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by James Branch Cabell

Download Figures of Earth: A Comedy of Appearances ePub
  • ISBN 1434614794
  • ISBN13 978-1434614797
  • Language English
  • Author James Branch Cabell
  • Publisher BiblioBazaar (June 18, 2007)
  • Pages 250
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  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory History and Criticism
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Illustrated by Frank C. Pape

Illustrated by Frank C. Pape. Figures of Earth is, with some superficial air of paradox, the onevolume in the long Biography of Dom Manuel's life which deals with DomManuel himself.

Illustrated by Frank C. Most of the matter strictly appropriate to a Preface youmay find, if you so elect, in the Foreword addressed to Sinclair Lewis.

James Branch Cabell's grandfather, Robert Gamble Cabell, was a. .Figures Of Earth: A Comedy Of Appearances (1921). The Jewel Merchants (1921). Joseph Hergesheimer (1921).

James Branch Cabell's grandfather, Robert Gamble Cabell, was a physician; his father, Robert Gamble Cabell II (1847–1922), had an MD, but practiced as a druggist; his mother, Anne Harris (1859–1915), was the daughter of Lieutenant Colonel James R. Branch, of the Army of the Confederate States of America. During his life, Cabell published fifty-two books, including novels, genealogies, collections of short stories, poetry, and miscellanea. He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1937.

Cabell James Branch So I made that evening a memorandum of that historical circumstance; and for some months this book existed only in the form of that memorandum.

Figures of Earth James Branch Cabell A Comedy of Appearances 1921 Illustrated by Frank C. Papé. So I made that evening a memorandum of that historical circumstance; and for some months this book existed only in the form of that memorandum. Then, through, as it were, this wholly isolated window, I began to grope at "the book about Manuel,"-of whom I had hitherto learned only, from my other romances, who were his children, and who had been the sole witness of Dom Manuel's death, inasmuch as I had read about that also, with some interest, in the fourth chapter of "Jurgen"; and.

Figures of Earth book.

The book follows the earthly career of Dom Manuel the Redeemer from his origins as a swineherd, through his elevation to the rank of Count of Poictesme, to his death. Figures of Earth - James Branch Cabell. It forms the second volume of Cabell's gigantic Biography of the Life of Manuel. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Wildside PressReleased: Aug 7, 2017ISBN: 9781479428069Format: book. carousel previous carousel next.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Figures of Earth, by James Branch Cabell, Illustrated by Frank C. E-text prepared by Suzanne Shell, Project Gutenberg Beginners Projects, Sandra Brown, and the Project Gutenberg Online Distributed Proofreading Team. A Comedy of Appearances. Part two the book of spending. Part four the book of surcharge. Part five the book of settlement.

Download James Branch Cabell's Figures Of Earth; A Comedy Of Appearances for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile. It is the figure of a man, which I have modeled and re-modeled, sir, but cannot seem to get exactly to my liking

Download James Branch Cabell's Figures Of Earth; A Comedy Of Appearances for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile. It is the figure of a man, which I have modeled and re-modeled, sir, but cannot seem to get exactly to my liking. So it is necessary that I keep laboring at it until the figure is to my thinking and my desire. But, Manuel, what need is there for you to model it at all?" "Because my mother, sir, was always very anxious for me to make a figure in the world, and when she lay a-dying I promised her that I would do so, and then she put a geas upon me to do i.

A Comedy of Appearances. Black cloth, in dust wrapper. John Michael Lang Fine Books is a brick & mortar book shop in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. Fine bright condition; the jacket has a bit of light edge wear. With magnificent illustrations by Frank C. We are located at: 5416 - 20th Ave. NW Seattle, WA 98107 Our phone number is 206 624 4100. We maintain an inventory of fine books, photographs, art, and ephemera in many fields. Occasional catalogs issued. Visit Seller's Storefront.

