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by Dorian Yates

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  • ISBN 0963616307
  • ISBN13 978-0963616302
  • Language English
  • Author Dorian Yates
  • Publisher Little-Wolff Pub Group (June 1, 1993)
  • Pages 133
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Witness the intensity and determination as we follow 300lb multi Mr. Olympia winner DORIAN YATES through a genuine 'no holds barred' hardcore workout

Witness the intensity and determination as we follow 300lb multi Mr. Olympia winner DORIAN YATES through a genuine 'no holds barred' hardcore workout. See the weight and feel the effort that has moulded Dorian Yates into the world's most massive bodybuilder. au/gmv classified ads.

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When I read Dorian Yates Blood & Guts book, believe me the first thing I did immediately was sending my previous book(Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, Arnold Schwarzenegger) into my dustbin. Arnold has always talked rubbish, given fake advice, misguided many youngsters whether it comes to training, diet. The advice is straightforward. I began to feel results immediately after 4-6 weeks of intense training.

BLOOD AND GUTS bodybuilding muscle book by Mr Olympia DORIAN YATES. Customs services and international tracking provided. All. Books (1). Nonfiction (1). DVDs & Movies (1).

Watch this exclusive clip from Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster featuring the origin story of his . In this clip, Dorian Yates and his peers describe the method behind the madness of Blood and Guts training as well as the origin of his intense training style.

Watch this exclusive clip from Dorian Yates: The Original Mass Monster featuring the origin story of his legendary Blood and Guts training. Ask any modern bodybuilder today what inspired them to become a pro bodybuilder and they will all provide the same answer. Blood and Guts training was a video of legend. It was the deepest insight into the bodybuilder so mysterious he was known as The Shadow. It was also one of the most intense and motivational workout videos ever recorded.

Dorian Yates adapted Arthur Jones HIT system to cover all muscle groups, transforming it into the Blood and Guts . The Blood and Guts DVD showed the world what it takes to be a champion

Dorian Yates adapted Arthur Jones HIT system to cover all muscle groups, transforming it into the Blood and Guts program that made him a M. lympia champion. The Blood and Guts DVD showed the world what it takes to be a champion. But the program itself was part of a legacy that streched over several decades of application, a legacy built upon high-intensity training. The story of the HIT system started with billionaire Arthur Jones.

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I really enjoy this book, lots of great and timeless training information, a must for anyone looking for good training
Good condition considering the age of the book, it definitely does not appear to be new as stated in description.
I bought and read this book probably about 20 years ago when it first came out and I actually was lucky enough to meet Dorian and have him sign my book but I haven't read it in a while but what I do remember is that I read it within the first couple days, it was really to the point and easy to understand with a lot of great information and pictures of "The Shadow" Dorian Yates who went on to win 6 Mr. Olympia titles, Dorian completely changed the sport when he came into the 1993 Mr. Olympia with more muscle mass than was ever seen in the sport plus being ripped at the same time and he took the Heavy Duty type training to new heights and really got the world to listen to his short training session approach but very intense workouts, the opposite of the super high volume type training that every other bodybuilder used for the most part, I just wished this book and his other book "A Portrait of Dorian Yates" as well as Lee Haney's 2 books also were all on kindle version as well cause so far they aren't but I'm hoping they will be sometime cause paperbacks wear out and can get lost etc. but if you're a fan of Dorian this is a must have for sure!
I've read several books and magazines by bodybuilding pros who want to voice their training views and opinions. The disapointment with other authors was they just repeated what other bodybuilders wrote. Nothing original. Dorian Yates' approach to bodybuilding is familiar - Mentzer's approach - but superior. I've been following Dorian Yates' career since he was crowned Mr. Olympia. His rate of improvement from year to year is phenomenal. I know some people might say that it just the drugs, I disagree. Yates' philosophy and inner drive is what makes him constantly improve. Today - 1998 - other pros now follow his hardcore, intense approach. In the world of bodybuilding: Yates is the leader and everybody else is a follower. Even though this book was published in 1993 his methods have remained the same. In my opinion, follow someone's advise if it works, if it doesn't ,throw it out! I would recommend this book to only those who are ready to follow an intense program. Wimps not need apply. I read this book in a day. I couldn't put it down. Pick up a copy and you'll see a difference in body, attitude, and desire. "Two thumbs and a lat spread way up!!"
The Blood and Guts is the most inspirational bodybuilding book out there. I have never read a bodybuilding book that emphasizes on honor and respect. If you take out all stories about bodybuilding in this book, you might think it's a book about self-help. " honest, be of good character and be a person of your word. Those attributes will take you far."
The book shows the history of Mr.Yates's competition in the competitive world of bodybuilding with photos (more than 50% of the book is photos). It gradually shows the progress of his muscle building. It has some photos of when he began bodybuilding, and it gave me a hope to be the best I can be; he wasn't big at the beginning just like everybody. Mr.Yates believes that you can surpass a bodybuilder of superior genetic and less determination even though you believe you have inferior genetic if you have twice the determination. He believes anybody can go beyond their genetic potential with hard work. So demand the very best of yourself.
Doing things one at a time has been his doctrine of success. He believes a big success is the sum of little successes all combined. I, too, believe this strongly. For example, to grow one inch muscle around your arm, you first have to determine to grow a quarter of an inch.
The only thing I disagree about some bodybuidling technique of the book is that doing quick positive moves. I have injured my shoulder while lifting too fast, and I couldn't work out for a week. I do 2 second positive (muscle contraction) and 4 second negative (muscle release). Doing slow moves have definitely helped me avoid injuries and concentrate more on stimulating my muscle.
Reading this book will not only help you to gain muscle, but also improve yourself as a person.
Best wishes to Mr.Yates.
The condition of the book was good, considering the age and due to the fact that it's almost impossible to find it. Dorian tells you what you need to know and it's what you already know, but it helps to hear a champion reinforce the ideas. The only downfall is that you don't get the full benefit from his workout strategy unless you have a workout partner to assist with negatives in some of the work outs. BUT he does give options on what to do to get the same intensity without a partner.....By the end of the book, you learn that it is all on you to take yourself to the next level....
Global Progression
Dorian Yates is the living & breathing example of true Bodybuilding Training & Intensity. Very few people ever experience such will-power to the point of self-destruction. I can identify with his training intensity as I have lifted weights & semi-pro 'body-built' for the last 20 years. Dorian is such an inspiration to me & his book is THE ultimate in bodybuilding training. Arnold would talk trash but Dorian would let his body do the talking on stage!!! I love it! I saw Dorian guest pose a few years back in Chicago at the Jr USA, I have never seen such an impressive physique. I have never seen such a HUGE, AWESOME bodybuilder in my life! And probably never will again. I recommend this book to anyone interested in learning what REAL bodybuilding is. If you can find one of his books available that is. P.S. Buy Dorian's video - You will freak out!!!