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by James R. Cook

Download Full Faith  Credit: A Novel About Financial Collapse ePub
  • ISBN 1886768498
  • ISBN13 978-1886768499
  • Language English
  • Author James R. Cook
  • Publisher Blue Book Pubns (March 1, 2000)
  • Pages 304
  • Formats txt lit lrf doc
  • Category Fiction
  • Size ePub 1698 kb
  • Size Fb2 1363 kb
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 588

Book by Cook, James R.

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Book by Cook, James .

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A novel About financial collapse. A spellbinding tale of fame and fortune set against a backdrop of panic and crisis. Mass Market Paperback Paperback Hardcover Mass Market Paperback Paperback Hardcover.

Minneapolis, MN : Blue Book Publications. 295 pages ; 24 cm. Subtitle on dust cover: A novel about financial collapse.

by. Cook, James . 1938-. Minneapolis, MN : Blue Book Publications. inlibrary; printdisabled;.

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by Dennis Tighe, Edward Chung, James R Cook, Mark J Schweiger. ISBN 9781886768482 (978-1-886768-48-2) Softcover, Blue Book Publications, 2003. The Great Gold Comeback

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Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Founders: A Novel of the Coming Collapse" для .

Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Founders: A Novel of the Coming Collapse" для чтения в офлайн-режиме. America’s fate is in the hands of those few individuals who have the survival skills, the faith, and the forethought to return this country to the state its founding fathers intended. Другие книги автора James Wesley Rawles. Ещё. Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse. America faces a full-scale socioeconomic collapse-the stock market plummets, hyperinflation cripples commerce and the mounting crisis passes the tipping point.

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This book does an awesome job of weaving and integrating an education on various arcane aspects of our economy in with a real thriller of a plot. That's, perhaps, the biggest compliment of all: since page one, I have scarcely been able to put it down.
Along the way, you will gain a fundamental understanding of commodity trading, futures, stock options, currency arbitrage, hedge funds, derivatives, inflation, deflation, the relationship between the stock markets, the housing markets, the credit markets, the GDP, and long and short term interest rates. You'll learn about the mechanism by which fiat money is created and you'll learn how debt can be monetized. You'll also learn about the distinction between the Fed and the Treasury; how they can have very different agendas.
As a first work of fiction by an author who, presumably, had a message, I was expecting the writing to be really poor and the ideas all hackneyed retreads of what I've been reading for the last two years on various websites. Instead, the writing quality is quite good and the plot is really captivating, fresh, and believable with lots of twists and turns. Strange as it sounds, the author has actually taken a very moderate approach to what is possible. Character development isn't comparable to, say, Hemmingway, but it's at least as good, imo, as what I've seen in books by authors such as John Grisham.
The first several chapters don't read so much like fiction, as we begin with the stock market and the dollar at historic highs and the social mood ebullient. Then the market begins to decline, the dollar begins to decline, gold begins to creep up, and we're off to the races.
Keeping in mind that this book was written BEFORE there was even an acknowledged bubble and published, apparently, in early 2000, let's all hope that this guy's ability to describe almost EXACTLY how the last few years have gone is merely fluke and in no way an indication that the rest of the book could ever be anything more than fiction.
I bought this along with $400 of fairly hard-core economics and accounting texts and really wasn't expecting too much. Was I ever wrong. Highly recommended. I'd like to see a mainstream publisher pick up this book and run with it. I really think it could be a best-seller.
I have to laugh at all the reviewers who start out claiming that the premise of the story is plausible, before larding up their reviews with caveats. The story as told by Cook is only plausible in an alternate universe where The Maestro and Helicopter Ben were never born. Cook obviously gave Atlas Shrugged a mere cursory skim, as he tries to convince us that in times of financial stress, the elites will adhere to rules, and even principles. My goodness, they even care about the dollar in his story. I would be amenable to living in Cook's bizarro world where losers take their lumps and kleptocracy wasn't the order of the day, but unfortunately we both have to live in this reality instead. In the novel's favor, it was readable enough to finish instead of throwing aside for meatier fare.
Though written in 1999 this book lays out in relatively simple terms how an economic catastrophe could befall America. It doesn't take a large group of unlikely events all occurring simultaneously; in fact it takes one main impetus, debt-both public and private, institutional and singular. When it comes to where the rubber meets the road, debt is a walk on the edge, and when it is abused, that edge cannot be avoided, and no guard rail can safeguard it against a machine so large.
We, as both an international economy and in our personal economies at home have a responsibility to ourselves, our families, and the world to responsibly handle debt; however, we rarely do, and the prophets of doom that emerged when the debt hit $3 Trillion were heeded no more than those that warned at $15 Trillion. What will make it stop? What CAN make it stop? Perhaps it takes a mega event.
James Cook writes a readable tale of prescient economic issues that everyone should read if for no other reason that it shows just how tenuous even the "greatest" of economies' grip is on it's own control.
Jim Cook is a natural born writer on top of being one helluva investor. This book is eminently readable for someone with a limited knowledge of practical economics. Written five years ago it is prescient about where we are today and soon tomorrow. I.E. messed up! Buy and read this book then Buy Gold!
Great book. Written a decade ago, yet could be ripped from the headlines in 2008-present. Cant wait for the movie...
In this book, the light fictionalization makes reading about economics easy and serves it's purpose. It provides examples of the consequences of irresponsible financial bailouts and currency inflation. Keep in mind, this was written in 1999 but the principles are as valid as ever. His accuracy and eerie replication of some conversations that hadn't happened when he wrote the book are chilling if you stop to think about them. He has managed to make what is happening in the economy easy to read and understand ... and easy to predict. Think of this book as more of a documentary than a thriller of any kind. The author has done a great service to his readers in preparing them to understand how their life savings including their home mortgage are at risk if they haven't already been forfeited to this recently ended recession (if you believe that it was a recession or that it has ended -- read the book.)