You may also enjoy the complex characters and storytelling of N. Bruhns, A. Stuart, C. Ryan.
For good mystery/criminal detective writers you might try J. D. Robb, D. Stabenow, M. Ferris, S. Grafton, J. Evanovich, S. W. Albert, J. Miller or B.J Daniels.
The heroine in this book has survived being raped and left for dead...which unfortunately Sam's sister didn't. He's on a mission to find his sister's murderer and plans to use Jessica to find him, not realizing she has no memory of the event. Jessica's emotional scars are portrayed realistically and Sam's steady and healing courtship of her is really well done. Sam is emotional over his sister's death throughout and yet he is so alpha it makes you proud that you can read about a man crying and not subscribe to the social stereotype of him being "unmanly."

This book has one of the best kiss descriptions of all time. Because Jessica is so leery and skittish due to her prior experience, a kiss is a BIG deal...and the author makes it into a big deal. I've never read such an amazing description of kissing. It goes on for pages--and you're there...almost like a voyeur. LOL. Okay, not quite that.

Here is a portion of it--Oh! *spoiler* the hero and heroine kiss. : )

(Location 2312 on my Kindle) Parched with anticipation, Jessica moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue. Sam's gaze dropped to her mouth at the tiny dart of movement. She caught her breath, feeling the portent of that look as profoundly as a caress. It was like that first big drop on a roller coaster ride. The tension that built as she climbed to the top was nearly unbearable. But the rush of excitement as she plunged over the edge would be...must be...

His lips touched hers, warm and firm, and Jessica knew the risk had been worth it.

(It goes on and her description is perfect. I swear it's like you've kissed Sam too. Do it. Buy it. Read it.)
Unsanctioned Memories is the sixth book in the Taylor Clan series. It featured Jessica Taylor as the main character in this book. She is the only sister of the five brothers and cousin who are in this book at some time and point.

Jessica Taylor has always been strong and knew how to defend herself because of her brothers, cousin and dad. She was not a weak woman by no means or one to hide out until she was raped months earlier. She second guessed everything since then, she wouldn't even tell her own family scared they go after the guy. She wouldn't risk them giving up everything to go after the faceless guy she couldn't remember.

Enter Sam O'Rourke his sister was raped and murdered by the same man that had hurt Jessica. There were more than just his sister though; four others and he wanted the guy. He was going to get that revenge anyway he knew how. The how was going to Jessica's place business Log Cabin Acre Antiques and getting a job as handy man. He had no notions of finding the key to his heart in Jess.

At first I didn't know if all of Jessica's family would be in this book. Her parents were shown first and they kept popping in here and there except for Cole until the end of the book. Cole is mysterious on what he is doing and his family is worried, he's closest to Jess being twelve months apart. Once the Vandals started was when her family started coming around more not only to protect her but size up Sam. Jessica is opening up to Sam about what happened to her so he can get the guy. She makes him promise he will no matter what.

By the end of this book the entire Taylor Clan knows what happened to their daughter/sister/cousin. Sam doesn't want to leave, but he figures that she wouldn't want him after all that has happened. He's dead wrong and even Jessica's dog Harry has fallen for Sam. He's been ready to eat him alive on Jess' command at the beginning.

This book had a different kind of love scene in it, but it did give me the feel of what I usually look for in full scene. Sam got Jess to trust again, to love again, to feel like the woman she was before that fateful night in Chicago. The love scene played out through the entire book and I have to give this a five star for that another excellent book by Julie Miller.
Love Julie Miller stories Always keeps you guessing the plots are wonderful Have read many of her books and love them all