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by Tielle St. Clare

Download Collective Memory: Ellora's Cave ePub
  • ISBN 141996514X
  • ISBN13 978-1419965142
  • Language English
  • Author Tielle St. Clare
  • Publisher Ellora's Cave (December 2, 2011)
  • Pages 222
  • Formats rtf mobi doc lrf
  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Erotica
  • Size ePub 1980 kb
  • Size Fb2 1644 kb
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 236

For Cayl, coming to Earth and taking on a masculine Earthly form is less than convenient. These human senses are distracting and clearly the reason humankind hasn’t progressed. For Devin, escorting Cayl through his first day on Earth is just part of the job…until she discovers the bad guy they’re chasing is hiding out in a notorious sex club. Enter Mace. He’s willing to help out and allow them access to the club. After all, Devin and Cayl are two of the sexiest people he’s met, even if Cayl does sound like a Sci-Fi convention reject. Mace is more than willing to play along with Cayl’s “innocent” act, even though he wants to devour them both. But there’s a dangerous alien on the loose and Cayl’s rethinking his opinion on human senses. Suddenly he finds it quite intriguing to see, taste…and touch.

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Collective Memory book. Ellora's Cave publication. He is assigned a (gorgeous Collective Memory by Tielle St. Clare. I really liked this story

Collective Memory book. For Cayl, coming to Earth and taking on a masculine Earthly form. Heavy in adult content scenes of the m-f, m-m, and m-f-m variety. The BDSM scenes had a sugarkink, heavy emphasis on kink, quality. I really liked this story. The book was a bit short, only 12 chapters so there wasn’t much room for a full development of the story and characters.

Publisher:Ellora's Cave Publishing, Incorporated.

He’d prepared everything that morning. All he had to do was pull it out of the fridge and stir-fry it. He’d wait until Devin got there to do that. Which should be in minutes ree from work

He’d prepared everything that morning. Which should be in minutes ree from work. They’d been seeing each for the three weeks since Cayl had gone home -wherever the hell that was-trying to figure out what kind of relationship they had, if they had one. By mutual, but reluctant, agreement, they’d decided no sex-or no more sex-until they’d gotten to know each other.

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For Cayl, coming to Earth and taking on a masculine Earthly form is less than convenient.

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Hot hunky alien!! What a wonderful sexy hoot of a story. Devin is a staff person for an agency that helps aliens adapt to Earth. Mace is a guy she likes but she assumes he doesn't like her. Sees herself as too plain. Cayl is our hunky alien sent to Earth to find a bad guy alien intent on doing harm. So where's the baddie been hanging out.... in a sex club! Seems that Mace is a member of said sex club so Devin enlists his help in gaining access. And so begin the very hot adventures of these three hanging out in a sex club "blending in" and doing what the other club members are doing. Cayl is a riot. He is encased in this unbelievable body that has Devin drooling but, because he is an alien, he is a bit rude. But he wants to blend in so.... you know where the story is going, right! Mace has secretly wanted Devin and now has a way to get her and oh, by the way, he is bi so he also wants Cayl. Wow, I needed a fire extinguisher for my kindle - this little gem of a story was smoking hot. The whole search for the baddie alien took a bit of back seat to the sexy times but what a funny, wonderful sexy read this was. Will definitely look for more of Ms. St. Clare's books.
I've read Tielle St. Clare before and have always loved her books. I love how she combines hot sex, with attractive and personable people and a great story line. Collective Memory is another in a long line of greats for St. Clare. I've read this book before in hard cover and decided to add it to my Kindle collection. It's hot, hot, HOT!
Devin is a special agent who is a bit unsure of herself when it comes to her body and the opposite sex. But what she is sure of is her job. Cayl is an alien in a human's body for the first time. He is on a mission to hunt and kill a rogue alien and needs Devins help to do it. Devin's and Cayl's mission takes them to sex club that only allows members to partake of the action. In comes Mace, a super sexy, absolutely steamy guy that will teach both Devin and Cayl how to enjoy themselves and each other.
Honestly this book is totally X rated, but so much fun to read. I loved the interaction between the characters and was rooting for them all the way. Totally worth the buy! :)
WOW!!! HOT HOT HOT!!! This is definently an "X" rated book. Now with that being said, I absolutely loved it. Devin is abit self conscience about her body, but Mace and Cayl are in love with it. Or lust I might say. Mace is a sexy human and Cayl has taken on the form of a sexy human male. Cayl comes on a mission from his planet and Devin is the agent assigned to assist him. One of the places they need help getting into happens to be a place that Mace is a member, creating the trio. While trying to complete his assignment Cayl partakes in a lot of recreational sex. Mace likes men and women and Cayl doesn't know any better. Many hot, sexy three-some scenes. The book is fun and never slows down. Ms. St. Clare has sparked my interest and look forward to future books.
Collective Memory is just another example of Teille St. Clare's outstanding writing. This is not just an erotic novel but a bit of a mystery. There is a hint of danger at one point in the book as well as the HOT love scenes. The trio learn much about each other and themselves. All I can say is that I was heartbroken when I thought someone had taken by book. This is a great read. I recommend putting Ms. St. Clare on your must read list.
I love all of your books. Please write more of them.Your stories help me to escape my life and I can be someone else for a little while. My life is not my own anymore so your stories are my salvation. Thank you.
Collective Memory by Tielle St. Clare

Talent really showed through in this story. The book was a bit short, only 12 chapters so there wasn't much room for a full development of the story and characters.

This story is about an alien (Cayl) who comes from a planet that has no physical bodies. They share a Collective Memory. Tangent comment...The Borg/Star will be assimilated...This story is all about the funnies, not for the Trekies out there.

Cayl was sent to Earth to find a bad guy. He is assigned a (gorgeous) body and partnered with (beautifully/full figured) Devin who is his agent at the IPC. At Cayl's intake meeting comes the first quote that's going to comeback to bite Cayl in the butt...Devin says "And we need to discuss sex" Cayl replies "I understand the human reproductive system, Agent Denning; I'm here to capture a killer, not indulge in these intrusive human senses." And the hits just keep on keeping on. You see, the bad guy was last spotted at a sex club called SWITCH.

Cayl and Devin need a way to get into this members only club. Enter stage right is Mace (another hunk), a friend of a friend who previously asked Devin out and whom she though was joking and turned down -face palm- Anyway Devin calls Mace and he arranges to get all of them into the club. She tries to keep the alien aspect on the down low in the introduction stage but Cayl being Cayl is not shy about his origins. Mace thinks Cayl is wacky but goes along because...Hello!..Cayl is gorgeous and Mace wants some of that!

What happens for the next couple of days between the three of them is Erotic Hot and wicked funny lines. The mind might be the most sexual organ but Mr. Intellect might change his mind when he explores all his physical senses with Devin and Mace.
Collective Memory has the hot sex that Ms. St. Clare writes so well, but it also has heartwarming emotion and humor. Cayl, an alien, has a lot to learn about Earth and its inhabitants, especially when it comes to sex. Some of his adventures are laugh-out-loud funny, while others are need-a-cold-shower hot. I enjoyed this book immensely and highly recommend it.
The author once again drivers a sexy story with three very interesting characters, a woman, a man, and an amorphous blob of an alien in a study man-suit. They are on a hint for another alien who threatens not only Earth, but the rest of the galaxy. The catch is, the bad guy must hunt for his victims in a sex club and our three heroes must hunt him while gasping out their orgasms.