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by Palliser

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  • ISBN 0862412218
  • ISBN13 978-0862412210
  • Language English
  • Author Palliser
  • Publisher Ballantine Books; First Edition edition (1989)
  • Pages 800
  • Formats rtf lrf mbr mobi
  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Genre Fiction
  • Size ePub 1658 kb
  • Size Fb2 1660 kb
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 604

The Quincunx (The Inheritance of John Huffam) is the epic first novel of Charles Palliser.

The Quincunx (The Inheritance of John Huffam) is the epic first novel of Charles Palliser. It takes the form of a Dickensian mystery set in early 19th century England, but Palliser has added the modern attributes of an ambiguous plot and unreliable narrators. Many of the puzzles that are apparently solved in the story have an alternative solution in the subtext.

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That Palliser succeeds in capturing this distant world of Victorian fiction is impressive enough for openers

Compulsively readabl. ascinatin. novel that is not only in the Victorian tradition, but beyond i. Its plot is as complex as the labyrinths of ‘Bleak House’ or ‘The Woman in White,’ and in its hero, John Huffam, Palliser has created a character who combines the two greatest qualities of the Victorian protagonist. Few novelists these days have the courage and strength to write a novel of this length, depth, breadth and imagination. That Palliser succeeds in capturing this distant world of Victorian fiction is impressive enough for openers. That he makes The Quincunx a gripping read throughout most of its length is practically miraculous.

An extraordinary modern novel in the Victorian tradition, Charles Palliser has created something extraordinary-a plot within a plot within a plot of family secrets, mysterious clues, low-born birth, high-reaching immorality, and, always, always the fog-enshrouded, enigmatic character of 19th century-London itself.

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The Quincunx is an epic Dickensian-like mystery novel set in 19th century . Charles Palliser was born in the US but has lived in the UK since childhood.

The Quincunx is an epic Dickensian-like mystery novel set in 19th century England, and concerns the varying fortunes of young John Huffam and his mother. For a number of years he lectured in English at the University of Strathclyde but resigned to write full time after the success of The Quincunx. He is the author of four novels. For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more.

ISBN 10: 0345364635 ISBN 13: 9780345364630. Publisher: Ballantine Books, 1990.

The Quincunx - Charles Palliser. Whenever I'm asked, I will always rate this book as my all-time favourite

The Quincunx - Charles Palliser. The air feels charged with an electric buzz. Whenever I'm asked, I will always rate this book as my all-time favourite More.

Talk about The Quincunx

Well I finished and it seems I have received my full money's worth of intricate family secrets and period topics of degradation but I feel like I lost a little of my sanity somewhere in the last 300 pages. I will be honest and say, that while the research for this book was impeccable and should be applauded along with the dedication to create such a sprawling atmospheric novel that paid homage to so many easily recognized classics- the story just didn't burn consistently enough for this reader. The beginning was very slow to get my attention and too much coaxing was required to keep that spark of interest going that my mind wandered constantly to other reads that were waiting patiently, errands that needed done and everything but this book. I had such expectations and hopes that this title would completely immerse me and hold me to the last page but sometimes impulsive purchases of books do not fully satisfy. I think that is what happened here in this instance.

I will say that The Quincunx did deliver: a well researched period mystery that could not be simply solved within a few chapters- I'm just not sure it was fully worth the effort on my part. I did find there were moments especially in the latter beginning that I felt a connection with a few characters but this unfortunately did not last and I really came to dislike the main character and all of the misadventures. I am so sorry to say, that the story was repetitious in many ways and the hidden strands of secrets just didn't recapture my attention after the middle portion of the story sagged horribly with slow rambling passages of dialogue. I thought the story ran on for about 300 pages too many and by the end I couldn't wait to be done but also became little miffed by the final disclosures. I'm sure some reader will absolutely love this beyond elaborate homage to the 19th-century classics but for this reader, I wish I paid more attention to other reviews and just picked this up at my local library.
Slow start, but characters and setting build beautifuly. Painful to read at times, as the hero and heroin are put through one miserable test after another, sinking in to London's lowest, dirty, dishonest, frightening ugliness from the criminals to their own family. I was engrossed with the experiences and plot with constantly deepening complexity in terms of the family dynamic and contest for gaining the estate. At times, the length of time on a topic or discussion went too far and became difficult to read. I did appreciate that my instincts, or guesses, on what was really happening was rewarded when a mystery was solved, though excrutiating waiting for it to be revealed while John suffers. So many twists and turns, and amazing that Palliser was able to connect it all and make sense of it despite such a tangled web. I had difficulty following the lengthy historical run downs of the family fighting and relatives, though ultimately this did not detract from my overall enjoyment of the book. I was disappointed with the very ending, but still enjoyed experiencing all the mystery and suspense and danger in the comfort of my home and Kindle app.
If you like the Dickens type of writing, you’d definitely enjoy this. It’s quire a door stopper of a book with a long, entangled story, and a mystery of sorts thrown in for good measure. While Dickens was a master at describing his characters do well, you could envision them in your mind, this author isn’t quite as strong in that area, but it’s still a well written, good read. If you want a lot of bang for your buck , ( in other words, a really long book that’ll take awhile to complete ) , this may be a good one to try * Note, there is a spicy partway through that drags a bit. Keep pushing through it, as it is worth it to finish.
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Easily one of the best novels I have ever read. Don't let the size of this novel deter you. It moves quickly and consistently keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is a masterpiece of character development, mystery, suspense and an accurate portrayal of the Victorian era. The complex action and plot are neatly tied up at the end. Did you love Charles Dickens and Wilkie Collins? Do you enjoy Sarah Waters? You will love this novel. It will take you places you have never been, and you will never forget this tour de force.
Charles Palliser produced a masterpiece with this book. He's so close to Dickens himself in terms of characterization, plotting, and execution, it's remarkable. This book reads like a melange of Bleak House and David Copperfield, with plotting so tight and a story so gripping that the five times I've read this book I did NOTHING else for the last few hundred pages. Imagine reading while trying to cut the grass, do laundry, eat dinner, etc. It's a shame that this hasn't been put on Kindle or (especially) been treated to an excellent reading (by, say, Timothy West) on Audible. But at least it's back in print. It would appear that this one magnum opus sucked Charles Palliser dry, judging by his subsequent output, though I hope he regains his stride soon.
Plot was intricate, difficult to follow but riveting. However the detail was overwhelming. The author clearly did a lot of research...and it seems felt compelled to include every note he took. Complex family entanglements and complex legal issues made story difficult to follow. Hero has over the top harrowing mishaps. Some begged belief. Dialogue was difficult to follow with all the misspellings and slang evidently used during time period. Book needed a glossary or terms and dialogue.