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by James Roy Daley

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  • ISBN 0986815748
  • ISBN13 978-0986815744
  • Language English
  • Author James Roy Daley
  • Publisher Books of the Dead (May 27, 2011)
  • Pages 340
  • Formats lrf doc azw lit
  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Genre Fiction
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  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 949

Author's note: Terror Town, my second novel, was written before I had started my publishing company, Books of the Dead Press. Originally, the rights for the book had been signed away to two separate publishers, one was planning to release the trade paperback and the ebook while the other had dibs on the hardcover. After my publishing company was created I reacquired the rights before the book had been released. Terror Town is now available in paperback and ebook formats; currently there is no hardcover edition.Unlike my first novel, The Dead Parade, I wanted the plotlines in Terror Town to break some of the writing "rules" I had learned in school. I wanted to explore a little, and find out what happens when you add an extra amount of some components, and remove some of the others. I also decided to push the "horror" element up a notch, so the book is quite graphic once it gets going.I can now safely say that messing with the writing rules can bring mixed reviews. I've had people tell me that Terror Town is one of best horror books ever written, while others have said they hated it. Also, graphic violence, I've discovered, is something that many horror fans do not enjoy, which honestly surprises me. Somehow watching gory stuff in films is amazing but reading gory sentences is considered too much. Strange.One of my favorite books is Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot. The amazing thing about Mr. King's storytelling is his ability to make the reader believe that a town like 'Salem's Lot exists, with real people living within it. He sets up a lot of characters and makes sure to bring each of them to life. By crafting his story this way his town comes alive on the page. And later on, when he destroys the world he created, the reader feels it.That's what I aimed for--I created lots of rich characters, and I did my best bringing the town to life before knocking it over.There are too many stories with no "real" town, country, or planet. Too many tales where the author decides to obliterate something that had not yet been created. Saying "the city was overrun with monsters" is not the same as showing it.Terror Town is a BIG book--lots of characters, lots of plot lines, lots of monsters running wild in the streets. You know how everything turns crazy in the film, The Cabin in the Woods? That's how extreme everything becomes in Terror Town. There is an absolute TON of stuff happening, and the story develops into something that is as violent, gory, and as gruesome as possible. Also, there's a villain inside Terror Town that is the true embodiment of evil. The way his mind works is atrocious.So, is Terror Town the right book for you? I don't know.If you like the hardcore books from Edward Lee, Brian Keene, and Jack Ketchum... then maybe. But make no mistake... Terror Town is hardcore horror, not for the squeamish. Meaning, if you want your fiction to be soft and gentle, this is probably not the right book for you. But if you're thinking about walking on the wild side, maybe just once, strap yourself in... this book is it.Happy reading.~James Roy Daley

From the mind of James Roy Daley, author of The Dead Parade, comes one of the most brutally violent horror stories ever written. Terror Town - James Roy Daley. happened: CHAPTER ONE

From the mind of James Roy Daley, author of The Dead Parade, comes one of the most brutally violent horror stories ever written. A bestselling horror title. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Books of the Dead PressReleased: Dec 21, 2010ISBN: 9781458165411Format: book. carousel previous carousel next. Authors & Publishers Must Die! James Roy Daley. happened: CHAPTER ONE

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I consider Terror Town Daley's magnum oPUS. O'Neill, Royal Manaball. From the twisted mind of James Roy Daley, author of THE DEAD PARADE, INTO HELL, and 13 DROPS OF BLOOD, comes one of the most violently brutal stories ever told. The most disturbing, graphic, and disgusting book I've read in my entire life.

Killer on the warpath. Monsters on the street. Vampires in the night. Welcome to Terror Town, the place where no one is safe. All will die. All will suffer. - From the mind of James Roy Daley, author of The Dead Parade, comes one of the most brutally violent horror stories ever written.

Daley, James Roy. All characters, events, dialog and situations in this book are fictitious and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.

- From the mind of James Roy Daley, author of The Dead Parade, comes one of the most brutally violent horror stories ever written.

Unfortunately, James Roy Daley's Terror Town had me doing just that, which is sad because the book started off .

Unfortunately, James Roy Daley's Terror Town had me doing just that, which is sad because the book started off with such promise. Daley paints a portrait of a picturesque little town, but like most towns, no matter how quaint they seem on the outside, there's always a darkness that lurks in the heart of some, if not all, of its residents. This sets the stage for what could be a thrilling psychological horror novel, but you are left wondering what this has to do with the book's description, which promises vampires and zombies.