Cabell's eighth (and best-known) book, Jurgen, A Comedy of Justice (1919), was the subject of a celebrated obscenity case shortly after its publication. The eponymous hero, who considers himself a "monstrous clever fellow", embarks on a journey through ever more fantastic realms, even to hell and heaven.

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Mundus vult decipi - the world wants to be deceived - and the happier man is one whose desires remain unfulfilled inform all of Cabell's writing. As the chroniclers write of Poictesme's redemption:

"For although this was a very heroic war, with a parade of every sort of high moral principle, and with the most sonorous language employed upon both sides, it somehow failed to bring about either the reformation or the ruin of humankind: and after the conclusion of the murdering and general breakage, the world went on pretty much as it has done after all other wars, with a vague notion that a deal of time and effort had been unprofitably invested, and a conviction that it would be inglorious to say so." (p. 183)

And as Manuel tells Sesphra:

"The devil of it was that these proud aims did not stay unattained! Instead, I was cursed by getting my will, and always my reward was nothing marvelous and rare, but that quite ordinary figure of earth, a human woman. And always in some dripping dawn I turned with abhorrence from myself and from the sated folly that had hankered for such prizes, which, when possessed showed as not wonderful in any thing, and which possession left likable enough, but stripped of dear bewitchments." (p. 210)

What saves Cabell's work from sinking into the unrelieved and brutal cynicism of more recent works like Joe Abercrombie's The Blade Itself or Terry Goodkind's Wizard's First Rule is the author's sharp wit and humor. And, above all, Cabell's acceptance that things aren't all that bleak despite people's foolishness and the futility of desire:

"So you waste time, my friend, in trying to convince me of all human life's failure and unimportance, for I am not in sympathy with this modern morbid pessimistic way of talking. It has a very ill sound, and nothing whatever is to be gained by it." (p. 283)

This is the most enjoyable of Cabell's work I've read so far, but I hesitate to recommend him only because he's such an idiosyncratic writer - I've never read anyone quite like Cabell, though I would encourage anyone to try him. Figures of Earth is a good place to start, but Jurgen or The Silver Stallion are also representative and readable examples of his work. And, though they're all linked by theme and many common characters, they're also standalone novels; you can read them in no particular order (Jurgen was my first Cabell novel).
Arabella V.
This is one of his shorter novels, but incredibly rich from beginning to end. I don't consider it inferior to any of his books. Some readers will be completely befuddled by his references to obscure mytholigies, his strange spelling of what turn out to be familiar names, and his use of anagrams. My recomendation is to read it. If the names of gods and queens have no resonance, read them as characters in the novel. Don't waste time looking for Manuel's County on a map. This is a fantasy grounded firmly in a fantatsic view of history and human nature and human mythlogy.

At some point something may click. It's not like a secret being revealed; it's just another layer to the story. One of the central dynamics is the contrast between youth and age. This alone may inspire a re-reading. Some may be put off by Cabell's jaundiced view of humanity, its strivings, and its hypocricies. Others may be put off by the clear immoralty of its characters and its raucous blending of fantasy and history. Don't feel sorry for such people; they cause more misery than they suffer.
Absolutely a must eat relevant to ur times. A superb word smith creation.
This book has some very funny moments, it's main flaws are pacing and trying to set the right tone.
great story, my personal favorite of Cabell, of course I have not read it all. But I hope to read King Rat soon.
This reading like that of Jurgen was exceptionally well done. Both of these I would categorize as remarkable nonsense of the most useful nature.
I rarely review a purchase. I even more rarely return a book. The typeface used in this book is terrible, faded, and almost unreadable. It appears to have been typeset with a typewriter. Although probably not important to the story, none of the original illustrations are in this edition (it just says "[Illustration]" where there should be an actual illustration). Curling up with this oversized book (I didn't expect 8 1/2 by 11 size pages) would have all the charm of reading an ancient hand-typed grad-school monograph on the crystalline structure of dipenzenemonophosphate. I strongly recommend finding another edition. That's what I will do.