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by Julie Elizabeth Leto

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  • ISBN 0373259352
  • ISBN13 978-0373259359
  • Language English
  • Author Julie Elizabeth Leto
  • Publisher Harlequin; First Edition edition (April 2001)
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  • Category Love Story
  • Subcategory Contemporary
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  • Rating: 4.9
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HE WAS WICKEDLY DELICIOUS... CEO Dominick LaRocca loves fine food and even finer women. Only ever since his grandmothers put his photo (not to mention his income and marital status) on the label of the family pasta sauce, he hasn't been able to enjoy either! Now that he's become a wanted man, he needs a bodyguard. And sexy security guard Samantha Deveaux appeals to his tastes in every way....

Samantha Deveaux needs this job--and she's going to make sure she does it right! Only how is she supposed to guard Dominick's body when she can't keep her hands off herself? The intensity of his gaze intoxicates her, his touch leaves her craving more. Can she satisfy her hunger without compromising Nick's safety? After all, one little taste never hurt anything....

Julie Elizabeth Leto. Bibliographic Details. Title: Insatiable (Heat) (Harlequin Temptation).

Julie Elizabeth Leto. ISBN 10: 0373259352, ISBN 13: 9780373259359. Publisher: Harlequin. Publication Date: 2001.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Leto is the multi-published and award-winning author of over forty-five novels for publishers such as Simon & Schuster, Penguin and Harlequin who has now turned her attention to independent publishing. She pens the popular Dirty sexy suspense series starring kick-ass, ex-gang girl Marisela Morales and the Also Knows as Julie Elizabeth Leto.

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Julie Elizabeth Leto is a best-selling American author of over forty romance novels. Leto's action-adventure novels are sold under the name Julie Leto, as will all future books by the author, who officially dropped her middle name in September 2007. Julie Leto was born and raised in Florida to a family of Italian and Cuban descent.

CEO Dominick LaRocca loves fine food and even finer women.

com's Julie Leto Author Page. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Leto has published over forty books-all of them sexy and most of them romances at heart. She's introducing a "new" series of sexy contemporary romances called Kiss & Tell, connected through a racy book that connects the heroines to their time as teens at summer camp.

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When we last saw Samantha Devereaux, estranged twin-sister of Serena Devereaux, she was badgering Brandon Chance, her brother-in-law to be to let her work for him. Chance had just retired from the Nightstalkers, due to vision problems stopping him from being a pilot, and had set up a Private body guard service. Since he could find no reason not to take on Samantha as partner, he has let her go ahead and get her license while he and Serena are on their honeymoon. Only the joyful bliss led Chance and Serena to say away for a month longer than intended, leaving Samantha to grow antsy. She has gone gun-ho in this new line of work, and spent more than Chance's petty cash allows on new 'toys' for the business, so she kills time and get experience and money by hiring on as security for an business expo.
The first day she is put on a detail to provide security for the CEO/Model of a family run spaghetti sauce corporation. Dominick Larocca loves fine food, is very family oriented, and is sexy male personified. But when he two grandmothers decide it is past time for him to settle down, they take matters into their own hands and announce Dominick is looking for a bride. When a man that looks like every woman's dream is coupled with a spiralling fortune, it seems every woman is ready to jump Dominick like he is a rock star. This is very distressing to the CEO, for he cannot even take a shower without someone crawling out from under the bed, let alone carry on the business he came to New Orleans to handle.
Sam has spent hours staring at the huge display of the bare-chested man on the spaghetti sauce presentation, but she is unprepared for the reaction of the wild women chasing Dominick, as she is unprepared for the man himself. She tried to calm her fantasies by saying the CEO is arrogant for appearing on his own product bare-chested. But as she learns about him, like the fact is was his grandmothers that used his picture without his knowledge, she begins to feel sympathy for him. So when he mentions he will need to hired a personal body guard while in New Orleans, she jumps at the chance, despite her misgivings due her personal attraction to him. She is professional enough to handle it and keep their business impersonal....isn't she???
Things soon steam up as Dominick makes it clear that he wants her not only as a body guard, but for her to pretend to be his girlfriend, hoping to stop the mobs of marriage hungry females.
What I like about Leto's writing is she presents strongly developed good-girls-do women, ladies who are not afraid to face romance and go after it, instead of blushing and denying...
Her men are sexy, to die for, yet are very down to earth...yeah, they are pure alpha males, but they are mannered, raised well gentlemen who respect women of all ages. She sprinkles her books with quirky characters, spices it with steamy love scenes, knows the difference between romance and sex and how the two go together. She breathes vibrant life into her writing, while drawning on her love of New Orleans and ethnic backgrounds.
You cannot ask for more than that!!!
A super follow up to Pure Chance!!
This author was not playing or holding back at all...Loved it

