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by James R. Benn

Download The First Wave (A Billy Boyle WWII Mystery) ePub
  • ISBN 1569475172
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  • Language English
  • Author James R. Benn
  • Publisher Soho Crime; First Edition edition (September 1, 2008)
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The second Billy Boyle investigationBilly Boyle is dispatched to help arrange the surrender of Vichy French forces in Algeria. But dissension among the regular army, the militia, and De Gaulle’s Free French forces allows black marketers in league with the Germans to divert medical supplies, leading to multiple murders. Billy must find the killers and rescue the woman he loves, a British spy.

THE FIRST WAVE (Hist Mys-Billy Boyle-Algeria-1942) - VG+ Benn, James R. - 2nd in series Soho, 2007. One person found this helpful.

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James R. Benn (born September 5, 1949) is an American author, best known for the Billy Boyle World War II Mystery Series. Benn was born September 5, 1949 in New York City, New York to parents Harold Joseph and Gertrude Ross Benn and grew up in Southington, Connecticut. After graduation from Southington High School in 1967 Benn attended the University of Connecticut earning a bachelor's degree. He also holds a Master of Library Science (MLS) from Southern Connecticut State University.

Diana Seaton had joined the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry at the start of the war. Then she'd volunteered for the Special Operations Executive, the British outfit that sent spies and saboteurs behind enemy lines.

A Billy Boyle World War II Mystery. Diana Seaton had joined the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry at the start of the war.

Their mission is to negotiate the surrender of Vichy French troops in Al . Army 2nd Lieutenant Billy Boyle is a reluctant hero. Drafted just weeks after earning his detective shield on the Boston . Boyle enters WWII as a special investigator for his uncle, General Dwight Eisenhower.

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Billy's task is to help arrange the surrender of the Vichy French forces in Algeria. But dissension among the regular army, the militia, and DeGaulle's Free French allows blackmarketeers in league with the enemy to divert medical supplies to the Casbah, leading to multiple murders. Publisher Description. Billy's task is to help arrange the surrender of the Vichy French forces in Algeria. Billy must find the killers while trying to rescue the girl he loves - a British spy.

Series: Billy Boyle volume 2. File: MOBI, 591 K.

php:8 Stack trace: gLayer. php(57): ggLayer- {closure}(Object(ggLayer), Array) /. Benn is the author of the Billy Boyle World War II mystery series:Billy Boyle,The First Wave,Blood Alone,Evil for Evil,Rag & Bone,A Mortal Terror, and the forthcomingDeath's Door. He has been a librarian for many years. He lives in Hadlyme, Connecticut. A Billy Boyle World War II Mystery, Book 9. By: James R. Benn. Narrated by: Peter Berkrot. Narrated by: Marc Vietor. Series: Billy Boyle, Book 2. Length: 11 hrs and 5 mins. Categories: Mysteries & Thrillers, Historical. Bennis the author of three previous books in the Billy Boyle series: Billy Boyle, The First Wave, and Blood Alone.

But even amid the excitement of the spirited wartime storytelling, Benn allows Boyle's experiences to change him in ways both subtle and dramatic. James R. He is a librarian and lives in Hadlyme, Connecticut.

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Excellent historical mystery. Skillfully conjures up the 1942 North African campaign so vibrantly that you feel you're in the thick of it. Full of vivid description; sights & sounds, smells, etc., creating a visceral, realistic backdrop for the story.

