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by Damion Kirk

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  • ISBN 0971855056
  • ISBN13 978-0971855052
  • Language English
  • Author Damion Kirk
  • Publisher Rahu Books; Stated First Edition edition (February 12, 2002)
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He is irresistibly sexy and might be a rock idol, celebrity model, or hot young movie star. But don't trust what you see or feel when around him. Gerard Arnaud St. Laurue is a thousand-year-old blood drinker. On the next full moon St. Laurue reluctantly must undergo what ancient nosferatu call "The Millennium Rest." His time, for once, is short. He decides to enlist a publisher to immortalize his unlife before going under, but even more importantly, he realizes he has less than a week to find minions to protect his temporary gravesite while he revitalizes under the dark silent earth.

St. Laurue finds two potential minions while roaming the shadowy underbelly world of modern Manhattan. One is Fury, a handsome sixteen-year-old boy who longs to belong. The other is a beautiful young woman named Elka, who reminds the vampire of a long lost love.

But can St Laurue turn them in time?

It's questionable, especially while continuing his long standing feud with his powerful and possessive vampiric father, the Marquis Antoine DeMalberet. Also, with NYPD Detective Solomon Wiese and undercover agents from the Daemonion Council hot on his trail, St Laurue has to employ all his powers to escape certain discovery.

When St Laurue's overly protective undead little sister, Brigitte, tries to come to his aid, more complications arise and involve them both in a series of progressively startling twists and turns resulting in a final delicious last page surprise.

Reflections of a Vampire book.

Reflections of a Vampire book.

He is irresistibly sexy and might be a rock idol, celebrity model, or hot young movie star. But don't trust what you see or feel when around him.

Used availability for Damion Kirk's Reflections of a Vampire. February 2002 : USA Mass Market Paperback.

Reflections of a Vampire. Reflections of a Vampire. 28 February ·. Her Reflections, adventures, art and ideas. 9 February ·. twitter.

Damion Searls is an American writer and translator. He grew up in New York and studied at Harvard University and the University of California, Berkeley. Among the authors he has translated are Marcel Proust, Rainer Maria Rilke, Robert Walser, Ingeborg Bachmann, Thomas Bernhard, Kurt Schwitters, Peter Handke, Jon Fosse, and Nescio.

All vampires have reflections and have been known to cast shadows. Because of this, the bite of a vampire and subsequent feeding is an intimate (almost sexual) and pleasurable experience for both participants.

The Vampire Chronicles. Interview with the Vampire. All vampires have reflections and have been known to cast shadows. It appears that the main weakness of a vampire is their vulnerability to fire and ultraviolet light. However, a vampire must take care never to drain a person completely to the point of death, as this would mean death for them as well; because vampires need the blood of the living to survive, by drinking "dead blood" they would effectively take their victims death into themselves.

Damion is used and abused by a wretched woman who used her body to get in close to him. After using him for all he was worth, she leaves, and Shackler comes in when he is at his weakest. How will Damion fight off this Shackler, and will he be able to in time to save the woman he loves?

Damion is used and abused by a wretched woman who used her body to get in close to him. How will Damion fight off this Shackler, and will he be able to in time to save the woman he loves? The only way to find out is to open this tale up and follow it through all its horrifying twists and turns. Horror Thriller & Crime.

And they say Vampires don't have reflections. Just look at her! She's the spitting image of you, Valek. The tattooed Vampire flitted toward him and grabbed his hand, her face turning a pale shade of green. Her eyes locked with Valek's under the choppy bangs of her raven hair. All of us fed already.

From Book 1: "TWILIGHT MEETS AVATAR". On the evening of Sofia Claremont's seventeenth birthday, she is sucked into a nightmare from which she cannot wake.