hard to believe the whole thing happen in 2 days what whatever i loved it..

Bathroom scene was just funny to me and their love scene O.M.G! STEAMY, i think the book had steam coming from it...

Great for collection..

.........................ENJOY THE BOOK.........................
Insatiable by Julie Elizabeth Leto
Harlequin Temptation # 835 - June 2001

Samantha has always been the caretaker. Even as a child she moved to L.A. with her father so she could look after him. Then more recently she had a love affair with a hot movie actor for all the wrong reasons. So she's moved back to New Orleans, where her mother and sister are, to be her own person and make her own dreams. In Hollywood she was a very good stunt double, so her athletic experience leads to a job with her brother-in-law as a bodyguard. Nick launched his grandmothers' pasta sauce company straight out of college. Now he's CEO of a major corporation looking to get into the European market. His beloved Nanas have put a delicious photo of him on their pasta sauce label, announcing to America that Nick is looking for a wife. Sam's working at the Superdome where Nick has a booth for the Super Marketing Expo. When he tries to enter the stadium he's surrounded by hoards of wife-wannabes, and Sam comes charging to his rescue. Sam sees Nick as the perfect opportunity to try out her newly acquired bodyguard skills.

On the back cover it reads, Sassy, Sexy, Seductive and this one meets all of those hands down! When Sam agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend, poor Nick doesn't really know what he's getting into. And when Sam's psychic mother and Nick's matchmaking Nanas get together, Nick just doesn't have a chance. I couldn't put this own down until I read the very last page!

--- for Serena's story see Pure Chance by Julie Leto - Temptation #814 - Jan. 01
While she waits for her new position as bodyguard to begin, Samantha Deveaux fills time by gaining experience as a security guard. Her job at the Supermarket Expo lands her in front of the Pasta God, or at least an incredibly delicious pasta label with the gorgeous model. That simple pencil drawing holds her on the edge of sexual insanity, not to mention inspiring new creative uses for olive oil. Too bad Sam's set herself the challenge of celibacy in an effort to overcome her past. So when the real man behind the extraordinary image shows up, and the surge of electricity between them proves to be scorching.
Sexy, wealthy CEO Dominick LaRocca has it all, except the possibility of enjoying his blessings. Ever since his grandmother added his Mediterranean good looks to the company pasta label, women have wanted to taste the delectable man behind the bare-chested, Michaelangelo-like image. Nick can't help feeling disgusted with women's response following the release of the label. Desperate to put a stop to women's hysterical reactions, and tired of neglecting his personal life and personal needs, he hires Samantha as his bodyguard. Never mind he doesn't like her toughness, her take control attitude, or her way of speaking her mind. And never mind her glossy lips and sassy walk.
Making the man a sex symbol and the woman the protector creates a wonderful twist in the plot of INSATIABLE. Samantha's desire to remain celibate and heal the wounds of the past, when she substituted sex for love, also presents a marvelous challenge as she must grow to accept her sexuality and desire inside a loving relationship. Moreover, it's great fun to watch an old fashioned boy with out dated ideas about obedient women grow into an appreciation of smart and sassy. Indeed, Julie Elizabeth Leto once again demonstrates her understanding of the weakness, passions, and strengths of love, resulting in a hunger that's INSATIABLE.