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by Robin Pilcher

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  • ISBN 0786219114
  • ISBN13 978-0786219117
  • Language English
  • Author Robin Pilcher
  • Publisher Thorndike Pr (May 1, 1999)
  • Pages 699
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  • Category Fiction
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  • Rating: 4.2
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David travels from his native Scotland to Long Island, where a gardening job and a lonely young boy help him discover reasons to go on living after the death of his wife from cancer

An Ocean Apart: A Novel Mass Market Paperback – April 1, 2008. In Robin Pilcher, readers will discover both a fresh new voice in fiction and the delightful echoes of his talented, bestselling mother Rosamunde Pilcher.

An Ocean Apart: A Novel Mass Market Paperback – April 1, 2008. by. Robin Pilcher (Author).

This was the debut novel for Robin Pilcher, son of the better-known writer Rosamunde Pilcher. I am enjoying Robin Pilcher's books. David, a businessman who has been grieving and depressed, flies to America for an important meeting. AS an author, his style is not unlike his mother's, and I have enjoyed Rosamunde Pilcher's books for years. So happy to find well-written novels that are not gruesome or over-infused with sex.

An Ocean Apart: A Novel. An Ocean Apart - Robin Pilcher. Writing with deep sensitivity to human frailty, desires and joys that readers of his mother, Rosamunde Pilcher, have come to cherish, Robin Pilcher's An Ocean Apart will be embraced by generations of readers now and in years to come. Read on the Scribd mobile app. Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Publisher: Macmillan PublishersReleased: Feb 4, 2014ISBN: 9781466862166Format: book.

On a visit to the . a Scottish whisky distiller takes a break from corporate life by going to work as a gardener for a wealthy couple

On a visit to the . a Scottish whisky distiller takes a break from corporate life by going to work as a gardener for a wealthy couple. Without revealing his identity, he becomes the confidant of the wife, whose husband is unfaithful, and he helps their troubled son. But a move to force him out of his company cuts short the idyll, not to mention that being a widower he has children to look after.

He knew that it would take his last ounce of fortitude to suffer the tedious train journey back out to Long Island. David was home-and, chucking his brief-case onto the table, went over to the sink to fill up the kettle. As he plugged it in, a slight movement on the sofa in the corner of the room made him turn around abruptly. David? Jesus, what a fright you gave me!. He walked over to the sofa. He knew something was wrong immediately

This was the debut novel for Robin Pilcher, son of the better-known writer Rosamunde Pilcher. An Ocean Apart by Robin Pilchner Loved this book after I found out the author has a relative that is also an author. Clever plotting as a business thread alternates with David's personal story. This one is about a man who has lost his wife and he helps run a whiskey business with his father. He still has 3 kids and his mother looks after them as he wraps his head around his loss.

Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 17 years ago. This book was a joy to read. I found it heartwarming, simple and sweet, and although other readers objected to what they thought was a simplistic and cliched plot, I did not. The story concerns upper-class Scotsman David Inchelvie, who has lost his beloved wife Rachel to cancer.

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I've read all Robin (and Rosamunde) Pilcher's books but it's been some time since I read the last one, which I really enjoined - Starburst. So whether it was that I had unrealistically high expectations and even perhaps my reading tastes have changed, but I was disappointed in this book.

In short, the plot was simply implausible and unrealistic. The main character, David, had suffered the loss of his beloved wife Rachel, and had fallen into a deep depression. He was on an extended leave from the family business when it was decided it was necessary for him to conduct business in the US. Things start off disastrously, but within days, he's recovered, is a new man and has made fast friends of a circle of people. The pieces fall together just too unrealistically easy. Not only did David possess an incredible variety of skills, all of which he could perform at a high level, was good looking and his family was wealthy and titled. If that didn't make him obnoxious enough, when his wife dies, he indulges himself by not returning to work and doing gardening.

Working for the family business apparently allowed him the benefit of being able to take a leave to nurse his wife through her illness and ultimate death. His father came out of retirement to help fill the gap vacated by David's extended absence and the strain was showing. Instead of eventually returning to work, David indulged himself by doing gardening and it was a month after his wife's death when he was sent to the US. Instead of returning to Scotland and home/business after he made an utter mess of the meeting he was sent to attend, he decides to extend his stay, despite the fact he'd promised his children to return for some family events. While some may argue the fact he had the children return to boarding school after their mother's death, it actually seems that this was what the children wanted - a return to their normal environment.

The book was not without charm, but it skittered from one amazing coincidence to another in a totally unrealistic and even almost obnoxious way. . David was perhaps a nice person, but seemed very self-centered and selfish and his parents completely indulgent - perhaps an only child syndrome.

Bottom line, it almost seemed like a romance writer wrote a part of the book, as even the ending was contrived and unbelievable. I finished the book, but I found it a disappointment.
Like many others, I chose a Robin Pilcher book because I loved his mother work. I noticed that many reviews compare the two authors. This is unfortunate, because Robin is an author with a distinct voice. His plot and characters and story telling was lighter than his mother. The book was fun, engaging and easy to read-- a bit like Jeffrey Archer. I spent a great couple of days with it and will read others. But I will read Robin Pilcher for himself, not in a hopeless search for his fabulous mom.
What I like best in Robin Pilcher's books is his deep understanding of the human nature and affection for the characters of his books. I prefer slow- paced, thoughtful stories where one can hope for the positive ending to the benefit of all the participants of the story for whom we definitely keep our fingers crossed. He depicts his characters and landscapes with fine paint of brush, showing all shades of color and light.
Once in a while I may elect a fast-paced, suspenseful story with full of surprises but will never return to read them over and over again, which is the case with Robin (and Rosemund) Pilcher's books.
What a wonderful heartwarming novel.Hard for me to put it down ! I recommend this to everyone, such joy and enlightenment!
I wish Robin Pilcher would write more books like this. This reminded me very much of the kind of books his mother wrote. Very good story and fairly clean with the swearing and not sure there was any sex. Have started a couple of others he's written, but couldn't get into them.
Loved his mothers books ( rosamund Pilcher) he's okay but .......I have a hard time with writers that try to take over where their familial predecessor leaves off........It doesn't work.
I truly enjoyed this book. The story line was very good and it was just one of those books you want to cuddle up and read for hours at a time.
very well written story...well developed plot.