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by Adam Dunn

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  • ISBN 1608193071
  • ISBN13 978-1608193073
  • Language English
  • Author Adam Dunn
  • Publisher Bloomsbury USA (September 28, 2010)
  • Pages 288
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  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory Literary
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  • Rating: 4.7
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New York City has never been an easy place to make it, but in the year 2013, it's a little tougher than usual. Race riots. Massive unemployment. Rampant crime. Vacant buildings now housing a thriving black market. A worthless currency and a broken government. Welcome to the Second Great Depression. Some have adapted to life in tomorrow's Big Apple. Like Renny, a part-time fashion photographer and full-time drug dealer who oversees a network of taxicabs running contraband through the underground party circuit. He works for Reza, an enterprising immigrant who has turned the city's nightlife down a deadly road.Others in the city are just trying to hang on. Like Detective Sixto Santiago, part of an experimental new NYPD unit known as the Citywide Anticrime Bureau (CAB), squads of undercover cops in taxicabs who are meant to hold down the chaos just enough to keep tourists coming. Santiago's new assignment will send him after the man both Renny and Reza must ultimately answer to, a criminal visionary known only as the Slav. But Santiago's most dangerous foe just might be his new partner. From the grime of the city's taxi garages to the sterilized peaks where high finance and organized crime converge, Rivers of Gold is a kaleidoscopic vision of the near future gone hideously wrong.

Rivers of Gold is a near-future novel, which does a good job of portraying some of the dystopian elements which exist in our current society, but appear to go unnoticed by most regular people

Rivers of Gold is a near-future novel, which does a good job of portraying some of the dystopian elements which exist in our current society, but appear to go unnoticed by most regular people.

Rivers of Gold is brilliant! Dunn is one of those true rarities among crime novelists: a natural storyteller with a. .As with any new endeavor, though, a creator leans toward balance or extremes

Rivers of Gold is brilliant! Dunn is one of those true rarities among crime novelists: a natural storyteller with a breathtaking style and an unstoppable imagination. As with any new endeavor, though, a creator leans toward balance or extremes. With a novel like Rivers of Gold, the positive of so many creative things going on, practically at the same time, in a kaleidoscopic frenzy, generates reader interest–for those who can keep up, anyway. For example, you’d have to know what ‘teabagging’ and ‘Charybdis’ are to get past the first section title alone.

Hardcover: 288 pages.

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More, in unusually gabby agreement, nodded. They were watching roughly three hundred cabdrivers at afternoon prayer, kneeling on rugs in the taxi holding lot at LaGuardia Airport,. facing Mecca and the Grand Central Parkway. This was overflown at an obtuse angle by big transatlantic inbounds from Benin, Bahrain, Medina, and Ankara

Dunn Books is the official publishing company of Adam Dunn, author of "Rivers of Gold","The Big Dogs". The Handmaid's Tale' is adapted from a novel, which is getting a sequel.

Dunn Books is the official publishing company of Adam Dunn, author of "Rivers of Gold","The Big Dogs". Will the show dive into the contents of the new Margaret Atwood book? Dunn Books. 9 August at 09:00 ·. See all. Videos. Adam Dunn Talks With Bestselling Author Jeffrey Robinnson. 2. Adam Dunn Talks With Military Intelligence Expert . Adam Dunn Talks with Arthur Holland Michel.

Written by Adam Dunn, Audiobook narrated by Thomas Eldon Anderson. Rivers of Gold is the first in the More series of dystopian thrillers featuring MARSOC operator Everett "Ever" More and NYPD Detective Sixto Santiago. The series is set in the Second Great Depression. The primary locale is New York City. The economy is shattered, the government is helpless, and crime and disease run rampant. An underground party circuit has developed, wherein rival cartels use a network of taxicabs to move contraband around the city.

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Rivers of London (Midnight Riot in the US) is the first novel in the series of the same name by English author Ben Aaronovitch

Rivers of London (Midnight Riot in the US) is the first novel in the series of the same name by English author Ben Aaronovitch. The novel was released on 10 January 2011 through Gollancz and was well received by critics, earning a Galaxy National Book Awards nomination for Aaronovitch in the New Writer of the Year award.

Steve Dunn - Gold aLocks And The Three Weres.

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I hate using "page turner" in a review. But, since I'm having trouble typing this with my left hand, I think it's appropriate. My right is sprained from the speed flipping. Dunn asks just one thing - buy the premises that he sets up. Given that, hang on all the way to the conclusion. Please read the Product Description above for an ample set-up.

