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by Guy N. Smith

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  • ISBN 0440203384
  • ISBN13 978-0440203384
  • Language English
  • Author Guy N. Smith
  • Publisher Dell; 1st edition edition (April 1, 1989)
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  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Genre Fiction
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  • Rating: 4.8
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The paradise of Shell Island is changed to a nightmarish hellhole when a race of giant, bloodthirsty crabs decides to make their reappearance here

Night of the Crabs book. Smith knows the kind of book he is writing and keeps the pace brisk by wasting no time on minutia like plot, character development or dialogue.

Night of the Crabs book. He does, however, leave room for healthy amounts of hokey, campy and corny and I spent much of the story with an ear to ear grin on my face. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and plan on reading at least one of the sequels to see if the magic can continue.

Night of the Crabs Mass Market Paperback – April 1, 1989. by. Guy N. Smith (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. Book 1 of 7 in the Crabs Series. Engaging is one word that describes this book perfectly. It’s a real page-turner that reels you in with a big net containing a lot of fans of his work.

Guy N. Smith’s most popular book is Night of the Crabs. Killer Crabs by. Smith. The Origin of the Crabs by.

THE sunlight sparkled and shimmered on the deep blue of the incoming tide, the waves lapping gently at the harbour wall. Fishing-smacks bobbed lazily on the slight swell, and flocks of seagulls screeched noisily as they anticipated the titbits which would be thrown overboard as the latest catch was unloaded. Behind, the range of mountains where the deep green of summer and the purple heather was just coming into full bloom

The Welsh coast basks in summer tranquility.

The Welsh coast basks in summer tranquility. Then the 'drownings' begin. But not until the monstrous crustaceans crawl.

Book 1 of the "Killer Crab" series by Guy N. Smith

Book 1 of the "Killer Crab" series by Guy N. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 11 years ago. I picked up the entire "Killer Crab" series from my local used book store for a nice price. I believe all of the books in the series are (with original print dates): Night of the Crabs (1976) Killer Crabs (1978) The Origin of the Crabs (1979) Crabs on the Rampage (1981) Crabs' Moon (1984) Crabs: The Human Sacrifice (1988) They are all short, and great quick, fun, reads. Not to embarrass myself too much, but I actually read these during my bathroom breaks at work. They are easy to put down and pick up again the next day.

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Smith wrote his first horror book, Werewolf by Moonlight, in 1974. It spawned two direct sequels. However, he states it was Night of the Crabs published in 1976 that really launched him as a writer. Spawning six sequels, the latest of which was published in 2012, the series chronicles invasions by giant man-eating crabs of various areas of British coastline To date, Smith has had . .

Talk about Night of the Crabs

In Tradition of The Rats and Jaws comes a horrifying experience with vein pinching sequences of hold-your-breath action that’ll make your blood run cold!

When the full moon rises on the Welsh Coast a pack of giant crabs make their way on shore to feed on locals in their vicinity.

After witnessing the attack for himself, Cliff Davenport now has enough closure convincing him of what has killed his nephew and his nephew’s fiancé as well as several other bathers.

It doesn’t take long to convince the military that are stationed nearby that the meaty menaces are there! However, it won’t be long until they grow bold and travel further inland while feasting on any morsel they can pinch up!

They’re impossible, they’re invading, they’re indestructible!

Reading my first Guy N. Smith book was a long time coming, I’ve collected enough of his works and figured I’d start off with one of his more popular long running series.

Engaging is one word that describes this book perfectly. It’s a real page-turner that reels you in with a big net containing a lot of fans of his work.

Smith’s books are not all that deep. They tend to be straight forward with no padding nor minuscule details. Thus the book’s short length on only around one hundred and fifty pages.

While I read this book I was never bored and was quite pleased when I closed the back of the book in completion.

Back in ’76 it had been a year since Jaws came out and people were picking out other killer animal titles off the bookshelves. Quite a few of these titles became films. This actually had a deal with Amicus Pictures to be made into a movie. Somehow, someway, somewhere along the lines Amicus got full custody of the film and made it into Island Claws. Guy N. Smith didn’t even know a movie was made until a friend of his gave him a tape that at first was blank. Then it was revealed to be Island Claws. He thought the film was rubbish.

