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by Graham Joyce

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  • ISBN 0330313398
  • ISBN13 978-0330313391
  • Language English
  • Author Graham Joyce
  • Publisher Tor (May 10, 1991)
  • Pages 256
  • Formats lit mobi lrf doc
  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Genre Fiction
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  • Rating: 4.2
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Joyce's books are as seductive as anything you'll find in contemporary fiction.

Joyce's books are as seductive as anything you'll find in contemporary fiction. -Richmond Times-Dispatch "In sum, Some Kind of Fairy Tale is fantastically formed, complete with a gently portentous premise, a marvellous cast of characters, and a narrative as smart and self-reflexive as it is at first old-fashioned. com "Reality and fairy tale are beautifully interwoven in this contemplative story about relationships, love, and dreams.

Dreamside is a work of fiction. All characters and events portrayed in this novel are fictitious or used fictitiously. Graham Joyce is a multiple award winning author. He grew up in the mining village of Keresley near Coventry. In 1988 he quit his job as a youth officer and decamped to the Greek island of Lesbos, there to live in a beach shack with a colony of scorpions and to concentrate on writing.

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In Dreamside Graham Joyce perfectly captures the slow, heavy feeling of being stuck in a bad dream, unable to properly distinguish fantasy from reality, and struggling to wake up. The plot is split between the flashbacks to the past, which delve heavily into the mechanisms and psychology of both dreaming and group dynamics; and the current action which is tense and mysterious, as the characters are haunted by their past mistakes, in dreaming and with each other.

It was the morning of their next scheduled meeting with Professor Burns n dreams, Lee was lying asleep i. .

It was the morning of their next scheduled meeting with Professor Burns n dreams, Lee was lying asleep in his own room away from Ella, dreaming vividly and with clear control. In the dream he looked down at his hands and remembered, with absolute clarity, the appointment

Dreamside explores the mysterious and frightening subject lucid dreaming, the ability to control on’e own dreams.

Author: Graham Joyce. Publisher: G&S Books, 2012. The novel that launched Graham Joyce’s writing career, described as Brilliant Sensual and Scaring. Dreamside explores the mysterious and frightening subject lucid dreaming, the ability to control on’e own dreams. This complete version contains a new Afterword by the author. Graham Joyce writes the kind of novels we keep hoping to find, but rarely do.

Graham Joyce (22 October 1954 – 9 September 2014) was a British writer of speculative fiction and the recipient of numerous awards, including the O. Henry Award and the World Fantasy Award. Henry Award and the World Fantasy Award, for both his novels and short stories. He grew up in a small mining village just outside Coventry to a working-class family. After receiving a . d. degree from Bishop Lonsdale College in 1977 (now University of Derby) and an .

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But they stayed too long on Dreamside, and now, ten years later, the dreams have returned-returned to upend their adult lives. The dreams of youth fade, if you're lucky. If not, they can consume you.

To suzanne: there when the dreaming started. Outside, the earth was in the grip of its own dream, February frost that sucked the sound out of everything. Behold, this dreamer cometh. He broke its spell with billows of exhaust that had the frost imps hacking and coughing and running for cover. Awake awake awake; that was what his wipers said.

