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by Ellen Hartman

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  • ISBN 0373718012
  • ISBN13 978-0373718016
  • Language English
  • Author Ellen Hartman
  • Publisher Harlequin Superromance; Original edition (September 11, 2012)
  • Formats mbr rtf azw rtf
  • Category Fiction
  • Subcategory United States
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  • Rating: 4.6
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Former basketball star Wes Fallon owes his brother everything. So when Deacon asks him to track down some missing charitable donations, Wes is on it. For the first time, the accident that ended his career looks like a godsend…until Wes encounters Posy Jones.Posy is unlike any woman he's ever met. She's beautiful, intelligent and can hold her own on the court. But she's clearly keeping something from him. As he digs deeper into the missing funds, his gut tells him what she's hiding is tied to it. Will he be forced to choose between the woman he's falling in love with and the brother he would risk anything for? Hopefully not…because his choice might surprise them all.

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Out of Bounds Ellen Hartman. Former basketball star Wes Fallon owes his brother everything. Every time I start a book, one scene cracks it open for me, showing me the characters and helping to shape their story. For Wes Fallon and Posy Jones, that scene was their first encounter on the basketball court. Until I wrote their game, I didn’t realize Posy was afraid to be her authentic self or how deep her longing was to find a guy who’d love her just the way she was.

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Ellen Hartman Out of Bounds. Out of Bounds is about characters who aren’t sure they’re lovable

Ellen Hartman Out of Bounds. Out of Bounds is about characters who aren’t sure they’re lovable. From Posy, the heroine who suspects she’s too intense for a relationship; to Wes, who got shuffled through too many homes as a kid and never understood why; to Angel, the poodle-mix with the heart of an anarchist, these characters struggled to trust.

Ellen Hartman n go again. Wes? Did you hear me? I’m so sorry. I paid the money back, so I thought I wouldn’t have to tell you, but that was wrong. So let’s forget you told me for a few more hours and do some more of this. That’s why I have to tell you this before it gets any further.

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Book in the The Fallon Brothers Series). So when Deacon asks him to track down some missing charitable donations, Wes is on it.

Author Ellen Hartman. Books by Ellen Hartman: Out of Bounds. 7/10 2. 10. Married By June.

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Posy Jones is not your average cutesy heroine -- she's tall, athletic, and tired of not fitting in. She's just the right size for hunky Wes Fallon, ex-basketball star. However, Wes's position as charity overseer puts Posy in a rough position. Does she help her mother out of yet one more debacle, or allow herself to love?
Rating: 3.5 stars. Mild graphic sexual content.
Stand alone read. 2nd in loosely link Fallon Brothers series. Recommend both.

GOOD READ! Well written, appealing storyline, likable characters, unusual heroine (smart, tall, and athletic), diverse supporting cast, strong family theme, and a sweet romance. HOWEVER, the romance is a little rushed, and it is not clear why the fund raiser monies continued to be an issue when the monies were eventually given to the Foundation.

THIS STORY follows former basketball star Wes Fallon, former college basketball player, Posy Jones, and Posy's good-hearted, but foolish mother, Trish. As the story unfolds, Wes incurs a career-ending shoulder injury and accepts a position with his brother's charitable organization for at-risk, underprivileged kids. His first assignment, to find out what happened to the over $65,000 Trish collected in an unauthorized fund raiser on behalf of the Fallon Foundation.

When the allegation of possible theft comes up, Posy arrives to investigate. She finds Trish hiding out in a convent and she eventually admits she lent the money to a desperate friend, who didn't pay it back. Posy's only course of action is to reassure Wes, while behind the scene she depletes her savings, borrows money, and liquidates her mother's store to cover the loss. Spending time together, Wes is struck by Posy's strength and competitive spirit and believes her story that nothing is wrong, in part, because of the developing romance. Eventually, when everything comes out, Wes must forgive Posy for lying if they are to have a future together.

OVERALL, an engaging storyline, but it is the heartfelt emotions that make this a good read. FALLON BROTHERS series includes, The Long Shot and Out of Bounds. Both are good reads.

You may enjoy the complex characters and storytelling of N. Bruhns, A. Stuart, and E. Palfrey. For sweet, funny, heart touching romances with great descriptive imagery, try Susan Fox, Cara Colter, and Nikki Logan.
Madrid Pirates basketball player Wes Fallon is shocked when he learns he was traded to the Serbian team. When he sees a dog running in traffic, he goes to help only to have a beer truck clip his hip. His brother Deacon arrives at the hospital to tell him his basketball career is over as he reinjured the shoulder in the accident. Worried about Wes' mental state, Deacon hires his sibling to work the Hand to Hand project for their Fallon Foundation he runs with his wife Julia. Wes agrees just before he goes back to sleep.

After leaving the hospital, Wes heads back to New York to join the Foundation. Deacon tells him we have a problem in Kirkland, New York. Blogger Chloe Chastain called with a concern over a missing $65,000 that she and local business owner Trish Jones raised under the Fallon Foundation. He arrives in Kirkland where he meets Trish's daughter Posy who he knows conceals something involving the transaction from him. As Wes investigates and Posy remains elusive, they fall in love but he feels caught between loyalty to his beloved brother who has always been there for him and his woman.

This engaging Fallon contemporary romance (see The Long Shot) stars two delightful protagonists in a fun tale. The support cast is strong especially little Angel the canine practitioner of chaos theory and Julia whose betting prowess keeps Barry Manilow's career alive. Fans will enjoy Out of Bounds as Wes and Posy need to start over but will they do it together since the money intrudes on their love.

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