In a/the New York City of a few years from now, we meet the normal group of cops and drug dealers and cab drivers. Cab drivers? Yeah, and they are the cops. Or, are they the drug dealers? Both? Dunn's NYC is based on a nominally plausible projection of today's world; but extremely unlikely to occur in my reality. Your reality may vary.

I don't think there is one character in this book that I want to actually meet (no offense to those modeled after some real and presumably very nice folks). But the characters all fit into this world - and some of them are lulus. Psychiatry as a field is secure with people like these around.

There is action throughout this book and absolutely no way to catch your breath without putting the book out of sight for a while. The pursuit of justice, or whatever, is relentless and the hero's cop partner is not to be believed - but it's healthier to do so anyway. The bad guys (and gals) are very, very bad and the good guys are very, very not necessarily much better.

If you are not offended by bad language, blood, sex (obligatory, consensual, illegal, etc), drugs (illegal, etc), blood, guns, violence, and blood - then order this one. If any one or a combination of those features disturb you, you'll miss out one heck of a good book; but you don't dare risk it. There are enough folks like me to amp up the sales.

I am astounded that this is a first book and I am glad that there is ample opportunity for this to be a series. Don't worry though, this is a complete book in itself. Keep writing, Adam.
Storyline was ok. Too many unnecessary tangents that don't tie in. The writing was difficult to follow at times. Felt like the author was trying too hard.
Awesome read! I love his twisted mind! I want to know more about the ones that lived! Enjoyed the history as well.
Welcome to New York City and the Second Great Depression. Everywhere you look, there is death, destruction and drugs. Crime is rampant and an underground party circuit has evolved to sate the needs of the depressed citizens. Enter the NYPD’s CAB unit – the Citywide Anticrime Bureau. But will a handful of detectives in beat up old taxicabs be enough to save the city from the influx of drugs and crime lords? It’s up to Detective Sixto Santiago and his partner Everett More to find out.

Rivers of Gold is filled with some of the oddest and most interesting characters I’ve read in a long time. Renny is a fashion photographer by day, drug runner by night. If he can keep making enough money selling drugs at night, he can continue his leisurely quest to shoot the photos he likes, when he likes. For me, his voice is the prominent one, although equal time is given between himself and Detective Santiago.

While Renny was sometimes hard to like – he can be a bit of a womanizer – I liked Santiago almost from the start. He had a rough childhood but didn’t let it hold him back nor did he let him lead him down the wrong path. He’s constantly conflicted when it comes to his job because his new partner continually crosses the line between what he thinks a cop should and shouldn’t do.

Everett More, Santiago’s partner, is like nothing I’ve ever read before. Even after having finished the book, I’m not sure whether I like him or not. He was over the top, a little scary and downright odd from the moment you meet him. Something that nagged at me in regards to the series is that they’re referred to as the More series and yet, More’s point of view isn’t one you get to see at all during the novel. It isn’t something that will detract from your enjoyment, but it did make me scratch my head at times.

Rivers of Gold was an interesting twist on your usual police procedural. Taking us to a New York that never existed and giving us a brigade of cops in cabs only added to the uniqueness. My biggest issue with this series was the endless paragraphs detailing makes and models of cars and weapons and other things. While detail is very important, too much can be overkill and has a tendency to kick me out of the story, no matter how much I’m enjoying it. In addition, once Santiago begins to wonder about More, you begin to wonder about him, too. Finding out his secrets becomes almost as important as finding out who’s supplying the drugs to Renny. Despite the sometimes overload of detail, the story is gripping and engaging.

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Okay, hold on tight. NYC 2013. Man in a taxi thinking about money and sex. My first impression of Renny was that he was a fat, boring version of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho travelling through an NYC that seemed recognizable to me. But wait, it’s meant to be a dystopian future version of NYC after some huge financial crash and an over running of drugs… It’s always tough when fiction falls short of reality.

Now there is a storyline and once you get into it, it is good but it’s hard to get past the layers of (to a woman) boring man-stuff. There’s a fashion in women-centric novels at the moment for including the recipes of the foods the characters eat, and in Rivers of Gold, there is so much talk of cocktails that I felt it was just the same need being fulfilled but differently. The sex talk is grim and sounds like it’s coming out of a middle aged semi-alcoholic man who is partial to botox, as in ‘no thanks, I’m late for a spin class’. But I can imagine plenty of guys really love those scenes. Plus Renny gives girls head, so that make him a modern-thinking man, right?
But enough of the man bashing, because Rivers of Gold is a good book. Dunn has some great ideas and thoughts, which translate well on paper as the thoughts and ideas of his characters. He can also write well and in this age of self-publishing, that has to be recognized.