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by Jacqueline Baird

Download Untamed Italian, Blackmailed Innocent (Mills  Boon Hardback Romance) ePub
  • ISBN 0263213021
  • ISBN13 978-0263213027
  • Language English
  • Author Jacqueline Baird
  • Publisher Mills & Boon; Library ed edition (February 1, 2010)
  • Pages 192
  • Formats doc txt lrf mbr
  • Category Love Story
  • Subcategory Contemporary
  • Size ePub 1586 kb
  • Size Fb2 1545 kb
  • Rating: 4.5
  • Votes: 896

Series: Mills & Boon Hardback Romance. Hardcover: 192 pages.

Series: Mills & Boon Hardback Romance.

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item 2 Jacqueline Baird, Untamed Italian, Blackmailed Innocent (Mills & Boon Romance) ( -Jacqueline Baird, Untamed Italian . Product Key Features.

item 2 Jacqueline Baird, Untamed Italian, Blackmailed Innocent (Mills & Boon Romance) ( -Jacqueline Baird, Untamed Italian, Blackmailed Innocent (Mills & Boon Romance).

Straightening her slender shoulders, she held out her hand.

Straightening her slender shoulders, she held out her hand politely.

Apparently her father had called to tell her he could not make it on Sunday, nor the next weeken. is excuse was that with the takeover of the company by the Italian firm Delucca Holdings, he was up to his ears in work. Sally opened her eyes and took a deep breath. She needed to calm down, and she needed to plan what she was going to say to her father.

Untamed Italian, Blackmailed Innocent - Jacqueline Baird. Absolutely no romance. I kept waiting to see what made them fall in love and it never came. Chapter one. ZAC DELUCCA stepped out of the chauffeur-driven limousine and glanced up at the four-storeyed Georgian-style building in front of him: the head office of Westwold Components, a company he had finally acquired two weeks ago. He had left Raffe, his top man, in charge of the changeover, so he had not expected to be needed in London in June, and he was not please. . Vanithaa MnogaranGo to Vanithaa Mnogaran's profile. Read it in one sitting. Fast paced, lovely story.

Chapter ten. Epilogue. Untamed Italian, Blackmailed Innocent.

Each volume has three terrific, powerful and passionate stories written by a queen of the genre. She always loved romance novels and, when her sons went to school all day, she thought she would try writing one. She’s been writing for Mills & Boon ever since and she still gets a thrill every time a new book is published. Chapter ten.

No woman has ever shunned wicked Italian tycoon Zac Delucca! But sweet, studious Sally is in a world of her own, looking after her sick mother. Little does she realize her unfocused disinterest is driving Zac's fury!

No woman has ever shunned wicked Italian tycoon Zac Delucca! But sweet, studious Sally is in a world of her own, looking after her sick mother. Little does she realize her unfocused disinterest is driving Zac's fury! Especially as her father is responsible for embezzling millions from his company. There's a debt to be paid.

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Risky Strong Dromedary
First time the H & h met, the h was completely & truly oblivious of the H's presence. You know, in Harlequins there would be some sort of knowing feeling like the h would feel someone staring at her or hair standing in the back of her neck or something similar to that. None of that here. She was so focused on her anger towards her dad (& rightfully so) & full of worry about her mother's health that nothing else existed in her world. Zac didn't like being ignored so Sally was an instant challenge (on top of the instant physical attraction he felt for her). I love the fact that the blackmail wasn't part of any vendetta. It gives it a different flavor over the usual Harlequin fare of revenge. This is pure lust, plain & simple. That being said, I found the H quite charming because not a lot of H's find out they've been acting like jerks until the end of the story. Here, we have a gradual epiphany from the H & he tries to make up his ill treatment of the h as the story progressed.
I can't really put into words I how I really, really, really, really, loved reading this book. I highly recommend it to true Harlquin readers. Its a must have for your shelf (or your portable Ereader device).
Wow! What a romance. Zac was rich, powerful, and handsome. He was use to women throwing themselves at him. The first time he saw Sally he wanted her. He was irritated that she ignored him. It may not have been the best way, but he just had to find a way to be with Sally, and to have her. So he blackmailed her into being his mistress. He at first thought she was a spoiled brat that never worked. Sally did not correct him when he threw insults her way. Sally was a strong independent lady. She worked a full time job, and on the weekends took care of her mother that did not have much time left to live. There was a lot of emotion in this story, and a lot of passion. I have to say this book pulled me right in. I couldn't put it down till I was finished.

Sample from chapter 7
A fierce tension arched in the air between them. How did he manage to affect her like this? His touch was like being stuck by lightning, igniting a flame inside her every time he came near. Mortified by her own weakness, with terrific effort of will she made herself rigid in his hold. But her control was not needed. As she watched his expression changed from primitive male aggression to one of icy control... He was every inch the hard-faced captain of industry once more.
Zac had just bought a new company and discovered that the accountant had embezzled over a million dollars. He had just walked into the company when he spotted Sally. She quite literally took his breath away, she was gorgeous, and just like that he decided he was going to have her. Especially when he smiled at her as she passed him, and she didn't even acknowledge his presence. You can imagine this did not sit well with the alpha, rich, handsome male who never took no for an answer, and since the word no had never been directed at him from any women, this was going to be something new to the jaded Zac. When he discovered the accountant was Sally's father you can only imagine where the blackmail part was going to come from. Sally didn't really care or trusted any man because her father was a rat and had no soul. He didn't love her or her mother, who he avoided at all cost while he had many affairs with other women. Sally was a strong, educated, hard working lady, and she knew exactly what she wanted and didn't want in her life. When she and Zac got together for the reasons that they got together had sparks flying from the pages. They were both jaded for different reasons and both had issues. I don't want to tell you the story, but I want to say it's one of the best I read in a while. Ms Baird my hats off to you because this book was awesome, and I recommend it highly. Every lose end was tied very nicely, I love this book!
It would be easy to absolutely dislike the hero Zac Delucca from the beginning of this novel. He is rude, obnoxious and so arrogant that he believes everyone would jump at the chance to be with him. My attitude completely changed by the middle of the story and that's because he meets his match in heroine Sally.

Zac wants Sally who does not want him but he finds a way to keep her under his thumb when he discovers her father has been stealing from the company till. Sally has a sick mother and she is more than willing to save her father for her mother's sake. Sally sets some of her own rules in their relationship and she throws Zac off his game.

Zac undergoes quite a change and this was refreshing. Sally is a sweet girl and she is practically impossible not to like. I thought this couple had chemistry from the start.
Ok so you have our hero zak who is rough tough domineering male who doesn't know how to love.
Our heroine is Sally who because of her jerk and I wish I could use a harsher word father is scared to fall in love
The min zak sees Sally he wants her but no surprise she doesn't want him
So he does what any alpha male would of to get her. He blackmailed her yup lol you truly want to hate him. But slowly through the book who watch as both of them fight their growing love for each other but when a misunderstanding insues and heat words spoken you wonder if they'll end up together after all
5 Stars that are well deserved. Loved the book from cover to cover. The huge, georgous, Italian is downright irresistible! Loved it from start to finish. Definitely a must re recommendation. Every star well deserved.
i love this book , i had read it many times . it would have been better if the h father had suffered for his actions . overall it is a lovely love story. i highly recommend this book .
Lacklustre dialogue, mediocre art, uninspired plot. Nothing about this sticks out except Sally's stutter, and even that was a throwaway "flaw" to keep her from becoming too Mary Sue. I realize that the genre is not exactly high art, but judging this piece against a body of its peers, it remains just another manga-style romance.