I kind of wish they did make a proper adaption of the film. Using miniatures, monster suits, practical effects and good ol’ stop animation could’ve made it a fun watch!

One aspect of the book I find a bit jarring is that Cliff Davenport and a woman by the name of Pat are constantly fumbling around with each other. On the lookout for crabs… Sexy Time! Feeling defeat….. Sexy Time! It was a bit over-the-top which works for the nature of the book when it comes to carnage and maybe.
Hell, the book could’ve been originally called Moaning in the time of Monsters and I wouldn’t have been surprised!

The collar grabbing quote of this book is that it’s in the tradition of The Rats which came out two years prior. Both The Rats and Night of the Crabs are U.K. titles so it was clever and truthful marketing. It’s a fun time with the over-the-top nature, inserted sex-at-random sequences, the abundance of an animalistic threat and how could we forget about the gratuitous blood and gore? Let’s talk about the good stuff!

While The Rats is far more graphic this has some bloody sequences as well.

Innards ripped from peoples bellies, people torn in two, limbs snaped off with crazy claws it’s a grubby mess!

There’s also some action packed invasion parts too. Mainly when the military steps in and tries to destroy the crabs. A train sequence diverts us from the army attack and shows us that the crabs can cause serious damage.

Overall Thoughts:
While everything is wrapped up in a nice bow in the last five pages the whole book is taut, fast and tons of fun.

I read this book in short-time and was pleased by the ferocity of the killer crabs. The monstrous beings are definitely threatening. They aren’t revealed immediately which makes it all the more eerie when Cliff and Pat see them for the first time. Even though we the audience and the two characters on the lookout know it’s killer crabs. The scene is greatly effective regardless of a somewhat weak build-up.

I look forward to reading more for Mr. Smith! He’s got a knack for taking a simple premise and making a book that is a helluva good time to read!

At the end of the day, Night of the Crabs is an engaging thrill-ride with bloody carnage, explosive action, sexual playtime and some crazy Crustacean snapping the Welsh Coast a new one!

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5
"What a beautiful night. If only we didn't have to worry about giant crabs!"

Actual dialogue. Yes, folks, that the level we're working at here.

Make no mistake, this is B-movie schlock that would make a painful horror movie if ever anyone tried a faithful adaptation. I can't tell if Smith was trying to be serious with this material or not. But, remarkably, I liked it... though probably not for the reasons the author intended. I mean, you can't take a story seriously when the head monster is labeled King Crab. There is no way not to laugh at that. This story has all the old hallmarks of Monster Movie 101: creatures that stay hidden for a time, then can't be stopped by anyone or anything until the hero of the story thinks up something that should've been thought up not long after the bullets began bouncing off crab carapace. There are no surprises, just... giant crabs and people getting killed by giant crabs.

I will recommend this book, but only if you like schlock horror and only will I recommend the first book. Yes, there are more crab books ("More Giant Crabs" or "Yet Again, Giant Crabs!" or "How About Giant Crabs?"), but I think the fun of the premise wears itself out in short order.
Night of the Crabs
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Oh goodness gracious, this is the most fun I'm had reading a book since I don't know when. Sorry Mr. Strand, you're just going to have to bow down to the author of Night of the Crabs.

Written in the 1970s. Wow, was this what horror was like wonder I wasn't into horror back then. This is one of those stories that takes itself just a little too seriously for how bizarre it is. We forget how anti-military everyone was in this post-Vietnam era. I've noticed that in other mid to late twentieth century writing.

I really enjoyed this book, thought it was a lot of fun. Pleased that the happy couple can now go back to London and become man and wife. Wondering if the route the military too to destroy the crabs is just going to turn around and kick them in the arse...that was a lot of pollution there, ole boys.

I give this book 3 stars

Recommended to lovers of 1970s horror