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by Sean Michael

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  • ISBN 1603705120
  • ISBN13 978-1603705127
  • Language English
  • Author Sean Michael
  • Publisher Torquere Press (October 30, 2008)
  • Pages 276
  • Formats doc rtf azw lrf
  • Category LGBT
  • Subcategory Literature and Fiction
  • Size ePub 1646 kb
  • Size Fb2 1157 kb
  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 391

Anton has lost almost everything he holds dear: his apartment, his life in the city, and his long-time friend and butler, Jackson, who has been kidnapped by a rival pack. The one thing he still has is his lover and mate, Greg, who is learning to be a werewolf, even as they try to put their lives back to rights. Determined to get Jackson back, Anton finally approaches the werewolf pack that's his to lead by right, but that he's largely ignored. They agree to help him, but Anton has to embrace his inner wolf to work with them, and to help Greg come to terms with what he is. Meanwhile, butler Jackson is trapped - hurting and beaten - praying for rescue that looks wholly unlikely, even as his time is running out, while Greg is convinced he's going crazy, fearing he's hearing voices that won't go away. As pack Alpha, it all falls to Anton to keep his people safe, but there are forces at work that even the strongest werewolf might not be able to overcome. Can Anton keep his friends safe and save his beloved mate from the voices that call to him? Find out in this sequel to Sean Michael's best-seller, Bite.

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Book 2 in the Bite series in the Gay Romance, Paranormal Romance, Werewolves genres. Find out in this sequel to Sean Michael’s Bite. Published: February 24, 2016 Publisher: Resplendence Publishing Cover Artists: Les Byerley.

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Talk about Bitten

Rating: 8/10

- Secondary romance that isn't even hinted at in the book's synopsis and which I found more interesting than the continuation of Anton and Greg's story. For at least the first half of the book, I found myself rushing through the "Anton and Greg" chapters to get back to the other storyline--just because the other guys are such an odd couple and their story is so sweet.
- Much more plot than in Bite. Few chapters in this book pass without some mention of the villains and the havoc they are wreaking on the good guys' lives. Is it the best plot I've ever read in a romance? Not by a long shot, but it's a huge step up from its predecessor.
- I love that Greg always bottoms and Anton always tops. I know that many couples in real life share those sexual roles, but there are also many couples who don't; and the m/m genre as a whole tends to depict the majority of couples the first way, in an attempt to portray that the two men are equals. But just because one man's always the bottom doesn't mean that he isn't just as important or powerful as the top.
- Continued development of Anton and Greg. (My being more interested in the other two guys doesn't mean I don't still like these two.) Greg knows which buttons to push, and Anton (begrudgingly, at times) lets it happen so that he can fight back and assert his dominance. Greg knows this. Anton knows that Greg knows this. It's fun.

- Had a hard time picturing one of the characters--in particular, his age and his heritage (read: accent). Part of my brain says that this is not a problem; Mark Twain didn't describe Huck, after all. But another part of me gets frustrated when I'm picturing the character in my head and then a different character says something halfway through the book that conflicts with my mental image.
- Even more possessiveness than in the first book. I understand that this is a story about werewolves and that they're territorial, but my goodness. I guessed at one point that Anton must use the word "mine" at least 50 times in Bite, and it's got to be at least 100 in this volume. The word makes an appearance in just about every sex scene.

Overall comments: This might not have *quite* as much sex as the first volume, Bite. But there's still a lot, so if you don't like a lot of graphic sex in your m/m romances, you should avoid both of these. (In fact, avoid Sean Michael altogether.) However, I really enjoyed this book. The plot truly is MUCH more involved than the plot in Bite, and the characters are the same.
On October 30, 2009 l especially liked the story of Geoff the butler/manservant and extractor, Nathan. New characters were introduced including a powerful little girl wolf, his father, and Ja from the northern tribes/seers. The slow buildup for Jackson and Nate was great. So much going on.
Rescuer/ finding love for the first time /mates / ESP /channeling / blinded /sorrow / searching / challenge/ fear of going crazy hearing voices / tenderness & concern / didn't like the ending in regards to Jackson & Nate
I had to skim a lot of this story. I like explicit sex scenes, but every 5 pages is ridiculous! Plus, I read this right after the previous book, Bite and listening to Greg and Anton say the same nonsense over and over just annoyed me.

The highlight was the side story between two other characters. Werewolf dynamics and politics was a bit interesting, but overall, I should have finished Bite and left Greg and Anton to their fate.

Even wolves don't talk that way all the time and they're omnivores! They don't only eat steak.

Repetitive dialogue drives me insane.
I didn't dislike these two books, but didn't love them either. I agree with the above comments, too much sex, not enough plot. Both books were that way. I was interested in the story, but it just got lost in the sex and "mine, mate, love" talk. I'm all about the love scenes, that's why I read these books, but I gotta have some plot to go with it, otherwise it's just porn. That's really what these books became. All about the porn..... All I came away with was "Mine", "Mate", and steak is good.
Anton has spent his life denying what he is - a were-wolf. However, now with a brand-new mate that has been unwillingly changed, a rival pack threatening all Anton holds dear and losing all his material possessions have forced Anton to face head-on his wolfish nature. But the power struggle is even more complex and deadly than Anton feared and just making a show of "being Alpha" will not be enough to take care of the problem - this time Anton will need to step into the role of Alpha of his pack and stick with it if he wants to survive the battle and keep what he holds dear...

But with black magics, unexpected attacks and the possibility of losing his family - will Anton be able to save it all by embracing his wolfish nature?

Bitten is a complex and long tale of coming to terms with oneself which is loaded with tons of erotic encounters between the main and secondary romantic relationships in true Sean Michael fashion. However, it must be noted that the plot development is slow and doesn't really begin until almost half-way into the book. Also, I found the secondary romance much more interesting than the continuing story line between the main characters, which was frustrating as by necessity, being secondary characters, there was much less of them to read and learn about. Still, when you are in the mood for some lava hot man-love with plenty of action pick up Bitten - you will not be disappointed, however don't look to it for its deep character development.

Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed
I was all set to enjoy this book but was disappointed in the amount of sex scenes. It was a great story that was ruined by too little story action and too many recurring sex scenes (and no one likes a hot sex scene sprinkled throughout than me) which just seemed to repeat themselves over and over. Not sure I will buy any more of this author's books if this is a sample.