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by Pete Von Sholly,Denis Kitchen

Download Capitol Hell Political Monsters Postcard Book ePub
  • ISBN 0971008094
  • ISBN13 978-0971008090
  • Language English
  • Author Pete Von Sholly,Denis Kitchen
  • Publisher Denis Kitchen Publishing Co., LLC (January 3, 2008)
  • Formats txt rtf lrf lit
  • Category Humour
  • Subcategory Humor
  • Size ePub 1224 kb
  • Size Fb2 1832 kb
  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 502

If you enjoyed REPUGLICANS you ll want CAPITOL HELL by the same artist (Pete Von Sholly) who this time he skewers both Republicans and Democrats! CAPITOL HELL is a snarky political satire whose premise is at once dark and hilarious. Artfully crossing the politicians in America s headlines with yesterday s schlock horror and science fiction movies, the startling results will make some smile and some smile uncomfortably. <P> Example: Vice President Dick Cheney is crossed with Dracula to form the aptly named Dickula, whose latest victim is Colin Powell. (On the card back Dickula is described as administering a fatal Colinoscopy.) <P>Postcard book format with 24 different cards of political monsters on both sides of the aisle... <P>When the DNA of both presidential aspirants from each party, pundits and others are mixed with classic horror and sci-fi flicks in the author s inky lab, skin-crawling monstrosities result: <P>Rudy Giuliani + Nosferati = Nosferudy. <BR>Hillary Clinton in Attack of the Fifty-Something Woman. <BR>John McCain as Dr. McCainlove takes a nosedive. <BR>Al Gore as The Gorelem: Coming back from the dead to save Earth. <BR>Mitt Romney stars in I Married a Mormon from Outer Space! <BR>Miss Ronald Reagan? The party faithful will never let Ron Zombie die... <BR>See Bill and Hillary in The Clintonsteins double feature. <BR>Barack Obama & Rev. Jesse Jackson in The Empire Strikes Black. <BR> God-fearing politicians run when Maher s Attacks! <BR>Condoleeza Rice IS The Wicked Witch of the West Wing. <BR>George H.W. Bush + The Mummy = The Daddy. <BR>Fred Thompson + Pirates of the Caribbean = Lobby Lubber <BR>Noslagia reigns as Kerrystein Meets the Bush Man! <BR>Donald Rumsfeld + Texas Chain Saw Massacre = Letherfeld! <BR>Mothra + a Pennsylvania Senator transforms into a creature called Murthra <BR>See Bill O Reilly, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter recoil as John Edwards emerges from a pod in Invasion of the Income Snatcher! <BR>Al Sharpton stars in The Creature from the Black Community. <BR>George Bush plays himself as Dr. Jerkyl (he can t hide). <BR>Stephen Colbert & Jon Stewart battle Sean Hannity in The War of the Words <BR>Beware of the Slob features that Sicko Michael Moore. <BR>Karl Rove convincingly plays a man not of this planet in Plame Nine. <BR>Plus yet others!

Pete Von Sholly’s day job would be enough excitement for most of us. He creates storyboards for big budget Hollywood movies, and if you’ve seen The Shawshank Redemption or Mars Attacks!, for example, the finished product was based on his early drawings. But being a respected, behind-the-scenes craftsman isn’t satisfying Von Sholly’s fertile mind.

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Eighties monsters from the HISTORY OF MONSTERS book! About my movie work. Pete Von Sholly, who has contributed storyboards to tons of monster movies and has written and illustrated comics for Dark Horse, IDW, BOOM!, Denis Kitchen, Last Gasp, TwoMorrows and others, has spared no effort to make this brand-new collection of creatures as inclusive as possible. Last September, Pete suffered a near-death medical emergency that brought him too close to crossing over to the Other Side for comfort.

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2013 USA Books Fiction Book of the Year Plus many more awards! Write to Chris at Christopher.

You'll find fascinating insights and and exclusive artwork after the jump. Pete Von Sholly Mars Attacks concept art.

Sholly is talented, outspoken and a ton of fun, so I'm really glad he agreed to do this interview for my blog. You'll find fascinating insights and and exclusive artwork after the jump. Q. You have been in concept art and storyboarding for many years. What led you to work in this industry?

Underground cartoonist Denis Kitchen originally drew this hypnotizing .

Underground cartoonist Denis Kitchen originally drew this hypnotizing image as a full-color psychedelic album cover in 1975 (for the short-lived Major Arcana band headed by the late Jim Spencer). The image was also utilized as the splash panel for Kitchen's contribution to the surreal underground comic book Mondo Snarfo a short time later.

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