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Terror Town begins with a man finding a hidden trapdoor to a seemingly bottomless pit in the basement of his summer home, and soon enlists the help of a few friends to investigate, unwittingly setting off a chain of events that threaten to destroy the town.

I was set to like this book after readying the sample, but the initial plot has little to do with the overall story really. Let me start with the good. The writing is decent, but could have done with more editing. I noticed a number of distracting spelling and continuity errors that marred it, though not enough to be a true issue. Secondly, Daley knows how to write interesting, convincing back stories for his characters, though unfortunately the reader will see that this talent is largely wasted amidst the plot. It's no spoiler to say that the survival rate is very low in the book - the author usually tells you far ahead of time that someone is going to die. This sucks a lot of the tension and emotional investment (whatever is possible before a character dies) out of things quickly.

Unfortunately, the character dialogue is very stilted at times, both towards formality and coyness. The latter is particularly bizarre considering the unrelenting brutality of the book. Having a character say "oh man, this is terrible" after having vividly describing someone else's head being caved in felt wooden. Secondly, the characters often spend far too much time in their own heads, even when they're supposed to be numbed into shock. This is especially true during what were supposed to be tense action scenes that allow the character so much time to think I could only imagine the monster who was rushing at them standing off to one side checking its watch as the character ponders the impossibility of it all and what they should do next.

Another positive, for some, is that if you like torture porn, sadism, gore, and brutality, then this book will be right up your alley. The book is unflinching and no one is safe from death. I have no problem with this aspect - books like Clickers are very similar. Daley takes it to the extreme though, turning it into an almost parody at times, and by the end the whole shock has worn off and become a tedious slog through another long description of death and mayhem. Perhaps this was a purposeful attempt to shock the reader into the same numbness that the characters feel at the actions before them, but as a reader I'm not interested in paying someone else for that feeling.

Ultimately, this piggybacks on the big problem of this book - that shocking and graphic description of atrocities was in lieu of a cohesive story. There feels like three different novels are present piecemeal here, each of them appealing to a different audience. None of them feel fleshed out, complete, or satisfying as a result, and only the barest level of internal logic exists.The story is helped along by a combination of bad luck, convenient coincidence, and absurd levels of stupidity on the part of the characters. In this way the plot only serves as a conveyor belt to carry the story from one contrivance to the next and to offer the characters up to the next atrocity.

I wanted to like this book, but I couldn't. It's too focused on shock value, too schizophrenic, and ultimately just not fun to read unless you're a torture porn fan.
This was the first book I've read by this author. TERROR sounded like terrifyingly good fun. "Why would you read a book like that? there's something wrong with you!" says my mother, who enjoys a good werewolf and vampire book every now and then. Anyway, I read the sample-and i had to pause. i was impressed but i had a weird feling in the pit of my stomach as i read it. I wasn't sure i should continue...well as luck would have it I had a few extra dollars in my Kindle book fund so I bought it. I have read hundreds of books and I have NEVER come across a character so evil, so disturbed, so depraved as Nicholas Nehalem. This man..this creep...this...crazy SOB-was unlike any character I had read before. He is just...i don't think i have the right words to describe him. He was awful...and awful is a good adjective. Anyway, TERROR TOWN was frightening (frightening enough not to read it at night...alone). The author did a very good job at developing the characters and the fear they experienced. He is also very descriptive...maybe a little too descriptive (he said something about a pile of entrails in the baby seat...really? that's a vision i want with me when i go to bed lol). There are a few questions that i had at the end of the book and there were a few times when things just didn't add up for me. all in all TERROR TOWN was a great read. I look forward to reading other bonechilling, mind-bending works by James Roy Daley. Keep them coming!!!
Not for the faint of heart. Terror Town is like a monster movie combined with a serial killer movie. I couldn't put it down. There's some really cool monster stuff in here that totally surprised me. Daley puts a unique spin on a classic monster premise that I thought was totally original and awesome. It's dark, dark, dark! I'm also impressed with Daley's writing style. It's very smooth, poetic, and ironic. There were lots of things in it that made me laugh, purely because of his interesting turns of phrase. It made me think of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead movies. Even though it's terrifying, funny little things happen constantly. Things that are so over the top, but Daley is so understated about it, you have to laugh. I can also see a resemblance to Stephen King, but darker, scarier and more intense than King ever was. If you love monster movies and break-neck horror, this book will kick you in the face and you will like it.