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by Barbara Bretton

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  • ISBN 0373512910
  • ISBN13 978-0373512911
  • Language English
  • Author Barbara Bretton
  • Publisher Harlequin Readers' Choice (March 25, 2004)
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  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Genre Fiction
  • Size ePub 1885 kb
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  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 298

Sentimental Journey by Barbara Bretton released on Mar 25, 2004 is available now for purchase.

Three "USA Today" bestselling authors present four new, captivating novels in the Century of American Dreams series that celebrate the hopes and dreams of changing relationships in America over the 20th century.

Sentimental Journey by Barbara Bretton Acclaim for the novels of Barbara Bretton Bretton’s characters are always real and their conflicts believable. Acclaim for the novels of. Barbara Bretton. Bretton’s characters are always real and their conflicts believable.

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Sentimental Journey : Home Front. Read instantly in your browser. Barbara Bretton is the award-winning, bestselling author of over fifty books. She lives with her husband in New Jersey. 2. Stranger in Paradise : Home Front. 3. Where or When : A Pearl Harbor Romanc. arbara Bretton.

The bad news was, getting better meant he would have to say goodbye. By the end of the second week in January, he knew that the time was almost there. with Mrs. Wilson, sometimes on his own, as he tried to figure out what he would do with the rest of his life. The morning mail had brought the news he’d been expecting. As of February 1, 1945, Private Johnny Danza would be a civilian. Any day now he’d be well enough to leave the shelter of the Wilson home and head out on his own again.

Barbara Bretton is a master at touching readers’ hearts And even I had to admit I was the logical choice.

Barbara Bretton is a master at touching readers’ hearts. Barbara Bretton provides a deep tale of individuals struggling with caring connections of the heart. A book readers will want to savor. And even I had to admit I was the logical choice. A tenth-generation witch owns the Cut & Curl across the street from my knit shop. The hardware store is run by the sweetest family of werewolves you’ll ever meet.

Historical Romance Book - Sentimental Journey (Home Front - Book Select questions to ask your readers related to your books and get the buzz started.

Historical Romance Book - Sentimental Journey (Home Front - Book written by Barbara Bretton Read online free sample chapters. Barbara Bretton Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Time Travel Romance, Women's Fiction. Hello! I'm the award-winning, USA Today bestselling author of fifty titles. I hope you'll take some time to learn more about me and sample some of my stories. Books of Barbara Bretton. Spells & Stitches: The Sugar Maple Chronicles - Book 4 Paranormal Romance. Select questions to ask your readers related to your books and get the buzz started.

Sentimental Journey book. The first book in Barbara Bretton's beloved Home Front Series.

Written by Barbara Bretton, Audiobook narrated by Maria Hostage. Home Front, Book 1. By: Barbara Bretton. Narrated by: Maria Hostage. Series: Home Front, Book 1. Length: 8 hrs and 6 mins. Categories: Romance, Historical.

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A very sweet, clean WWII era romance. It follows the Wilson ladies and their men fighting overseas. An interesting glimpse into the 1940's and life during the war. I would have loved an epilogue a little further into the future with updates on these couples!
What an absorbing story about the war, told from the viewpoint of the women left behind. These were women who tried to carry on with jobs and family, while watching for letters that were often far between. They lived through discouraging days and sleepless nights, worrying about their men who were fighting, and above all, dreading receiving a telegram beginning with the words “We regret to inform you…..”
This story centers on Catherine and her family, and the way they deal with wartime. When her father voluntarily enlists, it leaves Catherine, her mom and her younger sister alone. They face some tough challenges, but also have some lovely surprises.
For those of us who are too young to have lived in this period, this story is engrossing and hard to put down. Excellent historical story, with very appealing characters.
Lost Python
I LOVED this book. I just purchased it today, after reading the few pages that each book lets you read. When I started to read - I had to read right through to the end!!! I saw the whole movie in my head as I read the book. Seeing a movie when I read is my highest recommendation for any author. I was totally immersed in the book, okay? Again, I LOVED this book!!! Catherine and Johnny is an awesome love story placed in a time where the world was literally turned upside down.

I was impressed with the feeling of being back in 1943 to 1945. No, I don't remember that time, as I was born in September of 1943. However, I remember some of the stories my mother told about that time during World War II. Yes, I saw Ms. Bretton make her mistake about White Christmas, so what. I learned to sing White Christmas before the movie of the same name came out, because of Holiday Inn.

The rest of the story was as accurate as could be without living during that time. I was completely moved by Catherine's struggle to not give up her job when her father came home. This struggle was going throughout the US, after World War II. No, the struggle wasn't in every household but it was going on in a lot of them. I remember the housing shortage before my parents bought their first home in December 1950. After the war, we lived in the "dumps" where there had been housing for military personnel in Los Angeles. The housing was on the way to the city dump is why they were called that. Long, long ago memory.

I highly recommend that anyone who wants a good romance - DO buy this book. I also can't wait until I buy the next story about Nancy and Gerry.
What a wonderful story by Barbara Bretton, one of the best! This book will pull you into the lives of the characters. There is Dot and Tom, parents of Catherine and Nancy. Catherine is going to marry Douglas when he returns from war. The war is going on between United States, Germany and Japan. Tom is going to leave the family and enlist even though Dot does not want him to leave her or the girls. The family goes to a banquet the day before Tom leaves and they meet Johnny who will be leaving with Tom. Catherine does ask Johnny to protect her father while they are away. The next day news comes that Douglas died at war, Catherine is heart broken and Tom hates leaving his daughter after the news yet he has to go. Catherine is taking over the plant that her father owns and writes letters to her father and Johnny. Nancy is writing to a guy named Gerry who is fighting the Vietnamese. Of course Dot is sending letters to her husband Tom. There are months when they do not receive any mail and all they can do is pray for their safe return and the war to be over. Then on Christmas eve Catherine is awakened by a knock on the door, when she opens the door she sees Johnny who is unconscious, she gets him inside and calls the Doctor. Johnny has shrapnel in his chest, infection in his arm and a high fever. The doctor gives directions to Catherine on how to tend to Johnny. When Dot and Nancy come back home they are shocked to see Johnny and they go about trending to him. They locate a letter in Johnny's pocket, it is from Tom and they are elated to find out that he is alive and Johnny saved his life. This is such as great read, you will have to read the book to find out if Tom returns back home, will Johnny pull through, will Nancy meet her pen pal, Gerry, that she has been writing for 2 years, will Catherine find love after losing Douglas? This is A Must read!
I really wanted to like this book since it was set during WWII, but it didn't take long for me to question how much research the author had done. On page 15 of the 1st chapter, Catherine (main character) writes to her boyfriend that she has seen "White Christmas" three times. If the author had done even a brief search she would have known that movie was not released until 1954, eleven years after the story in this book was taking place. I hate when writers are sloppy with facts, even in a fiction story.
I lived in Duluth Mn. during the war. We lived near a shipyard so of course we had black out curtains and Air Raids. I remember scrimping on EVERYTHING!! Fortunately the foster mom was able to make anything from scratch.
As to the writing, I felt it was drawn out. I skimmed over many pages. I have read this author quite a few times , so this will not deter me from other books.
As most of us have learned when men come back from the war ,they are scarred in some way or other. It takes deep understanding and caring to help them heal. Some never do.