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by Deborah Hazlett,Phillip Margolin

Download Lost Lake CD ePub
  • ISBN 0060759623
  • ISBN13 978-0060759629
  • Language English
  • Author Deborah Hazlett,Phillip Margolin
  • Publisher HarperAudio; Unabridged edition (March 1, 2005)
  • Formats mbr rtf azw doc
  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Genre Fiction
  • Size ePub 1850 kb
  • Size Fb2 1180 kb
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 716

It's a beautiful summer night in Portland, Oregon. Ami Vergano, a young attorney and single mother, arrives at her son Ryan's little league game with their tenant and new friend, Dan Morelli. When the assistant coach calls in sick, Morelli seems happy to help out.But then one player roughly blocks another and a fight erupts.Before the game ends, Ami witnesses violence that shocks and horrifies her and makes her question everything she thought she knew about Morelli.

On the other side of the continent, ex-mental patient Vanessa Kohler, a reporter for Exposed, a tabloid that specializes in alien abduction stories, watches a piece on television about the little league massacre and quickly places a call to the FBI. For years she's been telling anyone who will listen about a vast government conspiracy to conceal a secret military unit headed by General Morris Wingate, a presidential candidate, and for years everyone has dismissed her stories. But when Vanessa sees Dan Morelli fighting, she believes she's found the key to proving that her theories are true.

Vanessa hires Ami Vergano to represent Morelli, who is charged with attempted murder, and Ami is drawn into Vanessa's paranoid world. Are Vanessa, a former mental patient, and Morelli, a confessed mass murder, telling the truth about one of the nation's most respected soldiers and politicians? Or are their charges the products of two sick minds? Ami has to decide who and what to believe in Phillip Margolin's most exciting and surprising thriller since his breakout bestseller Gone, But Not Forgotten.

Performed by Kristine Sutherland

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A convoluted, facile story that is better read after a couple of beers so you don't think too much on the implausible aspects of the story and how stupid these allegedly highly intelligent and talented people act.
Well, it's entertaining in a gross sort of way, but evidently Mr. Margolin has never had any contact with the military or he'd know that one of the first laws in military service is that if you follow an illegal order you're liable for the results. His principal character never would have been able to escape liability for his actions even though they were ordered by his military superior. It's one important difference between our military and Hitler's military.
Phillip Margolin is an author who doesn't disappoint and Lost Lake is no exception. A deputy sherrif is patroling an enclave of summer homes in Lost Lake, CA when the peacefulness of the evening is shattered by a woman's scream. No one knows it at the time, but the scream is about to shatter many lives in many different ways. Responding, the deputy discovers a woman staggering from the woods surrounding the home of Congressman Eric Glass. As he approaches, the woman says, "He's dead...Carl killed him." And thus begins a story of intrigue, suspense, murder, power and deception. Who the woman is; who Carl is and how they came to that point in time takes much of the book to tell and the rest of it to bring it to it's final resolution.

This lacks a half star only because I felt the closing of the story could have been more powerful, but that does not detract from the plot the author establishes and then weaves with his usual artistry in the telling of a very suspenseful story.
I came very close to putting this book down without finishing it several times. How many times can you read, "I can't tell you that," "I'd rather not say," and "I'm not answering that" before you get fed up?

The storyline was a mish-mosh of totally implausible events. The events weren't even exciting or thrilling...they were boring, and made you skim through a good majority of the book. I fell asleep three times reading it.

Disappointing for such a talented author.
Love this author
adventure time
I totally enjoyed this book!! Just as I enjoyed all . Phillip Margolin's other books.
Morgolin never fails to write stories with human interest and suspense. This book is no different. I just wish he would write more often.
Goodness! Just when I am positive I can relax because I KNOW the "meannie,"...wrong..."things happen" and the plot widens. The author keeps me alert and reading on. Sleep is delayed.