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by Charles Shaw,James A. Michener

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  • ISBN 0938349570
  • ISBN13 978-0938349570
  • Language English
  • Author Charles Shaw,James A. Michener
  • Publisher State House Pr; 1st edition (September 1, 1990)
  • Pages 214
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  • Category Fiction
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Recounts the period in Texas history when renegade Sam Houston emigrated to the Mexican state of Tejas and helped lead the 1836 revolution against Mexican president Santa Anna

There are sketches in the book by Charles Shaw, well-known . Thanks to James Michener for his short (by his standards) biographies of these two men--the Eagle and the Raven.

There are sketches in the book by Charles Shaw, well-known artist of things Texas and one of those sketches captures the essential Sam Houston. While still a young man and living with the Indians and visiting the settlements, Sam insists on dressing in Indian fashion, long blanket, feathers and moccasins. The book presents the Eagle and the Raven in alternating chapters and with a sense they are careening toward a showdown, which comes at the battle of San Jacinto.

The Eagle and the Raven was written by James Michener. It was published by State House Press of Austin Texas in 1990. State House Press was owned in part by a former secretary of Michener. Originally the fourth chapter of Michener's novel Texas, The Eagle and the Raven was deleted, but then published separately at the insistence of Debbie Brothers, Michener's former secretary

James A. Michener; Illustrator-Charles Shaw.

James A. Published by University of Texas Press (1986). ISBN 10: 0292780710 ISBN 13: 9780292780712.

Much of Michener's work is novel, with accurate historical background information. Above and beyond this however, The Eagle and the Raven is a study of two men whose similarities almost overpower their differences. This book is not. It is history, and written in an exciting and interesting way. I recommend this book to anyone, whatever their interest. Michener astutely lines up the characteristics and events side by side so the reader can find the overarching pattern. The book is striking when seen for what it was meant to be-a character study of two of the most fascinating men in the 1800s.

James Albert Michener (/ˈmɪtʃənər/ or /ˈmɪtʃnər/; February 3, 1907 – October 16, 1997) was an American author.

Michener, James . Used; Good Book -THE EAGLE AND THE RAVEN. The book portrays these two charismatic but flawed men, each a significant figure in his nation's history, each remembered for radically different consequences.

item 5 THE EAGLE AND THE RAVEN. Michener, James . Used; Good Book.

Raven and Shaw is the relationship between Raven Reyes and Miles Shaw. They are portrayed by starring cast member Lindsey Morgan and recurring cast member Jordan Bolger. They début in the fifth episode of Season Five. Raven and Shaw were in a relationship. It is shown a lot when Raven tells Paxton that she will fly the ship to save Shaw's legs. In Sanctum, they have a brief sexual moment before Shaw heads to the ground. When Raven finds out Shaw was killed by the radiation towers, she breaks up in tears.

Drawings by Charles .

It was published by State House Press of Austin Texas in 1990. Originally the fourth chapter of Michener's novel Texas, The Eagle and the Raven was deleted, but then published separately at the insistence of Debbie Brothers, Michener's former secretary.

Used availability for James A Michener's The Eagle and the Raven. October 1991 : UK Hardback.

by James A. Michener. Includes bibliographical references (p. 213-214). Published 1990 by State House Press in Austin, Tex. In library, Governors, Presidents, Fiction, Protected DAISY, History. Antonio López de Santa Anna (1794?-1876), Sam Houston (1793-1863).

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The Eagle and the Raven was removed by the editor from Michener's book "Texas." Michener then had it published separately. It is a very small book. It contains many facts not widely known unless you are a historian interested in Texas Independence history involving General Santa Anna and General Sam Houston. You do learn from this book that both men were ego driven and rather mad. Santa Anna was crazy for war. He was a brutal murderer who respected no rules of war or of human decency. Sam Houston was a drunk, crude and disgusting. He lived with Indians for several years and they called him "The big drunk." He had Indian mistreses. His teenage white wife, half his age, soon left him in disgust saying she wished him dead. Houston was a political animal, caring only for his own success. His behavior was bizarre, he showed up wrapped in a sheet-like toga to have his official photo taken. He went to Washington dressed like a wild Indian. Both men were evil
I highly recommend another interesting book, much more thorough, that contains revealing info on Houston: Alamo Traces by Thomas Ricks Lindley, published by Republic of Texas Press in 2003. Lindlley reveals new information he found about Sam Houston and the Alamo. He is said to have single-mindedly dedicated years of his life to actually reading every archive, letter, account of Sam Houston and the Alamo
Interesting details that I would never have known. Especially good for those interested in history of US Mexico relations and the personalities of the time period. It may impact our current Mexico relations.
Appropriate for junior high students through adults. Easy, fast read.
These two men were on opposing sides in the separation of Texas from Mexico. Their lives were both similar and very different. Fascinating to compare their parallel lives.
Be sure to read the prologue written by Michener about his enormous productivity in the last decade of his life.
Rocky Basilisk
Michener has done better work, and I love his books. This one was good "reading", and not very long. It was interesting history and I feel like the time was well spent listening to it.
Steel balls
Chose the book because he reveals the challenge he had writing his first children's book, South pacific. Michener is always honest and truthful. Enjoyed every word. In a short book Michener also reveals the true personalities, faults and strengths of the American and Mexican opponents of the Texican/Mexican wars.
Was glad I read it as James A. Michener is a good story teller but as it's a more developed chapter of another book it wasn't as interesting.
Great story, very inspiring. Bad for Santa Ana though. But in my book, No Quarter on the Alamo should have been slow painful death for him.
The book isn't long enough.