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by R. F. Delderfield (author)

Download Too Few for Drums (Coronet Books) ePub
  • ISBN 0340554479
  • ISBN13 978-0340554470
  • Language English
  • Author R. F. Delderfield (author)
  • Publisher Hodder & Stoughton Ltd; New Ed edition (January 16, 1992)
  • Pages 224
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  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Genre Fiction
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  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 698

Too Few for Drums book.

Too Few for Drums book. A classic tale of the Napoleonic wars from . How they figured out the solution to each obstacle reminds me of an old fashioned McGriver.

Too few for drums, by . Delderfield A few, a few, too few for drums and yells, May creep back, silent, to village wells. Listen to books in audio format instead of reading. p. cm. - (Military Fiction Classics). A few, a few, too few for drums and yells, May creep back, silent, to village wells.

Brilliant book by one of my favourite authors, as usual excellently written and entertaining. Highly recommended for those who enjoy a good read.

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This tale of the Peninsular campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars offers unforgettable adventure. In the lead is young ensign Keith Graham, trying desperately to elude capture and certain death. The second book in R. F. Delderfield's acclaimed A Horseman Riding By saga of twentieth-century England is a memorable slice of rural life, as one war gives way to the gathering storm clouds of the next Through hard work and love of the land, Boer War vet Paul Craddock has transformed the sprawling West Country estate of Shallowford.

This tale of the Peninsular campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars offers unforgettable adventure. Books related to Too Few for Drums. The Blooding of the Guns.

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Too Few for Drums by R. Delderfield (Paperback, 1992). R. Delderfield was born in South London in 1912. From there he began to write stage plays and then became a highly successful novelist, renowned for brilliantly portraying slices of English life.

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AbeBooks R. Delderfield, a respected author, playwright, screenwriter, and .

Delderfield died in 1972.

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This novel is set against the backdrop of Wellington's Penninsular campaign, around the year 1810. Wellington's army is retreating to Lisbon and being chased by a large force under Napoleon's Marshal Massena. 19 year-old British ensign Keith Graham is cut off with a squad of 8 men and a drummer boy after a nervous engineer prematurely detonates explosives destroying a bridge. The inexperienced Graham is aided first by a veteran sergeant, and later by a very wise Welsh camp follower named Gwyneth.

Fans of Cornwell's Sharpe's Rifles series will recognize many of the plot elements: a small force cut off behind enemy lines, the "war of atrocities" between the spanish partisans and the French, the need for constant vigilance against roving French cavalry patrols, etc. But of course this novel was written a generation before Cornwell even began the Sharpe's Rifles series, so if anyone borrowed, it was Cornwell, not Delderfield.

Graham has to learn alot about leadership and resourcefulness in a hurry. He comes to respect the courage and determination of his men, despite the class differences that create such a gulf between he and them. Above all he comes to respect and rely upon Gwyneth, the camp follower they meet along the way. A previous reviewer calls her a "Welsh wonder woman," which is not an exaggeration. Even though she is only a couple of years older than Grahm, she has been following the army for over five years. Still, that hardly seems sufficient time for her to have absorbed more strategy and tactics than Wellington and Napoleon combined. As Delderfield depicts her, she should have been a captain or a major; indeed, the war would have been over much sooner had she been commanding the entire British army. Not that this ruined the novel for me; I enjoyed it very much. It is clear that Delderfield has great respect for women and regards them as fully human, whereas Cornwell draws them only as prizes to be won by male bravery. This novel does not compare favorably to Cornwell only in that no major engagement is described, whereas Cornwell always includes a history lesson by desribing an important battle.
Well written and well detailed. A history in novel form thus easy reading. Delderfield is the only author who wrote well in this field since C.S. Forester wrote Rifleman Dodd and The Gun.
Good reading based on Pennisular Wars.
Set during the Napoleonic era on land this adventure story transports readers to the Iberian Peninsula as the British Army is preparing for the siege of Lisbon. When his captain is brought down by a sniper Ensign Keith Graham at 19 suddenly finds himself the leader of a woeful band of survivors who lack direction. Unprepared for leadership and inexperienced in actual warfare the plucky youth must rally his wits to bring a group of nine to relative safety. Cut off from the rest of the outfit by the premature demolition of the only bridge over a river, they face the daunting task of crossing hostile territory, where both nature and enemy forces--Portuguese partisans and trained French soldiers--conspire for their ignoble defeat.

This maturation novel is ripe with surprise twists and evil schemes--revealing the gamut of human emotions: lust, avarice, cowardice, passion, heroism and self-sacrifice. During his perilous odyssey toward British lines Graham comes to rely on two people in particular for group survival in rugged, ultra hostile countryside: the veteran Sgt. Fox and the Welsh camp follower, Gwyneth, whose innate knowledge of men and military tactics makes her his secret second in command. Her womanly wisdom and domestic skills prove invaluable for the File, yet it is her feisty compassion for his inadequacies which catapults Graham into manhood.

The underlying theme of this book is that of the brotherhood of the Regiment which gradually becomes Graham's new family and claims his deepest devotion. Each member has different talents to exploit which contribute to their group survival. In his desperate attempts during this trek to the British fleet on the Tagus River Graham finds his personal courage while discovering the meaning--and cost--of loyalty. With a few loose threads dangling Delderfield almost sets us up for a sequel, This book proves a great read for lovers of Napoleonic historical fiction--what Forester has done for the British Navy, Delderfield has done for the Army!
A short novel about the Peninsula War in 1810. Wellington's famous campaign is in the background while a callow English youth of 19 comes of age.

Keith Graham is the young man. His hard-earned lessons on living and leadership keep the story moving. And of course being a novel he has a love affair with a slightly older and much wiser camp follower named Gwyneth. The author leads us to believe that he becomes a seasoned military leader thanks to his escapades between the sheets. A bit far fetched but...

With the war as a backdrop life is fast-paced and in a fashion interesting.

It's a short novel almost a novella. Not a prize winner but OK for a rainy day.
While not the best novel for characterization, Too Few For Drums is an enjoyable novel about the Peninsular Campaign. The descriptions of Spain are good. The technical aspects of the novel including units, uniforms, movements of the armies, etc., are accurate. True, the characters are stereotypical and somewhat shallow. If anything, I would say that the novel was too short and needed more work before its release.
After reading Delderfield's Seven Men of Gascony I looked forward to this book with great anticipation. I was however gravely disappointed. The Penninsula campaign of the Napoleonic Wars is the setting for Too Few for Drums. This novel follows the trials of a young British ensign and his file of infantrymen as they make their way from behind French lines. It lacks the breadth and scope of his other novel. Some of the plot mechanism lack credulity. The ensign is transformed from an inexperienced self doubting young officer to a confident, future leader of men by the mere act of losing his virginity. Were it only so easy!