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This interesting, if somewhat quirky, tale is the story of Arnaud St. Larue, a vampire who is coming to the end of his first millennium and needs to take an eighteen month nap to revitalize. In not quite a week Larue must acquire some fledglings or minions who will guard and tend his nesting spot while he sleeps the long sleep of the dead. This is made a bit more complicated by the fact that he is pursued by agents of the Daemonion Council and by his vampire father, a sorcerer of considerable strength, and a perpetual meddler in the affairs of Arnaud and his beloved sister, Brigitte.
St. Larue also has become entranced by the idea of writing his memoirs, causing a publisher and a ghostwriter endless grief, and greatly upsetting his fellow vampires. Finally, Arnaud has become infected by a strange form of aids, that exaggerates his normally gruesome feeding habits and predisposes him to careless violence. As a result, the police, in the person of Detective Solomon Wiese become aware of him, and adding further risk to St. Larue's continued survival.
On the surface, this story reads a bit like a hybrid of 'Interview with a Vampire' and 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer.' Sexy French vampires who turn into horrific monsters when the hunger is upon them. Creatures with an array of powers awesome enough to make them virtually unconquerable. They fly, change shape, grow extra appendages, ride on the outside of airplanes, and write memoirs with the speed of summer lightning. In fact, the humans fare very poorly by comparison in this story, and the only thing that seems to be effective against Kirk's inventions is their own coquettish unpredictability.
Damion Kirk does a fine job with his characters, who are uniformly interesting in novel ways. This is less a horror story than a comedy of terrors, made notable by the conversation and action that embellish what would otherwise be a straightforward plot. In this environment conversation and inner dialogue take on great importance, and Kirk seems as comfortable with this challenge as he is with the many intricacies of plot he introduces. Kirk has bent for taking an original viewpoint. He is, to date, the only writer in some time who noticed that it is humans, not vampires, who are unable to see vampire reflections.
In the end, it will not be Kirk's skill or the amount of violence or romance that will decide the reader's reaction to 'Reflections of a Vampire,' but how one feels about his style of vampire. This is a problem, which plagues all writers in this genre. What powers, what vulnerabilities, are they forces of nature or spirit? These questions directly affect the believability of the plot and the atmospherics of the tale. Personally, I found St. Larue too powerful for the purposes of the story. The same is true of his father, who is an even more extreme variation on the same theme. When vampires approach invulnerability and have a vast number of powers to call on, the plot has no choice but to become whimsical with the vampire acting as deus ex machina. I found the story quite enjoyable despite this, and many will be far less bothered by it than I am. As such I think this is a tale worth pursuing.
Every one thousand years a vampire must take the millennium rest. A vampire must find minions that can be trusted to watch over their place of rest for eighteen months. Gérard Arnaud St. Laurue had one week to find such minions. He chose a teenage boy named Fury and a lovely girl named Elka for the task. But he still had to change them and be sure he could trust them. During that week he intended to write his memoirs and have a publisher tell his story as well.
Brigitte was Gérard's younger sister. They had been blood feuding with their father, Marquis Antoine DeMalberet, for centuries. Their father had always been a major thorn in their sides. But for now, Bigitte thought little of Antoine. For now, she had to make Gérard realize he was spreading a disease. She also had to convince him that he was slipping. Human homicide detectives and not-so-human agents from Motherhospice were on his trail. She had to be quick! The full moon was coming!
***** Fans of Anne Rice and Dean Koontz will love this book! I found myself to be attracted and repelled at the same time! This story is filled with twists to keep its readers on their toes. I was unable to put it down, having to know what was going to happen next! Recommended for all vampire fans who dare to take a good look at what the night's shadows conceal! Excellent! *****
Reviewed by Detra Fitch
those are the adjectives that come to mind when I turned the last page of this incredible vampire novel! Damion Kirk has created a memorable anti-hero in the vampire Arnaud St. Laurue, a thousand year old vampire who must enlist some minions to protect him while he takes a millennium rest that all ancient blood drinkers do and he decides to write his memoirs too! Our rather "evil" hero's mission is jeopardize on two fronts: one is shadowy organization of shape-shifters called Daemonion Council who believe that St.Laurue is passing a deadly aids-like virus and the other is possessive vampire father who has his own agenda.Kirk's gruesome vampire saga has it all:characters like Brigitte, St.Laurue' sister who helps him and battle the council and their father. Fury- a teenage St. Laurue selects to become his minion, Elke another would be vampire that St. Laurue wants and who has some deadly secrets of her own! Bevan Preston, a book publisher who's life is turned upside down by St.Laurue. This novel gives us a rather chilling "bat and mouse" game between the vampires, shape-shifting agents and wily retiring homicide det named Solomon Wiese.Gruesome scenes of bloodletting carnage will shock you as St.Laurue lets nothing stand in his way and pity the poor mortal who knows too much.St.Laurue is character who does some truly horrible deeds but still very likable and charming!the plot twist are ingenious because in St.Laurue's world nothing is what appears to be and appearances could be deadly and last surprise awaits you on the last paragraph that should "I hope" lead to a sequel.