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by Tananarive Due

Download Blood Colony: A Novel ePub
  • ISBN 0743287355
  • ISBN13 978-0743287357
  • Language English
  • Author Tananarive Due
  • Publisher Atria; 1st Atria Books Hardcover Ed edition (June 3, 2008)
  • Pages 432
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  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Genre Fiction
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  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 123

Born an only immortal with Living Blood, Fana Wolden flees her protective home in order to rescue a mortal friend and joins an underground group of fellow immortals who are using their powerful blood to heal AIDS victims.

The genius of Tananarive Due is in weaving an imaginative tale so expertly that the reader is convinced she has suspended time and all reason.

The genius of Tananarive Due is in weaving an imaginative tale so expertly that the reader is convinced she has suspended time and all reason. Her storytelling is at once intimate and wholly epic.

Tananarive Due is an American Book Award-winning, Essence bestselling author of Blood Colony, The Living Blood, The Good House, and Joplin’s Ghost. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit her blog at TananariveDue. Библиографические данные. Blood Colony: A Novel. Tananarive Due. Издание: перепечатанное.

Also by tananarive due. Casanegra Blood colony: a novel, Tananarive Du. 1st Atria Books hardcover ed. Casanegra. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever. For information address Atria Books Subsidiary Rights Department, 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020. Due, Tananarive, 1966–. Blood colony: a novel, Tananarive Du. p. cm. ISBN-13: 978-1-4165-7925-0.

In Blood Colony, Tananarive Due plops a mysterious sect into the latest drama surrounding involving the blood of Jesus and jumps 14 years into the not-too-distant future 17-year-old Fana - introduced in as a 3-years-old in The Living Blood - is part of an underground movement to heal the sick.

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Blood Colony - Tananarive Due. died. He was sitting in the window of the coffee shop across the street, reading an e-book at a table. He was a black man with white hair and a matching beard, but he might be one of them.

Tananarive Priscilla Due (/təˈnænəriːv ˈdjuː/ tə-NAN-ə-reev DEW) (born January 5, 1966) is an American author and educator

Tananarive Priscilla Due (/təˈnænəriːv ˈdjuː/ tə-NAN-ə-reev DEW) (born January 5, 1966) is an American author and educator.

African Immortals trilogy: recommended. com User, July 8, 2008. Due tosses together vampiric creatures, Christian faith, feminism, fate vs. free will and superheroes. The resultant rich and spicy mixture works.

Information about the book, Blood Colony: A Novel: the Fiction, Paperback, by Tananarive Due (Washington Square Press, Jul 07, 2009). Tell us what do you think about Blood Colony: A Novel. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker.

Tananarive Due. Read online. 113. Published: 2008. Multiple time-lines and alternate branching destinies are more often associated with science fiction than horror, but in this first novel by an African-American woman, a man who has cheated death finds that his ability to walk through doorways in time brings dark forces into his life. Due employs a lucid, almost stately, prose style to evoke an escalating sense of menace toward a middle-class American family with connections to Ghana.

Talk about Blood Colony: A Novel

The third book in Ms. Due's African Immortal saga is the first one where I felt that the story was not standalone; that a new story would come from the old as well as a reckoning. It was also in my opinion the most politically motivated of all of the books in the series and I don't just mean because of Ms. Due's memorable words in her afterward. The implications of what something like Glow would mean for the world and the few who would try to control its distribution are complicated, far reaching, and worthy of examination as it is in this book. However I occasionally felt as if the message drove the story instead of the other way around. Tying the dissemination of the Living Blood to the Underground Railroad was ingenious and interesting but it also felt at times like clunky intrigue in the story. I don't think I would have it changed though because it resonated perfectly with the also intriguing and symbolic use of conventional Christianity and other interpretations of the Word or "the Letter" in the book. Frankly these are exactly the kind of heady topics you should expect from a story like this one it just meant that I enjoyed the beginning and the latter parts of the book much more than the middle. Three characters fascinated me in this book Fana who is now a grown woman but still innocent and only half done for much of the story. Jimmy who seems in his humanity, his mortality, and his prayers to be the only character the reader can identify with completely. And lastly Jessica who in her struggles and faith gives us all lessons in how to "follow God." Again the Immortals both African and Italian remain the most wild and fascinating creatures to me. Weirdly their arrogant rhetoric only makes them all the more arresting. On to book 4 happily.
Wow. Has it really been over a decade since the saga of Jessica and Dawit first began? After a too-long wait, Tananarive Due has crafted a worthy successor to MY SOUL TO KEEP and THE LIVING BLOOD.

This novel picks up with their daughter, Fana--supposedly the only child born with the magic blood--now a rebellious teenager, and going through all the trials those angst-ridden years inevitably wreak. Except, on top of the raging hormones and looming self-doubts, our fragile Fana has to cope with being treated like a Deity, and feels the crush of the world on her shoulders, literally. How can she best share her miracles with the dying and infirm?

Enter Sanctus Cruor (Catholicism's evil twin). It seems our favorite Africans aren't the only Immortals roaming loose on planet Earth. And perhaps Fana isn't so unique and all-powerful after all. When Fana and her best friend run away, they have no idea what nightmares are lurking around each corner.

So many twisted turns in this story! I won't give all the good stuff away, no spoilers here, just let me say: First love rarely ends up so gory! And few teens have to grow up in the blink of the eye, as Fana does, rising to the occasion, making a choice that will affect the entire human race.

Book 4, we're waiting!

Just a heads up to folks reading this on a Kindle.

The device automatically takes you to the First Chapter even though there's a significant Prologue that should be read. This bug seems to affect each book I buy for my Kindle.

Just navigate to the "Cover" and page forward as normal till you reach the Prologue, then begin...

Another awesome book by Tananarive Due. Enjoy!
I bought this book to complete my collection. This author is the best in the business. Tananarive Due tops my lists of favorites, as her novels are well organized and her characters complex, and well-developed. I always recommend her books because they are page turners and so researched you will find yourself researching history to be sure you did not miss this occurrence some how. This book is the third in the My Soul to Keep, Living Blood trilogy. If you want a head spinning experience, get all three and curl up with these good books.
Excellent. I loved it. It is rare that an author can write sequels and they are just as interesting and entertaining and thought provoking as the original.

I just have two complaints. First, it was too short. Before I knew it, I was at the end, and the end surprised me. Secondly, I give the art work a 1 star. There is nothing about it that would make me pick up the book if I wasn't already familar with her. The only reason I even know who Ms. Due is is becasue the artwork on the cover kept calling me. Finally, I picked the Living Blood up and I have been a fan since.

I highly recommend. I would not mind reading a continuation of this story. I see many variations of this story. I want to hear more about Moses in the future. In fact, I hope Ms. Due will consider it. Ms. Due lost some of her mojo in Joplin's Ghost, but sistah gal has reclaimed her throne in "my" mind. I humbly bow.
The third book in the African Immortals series is possessed of the same compelling, personal, and riveting storytelling as the first two, but is different enough to keep it really interesting.

The story deftly jumps between the perspectives of multiple characters, all the while adding greater depth and complexity to the elements of fantasy established in the first two. Further, the book gently describes a near future that is impressively recognizable.

Finally, the way in which the stakes are raised and the characters grow and reveal more of themselves is truly masterful. I'm very excited to keep reading, if you couldn't tell.
This book, like her others, is fantastic. I'm such a fan of the immortal series. I want to see them as movies soon. Hopefully that's in the works.