I'm not usually a mystery fan, but the best mysteries are much more than just mysteries, in which the mystery itself becomes merely a generic structural framework upon which a great story & great characters are built. This is one of those fine historical mysteries that transcends the mystery genre to become a rich historical experience that helps one understand past events. It takes history out of the textbooks & makes it as exciting & entertaining as a first-rate movie.
Okay, I admit, I am absolutely hooked on this series. What is a senior-citizen great grandmother doing reading about a fictional character in WWII? The answer is that this is the most pleasurable way to learn about history I can imagine. Since WWII had so many diverse battlefronts, Benn did his research on each battlefront and plunked "Billy" in the middle. He lets Billy meet historical figures and keeps the action humming. Billy's love interest provides another thread of suspense because the reader is hoping Billy and Diana will survive and get together in the end. To my limited knowledge, not many books have been set in this particular battlefront and it gave me a much better understanding of the complexities of the Allies' situation in North Africa. You don't have to be an inquisitive old "granny" to enjoy this.
This second installment in the Billy Boyle World War II mysteries is a phenomenally well written, well researched, and exciting trip back into time. Author James R. Benn has enormous descriptive powers and he brings them fully to bear on exciting details of battle, of life and death, love and betrayal and, above all, ultimate justice. Billy, Kaz and Harding are in Algiers to join the sympathetic French forces there. Billy is focused on rescuing Diane, who has been captured by the evil German sympathizer Villette. While searching for her, several murders occur in the hospital where Kaz has been taken following an injury, and Billy is assigned to solve them. He attempts to find the murderer while simultaneously searching for Diane and uncovers a huge smuggling ring in the process. This exciting mystery is set as war and conflict constantly invade and batter Billy and Kaz. The war is an incredible, escalating backdrop to this compelling story. In short, this is a wonderful book, and I highly recommend it.
Billy Boyle is on his way to North Africa to assist in some undercover negotiations between the Vichy government of Algeria and the US forces about to invade North Africa. Things don't go well, and Billy and Major Sam Harding are quickly embroiled in local politics, the theft of supplies at a quickly-established Army hospital in Algiers, the these of medical supplies--including most of the penicillin in the world, the disappearance of a large number of French-Algerian opponents of Vichy (and of Billy's love, Diane, who is there as an OSS operative). The plot is extraordinarily complex, and completely believable. The situation is well-established; it's quite easy to believe both that these events could easily have occurred and that the people involved would act and react as they do in the book. Billy's background on the Boston PD serves him well, and he displays growing skills as an investigator. The ending is both moving and authentic. It's a good thing there are more books in the series. Because I would hate to have to wait in order to read them.
First Sentence: It was dark, and I as at sea, hunkered down in a flat-bottomed landing craft, slamming through four-foot swells and chugging noisily toward short, leaving the relative safety of our troop transport behind.

Benn has such an excellent voice. Narrated in the first person by a very appealing character, it conveys the sense of "I'm telling you a story," and that story captivates you from the very first page.

For those of us not alive during WWII, and not particularly well versed in its history, I appreciate how much I learned without being "taught". The information was so well integrated into the story.

Billy Boyle is a wonderful character. In this second book of the series, he is still quite young, but his background as a Boston cop, coming from a family of Boston Irish cops, stands him in good stead. He's tough, resourceful, but with good common sense. He is very real. Part of what makes him work, as a character, is his wry humor..."So after landing in North Africa, with the first wave of the first invasion of the war, if I survived, I'd be celebrating my twenty-fourth birthday on a motorcycle ride from hell. Not for the first time, I wondered how a nice Irish kid from Boston like me had gotten himself into this situation."

Diana, Billy's love, isn't pure set decoration, at all. She goes through her own hell and survives by being strong and determined, yet not invincible. Billy's friend, Kaz, is so appealing and interesting, providing a good counterpoint to Billy. Benn also does emotion very well, and there is strong emotion here. Benn provides good backstory on each of the recurring characters. That's critical for those who have not read the first book.

"The First Wave" has excellent tension and nail-biting suspense while focusing on strong characters. I became a fan with the first book and am even more of one with book two. Can't wait to read more.

THE FIRST WAVE (Hist Mys-Billy Boyle-Algeria-1942) - VG+
Benn, James R. - 2nd in series
Soho, 2007
The author did a great job bringing the characters to life and tying up the mystery created in this book, and at the same time giving the reader a glimpse of some of the realities of war.