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by John Weiss

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  • ISBN 1566630886
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  • Language English
  • Author John Weiss
  • Publisher Ivan R. Dee (November 1, 1995)
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Why the Holocaust happened in Germany is the subject of this stunning and disturbing exploration of the unique nature of German history and its culture of racism and anti-Semitism.

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Ideology of Death book.

Ideology of Death supplies this understanding in a stunning and disturbing narrative history. Exploring the unique nature of the German experience as well as the annals of anti-Semitism, Mr. Weiss rejects the notion that the Holocaust was a product of Nazi fanaticism. He shows instead how racist ideas ingrained in German culture led to the unthinkable.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 399-412) and index. he shows Insted how racist ideas Ingrained in German culture led to the unthinkable.

John Weiss's Ideology of Death is the first book to explore the unique nature of German history, showing how it rejected the liberal ideals of the Enlightenment, and to trace the culture of racism and anti-Semitism among powerful elites and ordinary. ISBN13:9781566631747.

of 1830 were enough to create in Germany a powerful belief that the great wave of enlightened reform which had swept France would soon engulf Germany

of 1830 were enough to create in Germany a powerful belief that the great wave of enlightened reform which had swept France would soon engulf Germany. Building on this experience, and using the categories of German philosophical idealism to give voice to their revolutionary stirrings, Stein's generation demonstrated an intense and new (for Germany) general concern with social reform, socialism and the new science of society.

It is among the best books examining the dark history of the Dora camp. Mr. Weiss explains the specific complicities of various German groups and institutions in the Holocaust, and why they voluntarily cooperated. Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group Inc. Book Format.

John Weiss (June 28,1818 – March 9, 1879) was an American author and clergyman, an advocate of women's rights, as well as a noted abolitionist. Weiss was born in Boston. His father, a German Jew, was a barber in Worcester. He graduated at Harvard in 1837 and at the Harvard Divinity School in 1843, studying abroad in between.

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The Largest part of me is German Descent, so that is why I read the book. I wanted to see if the book matched with what I had been told in school and in my home. I am the third generation in America, but I was always so flabbergasted by what one group of people could to another even as a child; I never could quite grasp this train of thought. As a Christian I am also a part of the Kingdom God has promised to both Christian and Jews. The Jewish heritage is what the Torah and the Bible are all about. Without that heritage, Christ would never have been born. Hitler had a lot of fanatical people around him - all losers. They may have been rich or poor, but the doctrine of WWII was hate. How Hitler replaced the Jewish and Christian faiths with a pagan ideology then turned his hate into Anti-Semitism is still amazing to this day. This became the German mantra a type of insanity. It became a religion without God. The author showed that Anti-Semitism Germany in the times of the Reformation and the French Enlightenment period and how this fueled the Nazi movement. Hitler had distain for the elites, the academics, and the intellectuals because he did not feel a part of it. You will come away with a rich knowledge, analytical logic, and understanding of how immense power can brain wash a whole nation.
Great book on the holocaust, a must read.
Interesting work on Germanic (German-Austrian) Christian origins of the Holocaust, somewhat diminished by polemicism and simplification.
An amazing book. The Holocaust will of course never be fully explainable, but "Ideology of Death" will give you a much, much clearer picture of how the genocidal ideology that caused it came to be. This book is a must. Weiss does not skimp on the details, but his book also doesn't bog down in them. The book flows beautifully and Weiss even has time for a bit of his sense of humor to poke out every few chapters.

The book combines descriptions of impersonal social and economic forces with the psychology of individuals, parties, demographics, and institutions. You can almost visualize the actions, thoughts, and feelings of all the players; the Prussian aristocrat, the Bavarian priest, the Jewish Great War vet, the socialist industrial worker, the frustrated Austrian in middle-management, the struggling peasant, the populist crank, Bismark, Hitler, Luther, Himmler...

There are two minor quibbles that prevent me from giving five stars. First, it is a bit of a polemic. Weiss clearly has an (understandable) ax to grind against Germans and Austrians who claim their mostly innocent compatriots were swept along by a small junta of racists whose antisemitism was not reflected in the rest of society. I'm not an expert (and my VERY amateur research makes me agree with his main idea), but it could've been a bit more neutral and less dismissive of opposing scholars.

It could've also used the help of a good editor. For example, Weiss will talk about an important antisemitic politician, tell us how he died, switch back to the end of his political career, switch again talk about his legacy, and then go backwards a decade to another event. Obviously I don't expect the entire book to be in exact chronological order, but I did have to reread some stuff a few times.

But this is all very minor. This book is a must for anyone interested in German history, antisemitism, World War II, or the causes of genocide.
An exceptional book full of important historical detail. Weiss makes clear that Hitler's anti- semitism was not unique. That, in fact, German and Austrian society was permiatted for decades by hatred for Jews, Slavs, and Gypsys. He traces the roots of anti-Semitism. The writing is excellent and the presentation is logical and easy to follow. The only falt I found with this book is that Weiss mainly used secondary insead of primary sources.
There are thousands of books on this subject, many filled with fact, conjecture and feeling. This work has all of that and more: it convinces you that the Holocast was not the result of one man's demented ideology but that is was rather the result of a long history of racism and hate in Germany. While being scholarly, the book is not heavy-handed or dull. It lays out the scenario for murder with chilling detail, starting off with the Crusades and then running through the Reformation and Enlightenment before tackling Nazism, the end product of such ongoing thought. This book should be read by any and all desiring a full understanding of how the Holocaust came into being.