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by Debbie Macomber

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  • ISBN 0778301176
  • ISBN13 978-0778301172
  • Language English
  • Author Debbie Macomber
  • Publisher Mira (January 1, 2006)
  • Pages 384
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  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Literary
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  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 362

Every Thursday at eight, four women meet to talk and share their lives. As one life-changing year unfolds, it becomes a true celebration of friends helping each other through the tough times.

Praise for Thursdays at Eight by. DEBBIE MACOMBER. Macomber’s women serve as bedrock for one another in this sometimes tearful, always uplifting tale that will make readers wish they could join this charming breakfast club.

Praise for Thursdays at Eight by. Not simply a work of fiction but the culmination of personal experiences that translate into the meaning of life for women in particular and people in general. Friendship-rather, friendships-is what the book is all about. builds on her reputation of giving women readers what they want in the books they read. The Sunday Oklahoman.

Thursdays at Eight was her first departure from the traditional romance novel into contemporary women's fiction. Macomber also now writes inspirational nonfiction, including cookbooks and children's books

Thursdays at Eight was her first departure from the traditional romance novel into contemporary women's fiction. Macomber's novels focus on delivering the message of the story and do not include detailed descriptive passages. Macomber also now writes inspirational nonfiction, including cookbooks and children's books. Macomber owns a yarn store in Port Orchard, Washington, and there is a Debbie Macomber line of knitting pattern books. In July 2013, the Hallmark Channel began airing its first-ever original, scripted series based on her Cedar Cove book series.

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You can only decide how you’re going to live. Joan Baez Chapter 25 CLARE CRAIG Clare turned off the vacuum and heard the phone in the background as the Hoover moaned to a stop. g for the cordless she had no idea if this was the first ring or the fifth. Hello, she said, slightly breathless. Although she could well afford a cleaning service, she preferred to do her own housework. She joked that it helped her work out her aggressions, which was true; she also felt that she could better maintain the kind of control she wanted over her environment.

Today, Debbie Macomber is not only active in writing books

Debbie Macomber has written mostly romantic novels since the early 1980’s but during 2002, she realized that she was having a difficult time identifying with her young heroines thus she started focusing more her stories on friendship. The book Thursdays at Eight served as her departure from her usual romance novels into the world of contemporary women’s fiction. Today, Debbie Macomber is not only active in writing books. At the age of 64, she is a volunteer mentor for young writers and she is also active in fundraising for the shelters for battered women in the USA.

Thursdays at Eight: A Ro. .has been added to your Cart. I think this is Debbie Macomber at her best! The four main characters were different from each other but were realistic women whom you would like to have as friends. Each one changed and grew as the book developed.

Thursdays At Eight book. I love Debbie Macomber 's books. They never disappoint. They are so wholesome.

Thursdays at Eight - Debbie Macomber. 40. It’s the good girls who keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time.

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Another wonderful book by Debbie Macomber. This book portrays four women who meet for breakfast every Thursday morning.

As one life-changing year unfolds it becomes a true celebration of friends helping each other through the tough times. Having just suffered a heartbreaking divorce, Clare is bitter and angry. Another wonderful book by Debbie Macomber. Each one has different problems in her life.

Mocha Moments, Breakfast Club Every week, these words appear in the calendars of four women.

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Four very different women meet at a journaling class and form a strong bond. Though I was a little perplexed as to why such different women did decide to form a breakfast club, there is no doubt that they cared for one another and were there for each other in good times and in bad.
Claire is a woman whose husband Michael has left her for a much younger manicurist. Bitterness and anger have taken over her life, but a life-altering event leads her and her two teenage sons to re-evaluate their situation.
Liz is a smart and savvy hospital administrator. Can a mature and educated widow find lasting happiness with a womanizing doctor whose top priority is bedding her?
Karen is the youngest member of the group and is constantly at odds with her family. She yearns to be an actress, preferably star in her own sitcom. Her family thinks she needs to be realistic and become a teacher.
Julia is the happily married mother of two children who has just begun her own business. She seems to have it all when a surprise pregnancy disrupts the life she has planned for herself.
This book looks at one year in the life of these friends as they cope with joys and sorrows, romantic possibilites and career challenges. Through it all, they faithfully meet each Thursday morning for breakfast and give unwavering support and encouragement to each other.
Readers will no doubt long to join Claire, Liz, Karen, and Julia each week at Mocha Moments and take part in this warm and sincere support group.
Thursdays at Eight is an enchanting story about four very different women who have reached a critical point in their lives, a point where decisions made or not made will result in life altering changes with no return trip.
At first I thought this would be a nice warm, fuzzy read but after finishing the story I realized it is really a story about all people, that we all face stunning challenges at different points in our lives. This tale portrays the importance of friendship and family and the ability to discern what is truly important and what is merely desire. I enjoyed this book far more than I thought I would, and after finishing it and thinking about it, I felt that it nudges you to examine your own life and the choices we all make.
The four women range in age from their twenties to early fifties. Their marital status, married, divorced, single and widowed, some have children, some do not. The amazing thing is that they could almost be combined into an "every-woman" and this is what draws the reader into their lives and their decisions that they reach as they meet for breakfast each Thursday morning to discuss their week.
This book follows four new friends through one year, with each chapter starting with an entry into one of their journals. Over the year, they each experience many life-changing events, as they gain insight, compassion, and hope. Although the storyline was predictable, this book was a pleasure to read. I liked the characters, the mix of ages involved. I would recommend it to anyone who wanted a pleasant, easy read.
I have read many of Debbie Macomber's books. I really like the Christmas books as they are fun reads. I actually bought this book "Thursdays at Eight" for my mom as she had just read one of the Christmas books and thought it was a hoot! My mom read 3 pages and said she would not read any more of it. She thought the content was crude and I had to agree in that I'm not all that fond of people talking about getting "scr--ed." I think that better and less vulgar language can be used. I had to take my gift back and I decided it was not something that I really wanted to read myself, so I shipped it back to Amazon. The company is great about returns by the way! Right after this I purchased another of Debbie's books called "Susannah's Garden." I found it a good read. A few words, some adult content, but nother I would call vulgar. It just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover and one book cannot be judged by all the other marvelous ones that Ms. Macomber has written. I will still be a reader of hers.
Very Happy Customer.
I'm a HUGE Debbie Macomber fan as I too am from a town in N.W. very near where she writes about. I have been reading her books for years and years. Have read everyone of them. They are all great. The characters are delightful and I've even pondered on some of the plots.
I enjoyed this book from the first page. The four women featured, all so different, were equally likable, but I confess my favorite story line was Claire's, with Karen a close runner-up. The book is beautifully crafted, the prose deceptively simple yet enormously effective, and most importantly, Macomber engages our emotions. We laugh, we cry, we agonize, and in the end we celebrate each victory as if it were our own. Bravo! This was a terrific hardcover debut.
I thought characters came to life and book came to its logical conclusion.