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by Ashley Jaquavis

Download Diary of A Street Diva ePub
  • ISBN 1893196453
  • ISBN13 978-1893196452
  • Language English
  • Author Ashley Jaquavis
  • Publisher Urban Books (May 1, 2006)
  • Pages 272
  • Formats lit azw lrf mobi
  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory United States
  • Size ePub 1932 kb
  • Size Fb2 1888 kb
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 244

After the phenomenal success of their first novel, Dirty Money, Ashley and JaQuavis are back with their spellbinding sophomore novel, Diary of a Street Diva. Come with them as they take you into the world of Remy Morgan, the wife of Cease, a young hustler from Flint, Michigan. After Remy dies by gunshot, Cease goes on trial for murder. On the morning of his trial, he delves into her diary to bare the deep, dark secrets of her past. Walk with Cease as he discovers the other side of Remy and tries to save his own neck.

They are pursuing movie and television projects to bring some of their blockbuster books to the big screen.

They are pursuing movie and television projects to bring some of their blockbuster books to the big screen. Now married, the pair still lives in Flint, Michigan, the city that inspired many of their gritty urban tales.

Narrated by Honey Jones. Remy Morgan, a young girl born and raised in the heart of the ghetto, gets caught up in the life when she meets a drug lord. What is Kobo Super Points? A loyalty program that rewards you for your love of reading. Explore rewards Explore Kobo VIP Membership.

Diary of a Street Diva book.

Diary of a Street Diva. 1 5 Author: Ashley & JaQuavis Narrator: Honey Jones. Download books offline, listen to several books continuously, choose stories for your kids, or try out a book that you didn't thought you would like to listen to. The best book experience you'd ever had. Remy Morgan, a young girl born and raised in the heart of the ghetto, gets caught up in the life when she meets a drug lord who offers her the world. Young and naive, she is trapped in a game of lies, deception, and greed and learns the hard way that everything that glitters ain't gold.

Diary of a Street Diva kept me interested for the entire 48-hour period it took me to read it. Ashley & JaQuavis are excellent writers. Remy Princess Morgan is the "street diva" who writes the diary about her life. Khadafi and Cease are the primary men who include Remy in their hustlin' lifestyles. This book had several twists and surprises, especially with the true identities of some of the characters (Khadafi, Betty Netty and Margo) and how their lives crossed over with other characters in the book

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Book Description: Diary of a Street Diva is an urban tale of a young woman lost in the world of sex, money, and mayhem. Keyshawn is a good girl who runs into a bad situation and her story is told through her diary after her death. What would you do if the man of your dreams who you thought was a music executive turned out to be a drug dealer? Would you stay with him and live the life of diva he provides or would you leave and return to your mother streets? That’s the question Keyshawn struggles with for almost two years and when she finally makes a decision her life is tragically taken

Remy has kept a diary of her life for the past two years. Diary Of A Street Diva, a book by Ashley & JaQuavis.

Remy has kept a diary of her life for the past two years. Discover ideas about Film Music Books. Film Music Books I Love Reading Reading Books Urban Fiction Books Owl Books Book Lists Great Books Diva Novels.

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Check One, Check Two. Enter Cinderella at the ball with a cool, Armani suit wearing, sweet smelling, smooth talking, old azz hustler! Remy has lived a hard life, worst than mopping floors and cleaning up behind ugly stepsisters, she's been in the system for such a long time, that when she finally escapes, she's swinging on a pole and selling her soul to still be miserable. Then enters Prince Charming, the refined Hustler, and he sweeps her off of her feet, introduces her to another way of life, and of course, in the hood, happily ever after will eventually flee. Join Ashley and Jaquavis as they 'wow' you with this hood fairytale.

Excellent presentation, filled with life's up and downs, survival of the fittest, suspense, and a love story that travels through a family legacy.

Ashley and Jaquavis, simply phenomenal! I was sad when I finished this read. Outstanding job! I give you two mad props and will definitely follow your oncoming success! Congrats and wishing you continued greatness in the literary world!!!!!!
The Diary of a Street Diva was a very good read. It will hold your attention from the very beginning and when you put it down it will definitely drew you back into the folds of the pages. This was a quick and enjoyable read for me. I must admit that I enjoyed the suspense and thought I had it all figured out, to find out that some things I was far from figuring out. This book is one of those books that starts from the end and tells the events that leads up to the ending...this can be a tricky technique for any author, however Ashley and JaQuavis pulled it off in a fantastic way. As a reader, I fell in love with the characters and went through their pain with them, cried with them, cringed with them, and rooted for them. I especially liked the way the lawyer tricked the jury, and heck me too.(LOL) I like the fact that two writers are writing this story with one voice. I give KUDOS to the authors and anticipate more of their writings. This a page turner for sure, you won't be disappointed at all.
In my opinion this book did start off slow but after a few pages it really, really picked up....I finished it in one day...Remy...2 me was a product of her environment...No one cared about her because she didn't know how to care about herself first....So it was only obvious that everyone took advantage of her...And I assume not having her own things and being a part of the system....pretty much turned her into a klepto....which isn't an excuse but she had been wronged from the time she was born....Everyone who should have protected her....instead violated her, deserted her and left her for the wolves....Enter a small group of friends at different times and her life really takes off for the better...But I like that Netty became the mother figure that she never had and I'm even happier that Khadafi didn't force her into anything but he loved her, coveted and protected her.....but would all of that be enough????

Another page turner!!!!!!!!!!
Omg this story will have you crying, sad, mad, angry, I mean every emotion that you can feel. Remy was just a normal girl trying to find her way in this cold world, when no one was ever there for her. Her life changed drastically when she met Khadafi, who treated her like a true Queen he fell in love with Remy and she fell in love with him. But all of that changed the day he died and that's when she got involved with Cease who was also Khadafi goon and friend, and to say the least those relationship was pretty good until tradegy happens but u have to read to know the whole truth.
WOW, I just finished the book and I'm in SHOCK! Let me sum it up real quick w/o giving the story away. Remy Morgan comes from a terrible background and has it rough from the very beginning. After meeting a guy that she thinks will help her and make her life better, she soon finds out that he ain't shiit. After being put on the streets again, in no time, via of illegal work, Remy finally finds the REAL love of her life and immediately becomes a rich wifey and Street Diva. With this man she's in love and life is perfect, no worries. But unfortunately after tragedy strikes, poor Remy is put on the streets once again. Back to square one. While trying to make it on the mean streets of Flint like she's done so many times before, she re-meets an old friend and they gradually fall in love after she proved to him in a "hold you down" way that she was a loyal chick. This is it, finally Remy's life is stable and she can truly be happy. But then she dies, and her man reads her diary (he's reading it throughout this whole book) which she ended the same day of her untimely death. Ya'll ain't gone believe who murdered Remy and why! Amazing read, 5/5!
This book was sooo good. I'm mad at myself for not reading this book sooner, It was a page turner from the first page. I really liked the way Ashley & JaQuavis did this book. I really wanted to know why Remy slept with Jodi if she love Cease so much. I really wanted their relationship to blossom because Cease really loved Remy. I didn't see the ending coming. That ending just blew me away. This book was a 5 star banger. What can you expect from the dynamic duo. Great job once again.
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This is the very first book that I have read by Ashley and Ja Quavis, and I have to say that I am now a fan of these two authors! Diary of a Street Diva was full of vivid and life- like characters and it really made you embrace and love Remy Morgan. A young, somewhat troubled, and hurt girl, this whole book takes you by surprise as she goes from rags to riches and then has to make some tough life altering decisions along the way. I would recommend this book to all reading audiences, it is totally awesome and unpredictable!