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I thought this was a pretty classic Joyce novel, with an interesting, dark, fantasy story, and very real characters, dialogue and interactions. This novel deals with 4 students who, for various reasons, become involved in a research project at university to develop and test the boundaries of lucid dreaming, that is, dreaming in which the dreamer is aware they are dreaming and can direct the course of the dream. The four build their abilities in lucid dreaming, at the direction of a psychology professor, but eventually surpass his supervision and find themselves becoming more and more immersed in the experience - to their eventual detriment. The story deals with this period, but also the aftermath, which comes to a head many years later. The full details of what happened during their lucid dreaming experiences are revealed carefully and I found the story drew me in quickly, and kept me reading urgently to find out what had happened in the past and would happen in the present. Joyce is very, very good at character development, and at dialogue and this book was no exception. If you have enjoyed others of his books, this is definitely worth a read, and if you haven't, this book would be an okay place to start. (Although I would recommend "Some Kind of Fairytale" as his standout book.)
This leakage is the stuff of lucid dreaming. In this book, written in 1991 - long before Inception or the creation of Matrix - Joyce takes on the subject of the merging of dreams with reality. It starts with four college students who are challenged to study the phenomenom of lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming has a reality outside of fiction. It is the dreamer's ability to consciously observe the dream, sometimes to manipulate it, and rarely meet others there. Lee, Brad, Honora and Ella take on the challenge and manage to transport themselves to dreams in which they met in raptures of sensuality. But they are prone to false awakenings, repeaters, thinking they had come awake two or three times before being able to enter reality. Their professor knew that "strange already tightening round that close circle of four" meant they should abandon their dreamside adventures.

Thirteen years later, they are finding themselves drawn back to the dreamside against their will. Repeaters occur with more frequency. The four companions are estranged but need to find each other to save themselves. If the world is a dream that God has started, then trespassing into Dreamside could be fatal.

This book itself is dreamlike. In fact, as the author admits in an afterword, it can be a little too luscious in language. But the plot is intriguing and the meaning of the dreamside experiences draws the reader closer and closer into the book. The characters are a bit sketchy, but this seems to be in keeping with the setting of dream life. And the plot, as I mentioned, draws on the same premise that years later dominated a big piece of movie stories. We are all compelled by the mystery of dreams, and this book, with its wonderful selection of quotes, draws us in and delivers a wonderful experience.
This was a fantastic book that was finished way too soon in my opinion. I can't say enough about this book, so I'm going to keep this review minimal. I have a fascination with lucid dreaming, sleep studies, parallel realities, ghosts, haunted houses, and most things paranormal or otherworldly. If you enjoyed the psychology and fear aspect of the movie The Haunting (based on The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson) or if you're familiar with the "Brian" study that mass hypnosis/hysteria can conjure ghosts (or would read a story about the aftereffects of such a study) then this is the book for you. I felt that the ending wrapped up a bit too neatly, but this was definitely a book that kept me turning pages while trying to figure out what was dream and what, if anything, was reality. I love to read about dream worlds, ESP, Psychics, and pretty much anything paranormal, so this was right up my alley.
Graham Joyce is a wordsmith. The subject matter of this book has been well covered in books and movies, but Joyce instills every page with a subtle sense of menace and foreboding that has been absent from other, more obvious storytelling. It's such a page turner that I could easily have read it cover to cover over a weekend, but I had to keep putting it down because, frankly, it was freaking me out. I literally got chills while reading certain parts. After the first chapter I decided not to read it before bed because I was afraid it would influence my dreams. However, I don't want anyone to think this is a negative review. I loved this book. It just scared the crap out of me. But I like that.
I read "Some Kind of Fairy Tale" and really enjoyed it, so I was excited to read this early Graham Joyce novel. I was profoundly disappointed for a variety of reasons. He tried WAY too hard to be clever in many places and it fell flat and also tried way too hard to be chilling and that also didn't really work. The ending of the book is particularly frustrating because it answers no questions, even though I think it tried to. I must admit the concept of walking on dreamside and lucid dreaming is fascinating, but the author just did not bring it home. I will still try some of Joyce's other books, but I wish I had skipped this one.
Certainly the idea of crossing the borderline between dreams and reality, only to face disastrous consequences, is not a new one, but Graham Joyce's rendering of this idea isn't stale. His account of Ella, Lee, Brad, and Honora's experiences with lucid dreaming and the havoc these experiments unleash in their lives is a fascinating and engrossing fast-paced read. While Joyce doesn't completely wrap up all of the loose ends, he doesn't really need to. He gives the story the kind of closure and incident like this would have in real life: it isn't necessary to understand everything that happens as long as the terror finally stops.