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by Robert Weisberg,Guyora Binder,John Kaplan

Download Criminal Law: Cases and Materials ePub
  • ISBN 0735568359
  • ISBN13 978-0735568358
  • Language English
  • Author Robert Weisberg,Guyora Binder,John Kaplan
  • Publisher Aspen Publishers; 6 edition (July 2, 2008)
  • Pages 1144
  • Formats lrf mobi rtf docx
  • Category Law
  • Subcategory Criminal Law
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  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 602

<p> In <b>Criminal Law: Cases and Materials, Sixth Edition</b>, interesting, well-edited cases and notes address contemporary cutting-edge issues, while vivid excerpts evoke the social, political, and criminological context of criminal law. </p> <p> Features that have made this book distinctive through seven editions: </p> <ul> <li> <b>exceptional authorship</b>—the late <b>John Kaplan</b> was a legendary teacher and scholar, and <b>Robert Weisberg</b> and <b>Guyora Binder</b> continue to uphold his standard of excellence </li> <li> <b>an interdisciplinary approach</b> that fuels class discussion and enriches study </li> <li> <b>clear instruction on statutory construction</b> and element analysis </li> <li> <b>well-edited cases, dynamic materials, lucid explanations</b> and <b> illuminating exercises</b> </li> <li> <b>a logical organization</b> that starts with the purposes and limits of punishment and proceeds through the elements of a criminal offense, homicide offenses, justification and excuse, and the rules of attribution </li> <li> <b>cutting-edge coverage</b> of controversial social and legal issues </li> <li> <b>in-depth treatment of the death penalty</b>, rape, and other forms of sexual assault </li> </ul> <p> The exciting <b>Seventh Edition</b> heralds a cavalcade of Supreme Court decisions: </p> <ul> <li> a special section on <i><b>Blakely v. Washington</b></i> and <i><b>Booker v. United States</b></i>—how the Supreme Court’s new Sixth Amendment jurisprudence has effected sentencing laws </li> <li> new cases deciding on cutting-edge issues, including: <ul> <li> <b>crimes of passion</b>—the location and duration of constructive possession </li> <li> <b>the mental elements of offenses</b>—arising out statutes criminalizing material support for foreign terrorist organizations </li> <li> <b>accomplice liability for felony murder</b> (<i>People v. Cavitt</i>) </li> <li> <b>the death penalty</b> (<i>Kansas v. Marsh</i> and <i>Roper v. Simmons</i>) </li> <li> <b>reasonable self-defense standards</b> for subcommunities with distinctive cultures (<i>Dixon v. United States</i>) </li> <li> <b>a defendant’s due process rights to an insanity defense </b>(<i>Clark v. Arizon</i>) </li> <li> <b>obstruction of justice laws in the corporate context </b>(<i>United States v. Arthur Andersen LLP</i>) </li> </ul> </li> </ul> <p> Offering both the <b>Model Penal Code </b>and <b>common-law doctrine</b> in an <b> interdisciplinary approach</b>, <b>Criminal Law: Cases and Materials, Sixth Edition</b>, fuels class discussion and enriches your course. </p> <p> </p> <p> </p> <p> </p>

Presenting substantive criminal law with a clarity that greatly enhances teaching and .

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John Kaplan Robert Weisberg Guyora Binder Follow. John Kaplan, Robert Weisberg & Guyora Binder, Criminal Law: Cases and Materials (Aspen Law and Business 4th ed.

Guyora Binder, Professor of Law at the State University of. .Cases and Materials on Criminal Law (American.

John Kaplan; Robert Weisberg; Guyora Binder Criminal Law: Cases .

Presenting substantive criminal law with a clarity that greatly enhances .

electrónico escrito por John Kaplan, Robert Weisberg, Guyora Binder

by Guyora Binder, John Kaplan, Robert Weisberg.

Kaplan, John, Weisberg, Robert, Binder, Guyora.

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This is by far the worst text book I have seen in law school. Dressler, which other sections were assigned is much better. This book is a cluster of poorly edited notes and excerpts. Very detailed, yes. But at the cost of anything resembling clarity. The order of the cases is questionable and the footnotes are horrible and inconsistent. They make sections of the font smaller than others for pages at a time . . . and for the price, I'd at least expect it to be printed on halfway decent paper.
Oh, law school
This is a great casebook. The cases are all relevant and well edited (very short to my pleasure!). It also has the MPC in the back, which is very convenient.
Great book!
This textbook is very clearly written and, contrary to a lot of others book, it is not just a series of cases, on efollowing the others. It provides a very good basis for a criminal law class.
This was my casebook for 1st year Criminal Law. It is a good casebook, and does a good job of summarizing the law in addition to a decent job of editing the cases. I would strongly recommend purchasing Understanding Criminal Law by Dressler in addition to this book.
Not 5 stars because by itself is a bit overwhelming especially since only 1 semester. however, out of all of my textbooks this is the only one that actually explained everything and went in depth with policy.
Great Book haven't got to that class yet but I reviewed it and it is great!!!!