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Download Treasure Mountain (The Louis L'Amour Collection) ePub

by Louis Lamour

Download Treasure Mountain (The Louis L'Amour Collection) ePub
  • ISBN 0553062352
  • ISBN13 978-0553062359
  • Language English
  • Author Louis Lamour
  • Publisher Bantam Doubleday Dell (1982)
  • Formats mbr doc mobi doc
  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Genre Fiction
  • Size ePub 1524 kb
  • Size Fb2 1143 kb
  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 428

In Treasure Mountain, Louis L'Amour delivers a robust story of two brothers searching to learn the fate of their missing father-and finding themselves in a struggle just to stay alive. Orrin and Tell Sackett had come to exotic New Orleans looking for answers to their father's disappearance twenty years before. To uncover the truth, the brothers enlisted the aid of a trailwise Gypsy and a mysterious voodoo priest as they sought to re-create their father's last trek. But Louisiana is a dangerous land, and with one misstep the brothers could disappear in the bayous before they even set foot on the trail-a trail that led to whatever legacy their father had left behind . . . and a secret worth killing for. --

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I can't say enough about these Sacketts and Louis L'Amour. I've enjoyed every word. Every story. Every shootout. And even the beauty of the country. L. L'Amour is not only very talented, but very imaginative. Sometime I'm even nervous just reading. You are going to so enjoy reading about the Sacketts and the country they helped discover and tamed. Enjoy! But except to be late to work whenever you read the night before. You just can't put the book down.
I have loved the Sacketts since I saw the made-for-TV movie in the 80s. We bought every Sackett book we could at used book stores. Now I have become an eBook reader because it is so much easier on my arthritis, I am gradually replacing all of my beloved paperbacks and hardbacks with eBooks so I will still be able to read them. Any Sackett book will be filled with adventure, excitement, danger, and most certainly, love. .
Orin Sackett has travelled to New Orleans to try to find any information about the last trip his father made as a guide in the western lands. Ma was getting on in years and she was worrying on what had happened to him. He never came back from that last trip and Pa was a hard man to kill. They might not find out where he died but Orin knew he had to try. All he had to go on was the name of the man with whom he was to travel, Pierre Bontemps. He tried asking around to see if anyone had known Pierre Bontemps, even though they had left New Orleans on their quest twenty years ago. Suddenly he was being stalked by a beautiful, blond, matahari. Four days later his older brother, William Tell Sackett, rode into town to help him search, but Orin was nowhere to be found!
A more complex story than most of the Louis L'Amour series and very entertaining, involving several other familiar Sacketts and giving more attention to "The tinker" than the few stories he has been in. It starts with intrigue in New Orleans and then winds toward the West with the "bad guys" shadowing every move Tell and Orrin Sackett's little group makes, hoping to kill them like they did their father and make off with the buried treasure his father had searched for 20 years earlier.
This narrative tells a long story about Tell and Orrin Sackett hunting their father, or his grave, in the southern Rockies. The story tends to dwell for long durations on the hunt. Several situations (gun battles, new characters, old friends found) keeps the story moving but at a slower pace than other L`Amour writings. I enjoyed reading it, and I would recommend your reading it also. I guess I am just more impatient than I should have been.
I have the complete collection of the hard bound books of L'Amour, and I've enjoyed reading several times over the years. Now I'm beginning to collect them on my Kindle. His writings are such that they continue to draw you back, and they are much easier to carry on my Kindle. I do wish that Amazon offered the collection in a bundle that is affordable.
It's so easy
Louis L'Amour is a good writer, who's books are predictable and fun to read. If you want unexpected plot twists and bad guys to be heros pick another author.
Chose the rating because has a good plot with a lot of twists and turns. At the same time, the story seemed to carry on a little too long because of those twists and turns. When the end came it seemed a little abrupt. But overall, a good read
Can't go wrong with Louis L'Amour